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We Have Been In A Recession Since December 2007

December 2, 2008 Leave a comment


… and they JUST figured this out???

Is this a knee-jerk reaction to getting kicked HARD in the gonads ….. or are the expert financial analysts seriously saying it really took them this long to figure out we were in a recession?? The rest of the United States figured that out somewhere around January 2008.

Oh, wait …. I keep on forgetting, this was an election year. the party-in-power would NEVER admit to anything that would immediately blow their chances of staying in. If two meteors were headed for Earth, with one that would hit, and one that wouldn’t and they government accidentally destroyed the wrong one —- they would NEVER admit that in an election year, even if the Earth was going to END.

I’ve always wanted to be a weather person, because you can be wrong 60% of the time and still keep your job. Now I want to be an economic export ….. because now you can hold back for a whole year telling a whole nation that their economy sucks and still keep your job – most likely getting kudos.

Even Farmer Jim figured this one out a while back ….. yinz guys in Washington are a tad bit slow …..


Reference AP Article that appeared in the Post-Gazette


Childhood Lead Exposure

May 28, 2008 1 comment

As seen in USA Today

Now I’m not 100% disputing the scientific evidence in this article, but it seems more and more like society is looking for scientific reasoning for human actions so people come up with excuses like “Killing mommy wasn’t my fault ….. how did I know licking the paint off of my tricycle when I was 9 would make me hate her so much.”

Somehow I can see a special interest group forming here:  “Lead Kids”.

Now lead will kill your memory and bring on high impulsivity … true.  On the other side ….. remember how science boasted that we could “re-train our brains”?  So much for that idea.  Now the consensus is that lead is an indicator of whether your child will get a criminal record as a juvenile.

I’m not against knowing what causes issues … but it seemed when I grew up and everyone was clueless, they tended to do a much better job of raising children who were productive parts of society and had the ability to overcome their issues.  Sometimes knowing too much is worse than knowing everything.

Maybe if we just go back to teaching our children the basics of right and wrong?

Hmmmmmm ….. that could work.

Pittsburgh Cultural District Takes A Dump

May 23, 2008 Leave a comment

Well, when the going gets bad in Pittsburgh, the tough give up.

When we all thought the Pittsburgh Cultural District would product what may have been one of the better or best living areas in the city – they gave up. The plan gave us national attention for the already world class area. Unfortunately it also now gives the area national attention for what people now think Pittsburgh does best – give up.

Now, I’m not saying I wouldn’t delay it for a few years – but consider this: If they would have started this year or next, they would be completing just when all of the crisis would be over in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Think about how much they would have benefited.

Clip from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: (c)2008 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Government subsidies were planned to provide much of the overall financing, and the trust took responsibility for meeting with state, county and city leaders on their support, she said. It had the $12.3 million commitment from the state but told her in a meeting May 12 that the commitment had lapsed.

“The trust lost their courage upon that defeat. That’s the last thing that should happen,” Ms. Eastridge said.

Ummmm ….. no guts ….. get somebody in there that has a set of gonads for doing a big project and taking chances.

The Cultural Trust has really made it’s name for itself and the city nationally (no mistaking that is has done much for this city) — it could have really made it’s mark with this project internationally for itself and the city along with proving that an arts organization could do something at this level. Instead, it chose to say “I’m too scared” and stick it’s head under a rock so many people could say “yup …. we told you they couldn’t do it”.

Oh, well … I guess some outside developer only interested in sucking the money out of the city will take it over.

PS – Delaying would have looked smart – giving up was just dumping on the city that supports you.


Wine Shipping

May 19, 2008 1 comment

Surprisingly a good article on the issues with getting wine from out of state.  Here is a good solution:

  • Create a “Wine Collectors Passport”, “A Personal Wine Shipping License”, and a “Business Wine Shipping License”
  • Store the information in a national database that shipping companies can link to
  • Charge a yearly rate for it, along with a markup

If you break this down to fairly simple issues: The customers want to be able to buy their wine, the vineyards was to be able to ship it to them, the liquor control orgs in all states want to make their money, etc – it’s fairly easily solvable.

