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Enter The Weather

September 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Got a great raised garden started this year …

Veggies grew fast, flower buds abound …

Then …

The bees left, the critters ate the flower buds, and my new raised garden slowly became a wilting weed box due to the drought.

So, what happens now, you ask????

Rain …. lots of it.  Right at the end of the garden growing season that allotted me two tomatoes, one green pepper, and five micro-miniature carrots (think eating with tweezers).

So, WTF?

I mean I realize I live in Pittsburgh, but I’m a descendent of Italian and German immigrants that farmed any of the land in Pittsburgh they set foot on and usually ended up having way to much to eat (which became compost for next years crop).

A few peppers, tomatoes, and some carrots …. that’s what I got. Now I have to go buy my crap.  I feel cheated, my ancestors owe me at least a few bushels of veggies.

…. and enter the weather … rain … can’t even cut the grass (which was dead most of the summer).


P.S. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….


We Got It Backwards

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

does this look right???

Ok, let’s give you a better pic of the situation:  The picture is of one of the warmer days in January.  Notice the lack on sun.  The last time the sun came out, it was in the single digits.  Even in Pittsburgh we get the weather backwards!

Pittsburgh winter weather summary: SUN = COLD, CLOUDY = WARM

Actually we’re pretty sure this weather situation is actually controlled by those old weather guys that were traded in for the newer, sharp-looking, fancy weather people.  We investigating at this point, but we feel we’ll prove that those old weather guys are ticked and disgruntled about not getting enough TV time and they’re taking out on the residents of this city by employing some of the technologies that the military discovered in WWII from weather control experiments.

Yep, they told us all those tests were a farce, and didn’t work.  SWB’s theory is that the weather forecasters of yesteryear bought that weather control technology from the military to use for their own gain in job security – and just to mess with people.  Since Pittsburgh basically started broadcast TV, we’re just the testing zone.

…. and then again it could be the pharmaceutical companies using the weather to trigger a city-wide depression to up their drug sales getting the stock holders higher dividends.

If you have a good conspiracy theory as to why the weather generally sucks in this city, print this blog entry out and write it on the bottom of the page:



Catching up with life and Penn DOT

July 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Ok, we’re back from catching up with life.

At least for one day a week, until school starts.

Like many, in the summer people like me (ones with kids we actual acknowledge) start to get a little caught up figuring out how to entertain a child we can’t afford to have in full time daycare (to give the cluelesss and idea of cost … we pay $320 per month for two days a week of daycare – full time would be over $600 in the summer).  So with entertaining a child, trying to make some money (my new job only starts at the end of August (but at least I know I have one – many don’t)), keeping up with yard work, etc – not much time is left for blogging … so my sarcastic self is getting pent up about being caged it.  Just ask my wife.

BTW … raising and caring for a child has carries huge rewards, so those of you that vow to never have children in your life may want to think about that.

Anywayz (this is the PROPER Pittsburgh spelling of ‘anyways’), that’s why I’ve been out a bit. I didn’t over dose on ice cream, or get depressed, or anything like that. I’m not that lucky to get to the point where I can file for disability and be a slacker for the rest of my life. I’m destined to be a hard worker (or sucker – whatever you call us types these days).

K – on to the Penn DOT issues (at least I think it’s Penn DOT –  correct me if I’m wrong):

I get to travel scenic RT65 almost every day to either the city or the South Hills for work and such.  Right now, like every place, there is road construction with lowered speed limits.  I actually try to watch the speed I go and attempt to watch out for the workers.  Considering I wouldn’t want to do a job where I can get easily picked off by a typical ticked off PA motorist engulfed in road rage, it’s the least I can do.  Admittedly I’m not perfect at it, but at least I try. Soooooooo, when you run into (not literally) to a road worker that more or less ‘eggs on’ that motorists, he deserves a ‘clueless idiot’ spot in my post:

Yup, driving through the road construction on RT65 near Bellevue (I think) at about 22mph (8 mph under the construction limit), one of the workers was giving the finger to at least three of the cars ahead of my, and almost completely sticking his face in my car as it passed, yelled “SLOW DOWN!!!!”

Now, to the complete idiot that did this (realizing you are lacking in brain cells), you may want to think about the following:

  • Startling ANYONE like that sets them up for veering off the road and killing one or a few of your co-workers. If you are low enough of a human being to live with that, I hope you have a big enough savings to support all of their families.
  • Giving the motorists the finger IS NOT good P.R. for any road worker that actually wants to be safe.  ie. The petroleum companies overcharging for add ins to gasoline that make it safer for the environment doesn’t work well when spilling millions of gallons into the ocean killing off our food supply (ticking off motorists doesn’t make them want to keep you safe while you are working).
  • Treat people the way you want them to treat you … and even though you are really screwing up their lives with your work, they will blow that off and keep you safe realizing that you have a family too.

That’s it … for now.  We may be back tomorrow morning.


