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The World Has Returned To Normal

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Is it proper to title a post during the natural disasters that are happening (the earthquakes in both Chile and Haiti and the Tsunami in Chile, etc)?

Yep, definitely (and NO, we are NOT poking fun at any places like Haiti and Chile.  Actually we ask you to help Chile where you can, but don’t go into fad mode and forget Haiti … Chile is a little better off financially.)

So, why are we making a title like “The World Has Returned To Normal”?

Well, that’s because this is one of the FIRST days in about a month where you don’t have a scrolling line at the bottom of your TV with school delays and cancellations that takes 45 minutes to run through. If you are a parent (or step-parent for that matter), you know that you don’t get to return to the “real world” until the kids turns 18 … or you have the guts to kick them out of the house (which could be much later in life for some parents). So, having the kiddies home so much gets you into a mode where the things happening on the news seem more like a reality show than reality.

At this point this kids are even tired of being home, bosses are tired of people not showing up, and even with free speech … we can’t print what the parents are saying. I love snow, but this was a bit much.

So, the world has returned to normal for a while … but then again St Patrick’s day is coming up, so we’ll probably get dumped on with 36 inches during the parade … which will turn green.

Here is an idea for a great back to school after school activity for you and your kids … teach them how great it is to take a bit of their allowance and donate it to Haiti and Chile to help them out.

BTW – We want to shout out a kudos to Chile for having good building codes in place … that in itself probably saved thousands if not hundreds of thousands.  Pray that Haiti is someday in the same place where it can do that for itself.


PS – I bet the  school bus drivers aren’t happy 😉


My Winter 2010

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

My Winter

Staring out the window, the only sight … three feet of snow.

Our family pup alerting us the hard way, the snow gives him no where to go (and we’re running out of paper towels).

The boredom in the eyes of a young anxious child (energy building up to blow).

This year’s winter woes, payback for complaining about years without snows (we complained of no winters, didn’t we??).

Sledding a perk this year, if actually finding the hill wasn’t so much work (I’m getting too old for this !@#@).

A white comforter of snow padding my garage, now laying on my car (the insurance adjuster crying while cutting the check).

My new shoes once bright and shiny, now crusty, filthy, and whiny (even Payless is beyond what I can afford now … since they are trying to be “fashionable”).

Two family fur balls now swimming in the basement flooding from the winter’s thaw of revenge (they’re cats … they float).

Icicles forming on the stairs going to the bedroom, the heat finally giving way to the cold (the electric company forgot about us again … go figure).

The confused looks of those in my house, now turning blue (like I’m supposed to do anything about this white crap).

These are my memories of the snowy winter wonders from the Pittsburgh winter blizzard of 2010 (Brandy … I need another bottle of Brandy!!).


PS – Mother Nature is sticking her tongue out at us and laughing.

I Got My Double-D’s!!!

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment

FirstGet your mind out of the gutter! (or whatever rat infested ditch you just put it in)

Second … I got my Dunkin’ Donuts!!!

I am now experiencing lots of warm fuzzies 🙂

The worst part of the Pittsburgh Winter Storm of 2010 is now over.

A continued crisis has been averted.

No Dunkin’s = Lot’s of stress and is considered a “drop everything you are doing and find a fix” issue at SWB.


PS – My beautiful, forgiving, and quite tolerant wife will be greatly pleased with this announcement.

BTW, Dunkin’ needs to deliver at least during snow storms.

Making a Snow Day a “Community-cation”

February 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, you’ve got the kid or kids for the third or fifth day in a row and as much as you love those little tots, you realize you love you hair just as much (which you are now missing due to pulling it out).

The biggest thing since the economy started going splat (leaving remnants around that looked like a financial cluster bomb), was the “day-cation” or the “stay-cation “.  Actually the day-cation has been around for a long time, it’s just another fancy term for “day trip”.

The stay-cation, on the other hand doesn’t make any sense, since the real goal of a vacation or any time is to either get rid of “those people” or to at least occupy them enough to get some peace yourself. The stay-cation just doesn’t even come close.

Another perk of the nose-driving, ground-bouncing economy is that people started spending a little more locally since the started realizing that paying a few cents more for something that is in walking distance from their house, actually does cost less than driving to the nearest Wally World to get it cheaper. It’s a common sense thing, but as always with humans, it takes them a little time to “get it”.

Why not spend on day a month or every couple of months combining a day-cation with local community spending.  That’s what we did today, since it was ok to get out a bit, but dangerous enough to go to far.  We live near Sewickley, which has many (but dwindling) local stores.  So we figured what better to do than get out of the house (or we were going to kill each other … and maybe a few pets in the process), and at the same time spend a few bucks at the local stores that needed it. Sewickley is and affluent place, but like ant small business … nobody is rich when the economy sucks.

Luckily there are enough things to do for both kids and adults within enough closeness to each store you can do your own thing.  We went to Crazy Mocha to get some coffee and hot chocolate, play on the ‘puters for a while, and get a snack.  After a bit, we took my step-daughter next door to Fun Buy The Pound where you can buy play time by the hour, giving me and my wife a little down time to enjoy some blog writing and a little reading with our coffee, etc.  When a few hours had passed we reclaimed our carbon based small human and went to Pizza Roma for dinner.  This took up a total of at least half the day, let the kids have a little fun, and let us adults regain our sanity and composure – and it helped the businesses in our community.


PS – Add comments on things you did that added a little fun to a normally messed up “snow crisis” to avoid making it a “family crisis”.

BTW – “Fun Buy The Pound” can now be found in SWB Recommends.

It’s Back ………

February 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Yup … it’s payback time from Mother Nature.

We spent years laughing at the winters we were getting … now people up north, even as far as Canada are laughing at us.

Well, maybe not Vancouver, simply because they’re knee deep in expenses for moving snow in for the Olympics.  You know, why not make things more exciting by changing down-hill skiing to down hill rock surfing?

That would solve the problem with the snow deficiency in Vancouver.

Anyway … I hope you enjoy the picture above more than the salt flavored, brown snow probably laying in your own yard from the plows.

Otherwise … enjoy the winter


PS – To all the old folks out shoveling … kids were born for a reason – to do that for you.

Pittsburgh Roads still bad (storm of 2010)

February 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Quickie post here:

The roads around Pittsburgh are still REALLY bad, I know this because it took my wife from 7am to 11am to get from the Sewickley area to CMU in Oakland.  This drive normally takes 40 minutes max, but since Forbes was a complete sheet of ice it took 4 hours. Getting to the city was fine, but once you are off the exits trying to get in to the city, it is bad and most likely grid locked in some areas.

Here is the issue: There is some much snow, they just have no where to go with it, so at some level plowing is useless.

Click Here for a link to WPXI and some good updates on conditions, services back available, etc.