…. oh, yeah …… without politicians involved, it’s fairly easily solvable …. was thinking way ahead of myself — sorry folks.


Pittsburgh Penguins Playoffs

May 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Watching the playoff game now ……. so why don’t the Flyers just concede ….. sooooooo much better than losing. Don’t ‘cha think?



Cereal, I Love You So

May 16, 2008 Leave a comment

I love cereal … it’s great … even better if I had milk (but that’s another entry)

Which is why I am just a *little* disturbed when I see all the new flavors … it’s bad enough people had to screw with potato chips, but CEREAL????

Life isn’t looking good when you get toast flavored cereal, banana nut bread flavored cereal, etc, etc …… but there companies now experimenting with cereals that taste like veggies (found it on some obscure corporate link ….. but still it concerns me). What’s next? … cereal that tastes like chicken noodle soup, steak and potatoes, and eventually tripe???? Ick!!

On the flip side …… a company is coming out with a drink called Liquid Cereal …. cool!

BTW … this is my senseless stupid blog for the week.

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Sitting In A Cafe

May 16, 2008 Leave a comment

Original Post Date: 06 07 2006

I like to ponder allot. Haven’t figured out why, just like to. Now occasionally this can be a painful thing for me, so if you hear screams coming out of Crazy Mocha in the SouthSide, don’t dial 911 … it’s just me pondering and writing my blog.

OK …. getting on the the part you might actually want to read.
I’ve been really wondering while people like myself actually drag their laptops from their perfectly good internet connections on a daily basis to their local Cafe and connect there. So what the heck, I asked a few people. Of course, telling them I was from “Screaming Weasel Blog” and wanted to ask them a question sent a few running.
For me personally, it’s a way to get a ‘mini’ vacation from the things I see in my daily life ….. my apartment, my job, the stress of the list of things I have to do and probably will never get done (although if I wasn’t here I’d probably actually get them done). For other people it had a wide variety of reasons.
One person said it was the closest experience they will ever have to sitting outside a cafe in Europe. Another said it was because of the excellent coffee. One guy said it was the girl watching (I guess high school never ends). A few ladies said it was just a place to relax and discuss between each other the things they can’t discuss with their husbands. One strange guy said he needed a place for his “soul to wander”. Actually I think he liked the plasma TV in the Cafe and he couldn’t afford his own 🙂 Allot of people had one other reason in common ….. to be around people (even if they didn’t hold conversations with them).
Cafe’s have been becoming as strong of a gathering place as bars, especially with allot of people wanting a non alcoholic place to mingle or hang out in. This brings one point out about the human race. We were not designed to sit in front of a TV all day (or play video games all day long) and never go out and socialize. We were meant to associate with others, whether that is easy for us or not depends a little on our childhood experiences and how we were raised. This is one of the main reasons for the success of so many cafe’s. You can be around people, still be anonymous, or make friends if you wish. Look at the reality: Who would pay $3 for a cup of coffee that costs them about ten cents to brew in their own homes?
Cafe’s also tend to be a therapeutic place for some people. There are allot of people that have a general fear of being around crowds, being rejected, or being seen as unimportant. For allot of these types of people, hanging out in a cafe also helps them get over their fears and improve their lives. At their own pace, they can say ‘hi’ to someone, enjoy the view outside of the Cafe, get involved in a conversation, etc. Everyone is usually nice to you in a cafe, so that does help some people get over a fear of being rejected, or feeling unimportant,etc.
So, next time you you make fun of or criticize someone for spending $4 to $5 a day on a coffee at their local cafe, consider finding out why. It may be actually making their lives better and saving them $100 an hour for a shrink that has bad coffee in their office and probably isn’t going to help them anyway.