PS – Just because road workers smell like asphalt, doesn’t mean they aren’t people too … and that coating of tar keeps them warm in the winter – envy them.

Fight Tha’ Change … c’mon now, Fight Tha’ Change!!

April 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, writing about typical Pittsburgh again … scream with me now “Fight Tha’ Change … c’mon now, Fight Tha’ Change!!”  – I JUST KNOW we can make this the new Pittsburgh hit tune.”

This isn’t one of those SWB postings where we rant about Burghers that are against stupid things like planting roses instead of tulips in front of government buildings … nope.  We’re going much further!!!

It’s Mother Nature!!!

Lots of changes are happening in the city …. some good, some bad, some political … but the big deal is the fact that not only do Pittsburghers now fight back against even the good changes that are happening to our city … Mother Nature is doing it too!


Well, look at the debilitating snow fall … it’s depleting our Spring funding that is used for changes, it stopped construction, travel came to a halt, and more.  Now the earlier than normal 80+ temps are threatening to cause heat illnesses in our elderly, construction workers that are out in the heat, and later I’m sure the asphalt roads will buckle.

So Mother Nature even fights change in Pittsburgh … somehow I feel we’ll never get to move on.

{{groan}} It’s the never ending Pittsburgh cycle, “Fight Tha’ Change!”


Two For One: Waived Snow Days and Pitt Anarchist

March 17, 2010 Leave a comment

First … Happy real St Patrick’s day to y’all.

Now, on to the gripe … it’s two for one idiots in the news article day, so feel special.

Snow Days:

This is just a joke … the state (or county) is deciding who gets waived snow days.  Now, when I went to school you just made them up.  There was no question about it.  Family vacations and other things did not take precedence over the importance of being in school or making up days.  This is just dumb, but what makes it worse is someone after the level of storms we had is deciding who gets waived. I’m sure they will quickly forget that we were in this together.  You can almost guarantee that certain areas will be waived over others, and not due to the level of winter issues in that area … use your imagination, you can dream up the reasons. We’re not going to highlight any articles to go to, just check out the Tribune-Review, Post-Gazette, KDKA, WPXI, etc as there will be enough stories to just catch one.

The Pitt Anarchist:

What do you do if you are a popular college in the area to get news coverage and perk up your income?? … that’s right!!, you got it!! … you invite the guy that was affiliated with the group bombed your city in the 70’s to come speak on his anti-US views.  Real winner, Pitt.  Maybe you should fire all of your American teachers, put a ban on them, and outsource your school, since by inviting an anti-Pittsburgh, anti-US speaker to the city he helped bomb (11 buildings by the way) you’ve proven your views.  Click Here to check out the article from the Tribune-Review by Chris Togneri.  Free speech is one thing … but this is another thing.


PS – Oh well, at least our top universities and politicians prove they can consistently work at the same level of stupidity.

It’s Spring!

March 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Birds are singing.

Snow is melting.

Potholes are blooming.

Green shamrocks are growing in the potholes.

You get the idea … it’s turning Spring in Pittsburgh.


So what other signs of Spring do we have in this wonderful city of ours?

Let’s see:

  • The pirates are starting spring training with aspirations to actually become a baseball team again.
  • The waters are threatening to crest and carry Pittsburgh’s Primanti sandwiches out to sea.
  • The Cultural District smells like a well tuned engine with the performances of Grease (or could that be the oil leaks from the buses?).
  • Orange pylons are emerging from winter storage as Pittsburgh’s roadway obstacle courses are set for the Spring and Summer seasons.
  • In The Strip, dogs howl as the sweet voices of the Opera blend with the musical tones of the local bird song.
  • The aromas from the open doors at Pittsburgh Popcorn enlighten the senses (and unfortunately distract the drivers … that kitty never had a chance).
  • Vendors in the strip finally shed their winter garb, thaw out, and begin wakening from hibernation (it was sad how people just stole their stuff when they were sleeping over the winter).
  • Oh, and did I mention the potholes?  Well, we’re not going to make fun of the city crew, since this is really going to be a sucky Spring for them … although they fill all probably end up fitter than a fiddle (until St. Patty’s Day … along with everyone else).


PS – Yup, Spring is in the air … so is the job market, fuel prices, home values.  Such appropriate crisis’ for the Spring 😉

Don’t Panic!

March 5, 2010 Leave a comment

I realize this is the second day we’ve seen this strange thing in the sky this week … and I’ve made numerous posts about it previously when this anomaly has happened.

It really is the sun!

Pittsburgh is privy to occasionally seeing the burning orb that heats our planet … really … not jesting here.  Although, I’ll admit that two days in a row is odd.

Don’t scream, don’t panic … other people will soon start realizing it is the sun and start calming down … if you are the one still screaming they’ll probably just send you away with the guys  in white (I guess, depending on what’s going on in your life could be good thing).

Although this is abnormal for Pittsburgh (no clouds), it is not unheard of.  Call The Weather Channel … they’ll explain it.


PS – Amuse us all … give getting a tan a shot today.