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Pirates …. best losers around

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

I realize I’m complaining just like everyone else, but it would be nice to see a winning season, before I die.

But, then again … if you are going to do something, do your best, no matter what it is {{groan}} even losing ….

I  can see the headlines now – “20 great seasons – the best losers in town”.  Not that the team did massively bad this year, but the last time I was able to not watch a game simply because I KNEW the were going to win was in the 70’s and early 80’s.  Baseball games no longer give me that “happy fuzzy” feeling they used to when I was a kid.

Guys …. you have a slim chance remaining …… give us something little this year.

Remember, we gave you that nice new shiny ballpark – let’s get a few more flags for it before we have to build a new one.


… {{swish}} missed the ball again ………


It’s Monday, and there’s no mourning.

September 17, 2012 1 comment

They won …. which makes for a happy Monday.  Pic by Matt Freed/Post-Gazette.

Click Here for the PG Article.

The Steelers are off to a good start, which makes SWB happy.  When they lose, we have to suffer through the Monday morning mourning. You know, after a Steeler’s loss the traffic is slower, the coffee shop patrons take longer to pay for their drinks, road-rage is times ten, etc.

Everything changes when the Steelers win in Pittsburgh.

Now, if the the Steelers could rub off on the Pirates just a tad more.

Anyway … thanks Steelers … your win means less headaches for this weasel one this beautiful Monday mourning-less morning.


Karyon Nightly

Hello SWB readers, I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Karyon Nightly, one of the writers for the website  Since we are taking control of SWB, I wanted to let you in on what we are planning on doing to move the site into something that can accompany S.P. as a blog.  SWB has a strong sarcastic and cynical side to it as most of the rant blogs did that started out around the mid 2000’s.  SWB will be that part of S.P. for those little sarcastic articles that we want to have fun with, but may not want to publish on the main site.  Here is what we are planning so far (there are many minds at work, so this may change from time to time):

  • We will be deleting any blog entries from SWB that may have too strong of an opinion, or quite frankly don’t any longer apply to issues in the city.
  • We will be toning down the sarcasm and strong opinions – we are not censoring, but challenging our writers to be as effective as SWB was, but with more creativity and good writing.
  • Although sarcastic, cynical, and a little ranty … we want to try to make our articles readable by all Pittsburghers and outsiders.

Keep in mind, just because we are making SWB a little nicer to fit in with Sophisticated Pittsburgh, that doesn’t mean if you deserve a slap to the face we won’t give it anymore.

We’ll still cover things like Pittsburgh politics, The Steelers, The penguins, enjoyable moments from the council, the Strip District, the wonderful roads, etc, etc.

more later ….




The Day After and the Road To Super Bowl 45

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Yinzers getting ready the morning after AFC championship

Yep, we won again.  Being the courteous people that Pittsburghers are, we gave them a link of Parma Sausage and a cheese sampler from Penn Mac as a consolation prize.  We believe them a worth opponent, but not good enough to get that cool metal trophy we’ll put on out shelves.

We’re on the way to Super Bowl 45, Ben could bring in the Steeler’s 7th ring in his 7th season, by number 7.  Think of the lottery possibilities here folks.  This is an important win for the city – it will bring even more international recognition of our city, the sport of American football, and people.  The more people come to our city, the more jobs come with them.  Considering that, even if you aren’t a sports fan, you might want to start rooting for The Steelers to get ring 7.


Civic Arena, Mellon Arena, The Igloo and Fate

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

This issue has been in the news for a while – the fate of the Igloo in Pittsburgh.

Everyone is trying to get their two cents in …. some want to tear it down and recreate the street plan as it was before the arena was there.  Some want to turn it into housing and shops. Some want to turn it into a skating park, etc, etc.

Has anyone considered asking the people of the Hill District what they want???

Consider this: when the arena was built – people were kicked out of their houses, whether they wanted to sell/move or not.  Some of those people were not given options to go to and some were actually left homeless.  Do you think maybe we OWE these people the right to make  the decision on the arena’s fate so that they may consider their own fate with their own decision?  Maybe it shouldn’t be about what the city wants or for the benefit of the AES.

Think about this: maybe since the land was technically stolen or taken from those that originally lived there (not to mention killing off the BEST jazz area that *ever* existed), maybe we should consider “giving” that area back to the Hill District residents to do with as they please, develop as they wish, maybe even with an apology from the city for originally doing what they did to get it where it is now.

If the city develops that land, or tears down the arena I can almost guarantee the use of that area or living in that are will be an unobtainable goal for most of that people in the Hill District – or even some of us outside that area that are considered “well off”.

If that land isn’t going back to the people of the Hill District … at least give them the right to decide it’s fate.  It’s their time – it should be their decision.

… or or we again just going to forget the forgotten?


Harrison Is On!!

April 14, 2009 Leave a comment

swbbreaking1Linebacker James Harrison is signed!!

A little pricey, since he was previously cut by the Steelers at times, but signed at that.

If he can pull off close to what he did last year (the longest play in Super Bowl history that won us the game) and the fact that he is the 2008 defensive player of the year … I think we can lose complaining about the price tag for a bit (unless he doesn’t perform … then he’s fair game). If the announcement hasn’t been made official yet, that will happen soon.

Well, anyway he’s back to stay for at least six years.

Click Here for the article in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Ed Bouchette and Colin Dunlap … and Click Here for the Tribune-Review’s article by Scott Brown.

And, of course …. the Pittsburgh Steelers Website.


PS – He’s getting a $20 million bonus … do you think he’d buy me new tires for my car?

The Pirates Are Striving (for a 17th losing season)

April 6, 2009 1 comment

pncparksceneI’ve some to like the scene to the left – PNC Park in twilight, even though I’m still a little irked about having to pay for part of it. It does look pretty, and attracts attention to the city – until you get closer. What do you see when you get closer? The Pirates. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for supporting our sports teams … but at least the other ones try a little. The Steelers definitely give it their all. The Penguins at least give a good show no matter if they win or not.

You see, I had the joy of watching the Pirates around 1976, and even meeting some of them. The were great role models, they played the games well, they loved the sport. I’m not entirely sure what the current Pirates aspire to be, but I’m hoping it is a better team than their minor league counter-part (or at least better than a pee wee team).

I’m not asking for all-out wins here – just some consistency. I’m not looking for perfection – just someone that looks like they can actually hit a ball. I’m not looking for heroes here – just a player that can maybe run a little. I think I’m not asking for much more than Pittsburghers would like to see also.

Ho hum … oh well, dreams are dreams – and the Pirates are the Pirates.

Anyway – articles for yinz:

From Dejan Kovacevic of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

and Rob Biertempfel of The Tribune-Review

Or course Click Here for The Pittsburgh Pirates Web Site.


PS – Pirates fan, “The glove, the glove …. catch the ball IN THE GLOVE ……. awww, come on ….”