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Clueless Award: Rock Throwing Dolt

May 11, 2009 2 comments

cluelessandconfused1SWB knows the title of the blog post wasn’t the best or most professional. Honestly we don’t care, because “dolt” was the strongest description of an idiot we would use within the WordPress Terms Of Service to describe the idiot whose extra-curricular activity consisted of throwing rocks at cars to specifically cause accidents over two years.

Click Here for the article by Bobby Kerlik of The Tribune-Review on the arrest of this most smart person or (updated) Click Here for the article by Daniel Malloy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  The Trib’s site appeared to be having difficulties when we originally applied this post.

If you are not familiar with the issue, over the last two years a person has been throwing rocks near the Carnegie exit of the Pittsburgh Parkway West, causing accidents and/or scaring drivers. They finally found him.

And, of course, you know what’s coming next:

cluelesstrophyYep … Mr Jeffrey A Ramous gets today’s “Clueless Trophy”. If you’ve seen him on the news clips, I’m guessing this guy is clueless enough to actually wait for reception of the trophy in his jail cell.

Anyways … god riddance, at least for a while.



PS – It amazes me that the guy is 50, has done this hundreds of times, and still kept on going like the Energizer Bunny of Parkway West nuisances.


Kudos: The VFW gets fixed up

April 6, 2009 Leave a comment

swbkudosBefore your mind starts to race on this one – SWB isn’t setting up VFW members with dates. Sorry guys and ladies.

Anyways (as we continue to destroy the Queen’s English), sometimes you see a story that makes you realize how much the military helps and supports it’s own – even after they are no longer members, are retired, etc. One showed up today on and is well worth mentioning. Click Here for the actual article.

When I grew up I had family in the military, so occasionally we went to the local VFW for Christmas parties, etc. I always remembered the camaraderie, and closeness of the families and friends there. It was a great place for ex-military friends and family to keep in touch, along with a place for healing from what soldiers are exposed to if they have gone into active duty.

I always though VFW posts were a great way to continue showing our military the appreciation they deserve for protecting out country. Lately many of those posts (now very old) have gone into disrepair, etc. The article mentioned about shows how current military and retied military got together the help spruce up one of those old posts. So, if you think all these soldiers do is shoot guns – think again.


PS – Although SWB supports the military, I’m not sure I’d wanna give them a nail gun – too many of those soldiers are good shots and still hunt small game like weasels 🙂

Part 2 Of The Pitt Clone Wars

April 4, 2009 Leave a comment

fyiiconRemember that patent application that was discredited a while back converning Pitt and a South Korean researcher?  Well, it’s being applied for again. Basically all they did was remove the claims that were challenged on the last application. The article is interesting, even if you don’t believe if the morality of cloning .

Click Here for the reference article from the Tribune-Review.


PS – I wonder if this will really lead to Arnold getting one of pets cloned at a real life “RePet”

Making Youself Look Like a Religious Idiot

March 31, 2009 Leave a comment

cloudssnow112108Look at the picture to the left. This is the way a Christian, Catholic, etc (or most Christ-based faiths) would God to be perceived: Beautiful, understanding, and full of grace. Well, Click Here for an article by Mike Seate of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. After you do that, read the rest of this post. Finished …. ok, let’s talk.

I’m a typical guy with a family that goes to an Anglican (Christian) church – no different than any other person in this city. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, I try to get better at things, and end up repeating that cycle over and over. I do believe in defending your faith …. for a Christian that is known as apologetics (click for a definition). Please keep in mind this is from Wikipedia.

Don’t run yet .. this isn’t turning into a religious rant, but just highlighting my pet peeve and the above links were that you understood a little bit about where I come from.

My pet peeve …. idiots that shove things down your throat, or act like complete jerks. Why? Because that is the best way to get someone to hate what you believe in. I don’t care if that is Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, hobbies, lifestyle, etc – if you act like a complete *** (I can’t print that word, but you figure it out) people tend to associate what your are perceived as (a Christian, etc) with being a jerk. You don’t help people come into the light of your beliefs by shaming them or embarrassing them, and they don’t want to become part of anything that is perceived as being “just a group of jerks”.

Acting in the ways described in the article by Mike Seate shows someone that open passes judgment on others when this is not his job … it’s God’s.

Go figure … people that think they can take over God’s job. Watch out for the great big lightning bolts around those types.

If you truly believe in something – at least attempt to act the way that belief indicates you should. People know that you are not perfect and don’t expect you to act that way – but if you act like a jerk, they will treat you like the true hypocrite that you are.


PS – “Hate the sin, not the sinner” is a good motto to live by, even if you are not religious – ie. “Hate the action, not the person doing it” as everyone is in a constant state of learning and improving and nobody is perfect. In other words – your are not better than the guy standing next to you. If you think you are – get over it quick, unless you want to live a very disappointing life.

Public Art Competition by Aaron Stauber

March 30, 2009 Leave a comment

fyiiconFYI – Aaron Stauber of Rugby Realty wants to start an art competition at one of their buildings in Downtown Pittsburgh. Basically he wants to try to spark a friendly competition between downtown properties for the purpose of beautifying the city and the buildings. So far you are looking at a nicely put together jury for the competition – so it looks like he’s not playing any games. The winning designer will get $75,000 and the piece will be created at The Pittsburgh Glass Center.

Rugby Realty is based out of New York, and to see them really support the arts here shows that level of connection between our cities.

Click Here for the reference article by Chris Togneri in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and join in. Let’s see if we can turn the whole city into one big glass and public art exhibition! PGC could use the boost now too!!


Home Buying In Pittsburgh – A Real Good Time

March 27, 2009 Leave a comment

sshomestepsIf you are at all thinking about buying a house how, especially in or near Pittsburgh, you need to check out this article by Sam Spatter of the Tribune-Review. It’s amazing the amount of deals real estate companies and sellers are cutting to get houses sold. Being offered is everything from free appliances to buying your house if you don’t sell it in ninety days. So, if you ever wanted to live in a cool area like The SouthSide or The Strip District, or maybe just want to move to a better school district – now is the time to look.

This is big FYI article, so read!


PS – Even SWB is thinking about upgrading from his small Adidas labeled cozy weasel home to a much better Westinghouse appliance box.

Police Officer Fired because he can’t smell!

March 26, 2009 2 comments

cluelesstrophyThis one is so bad, it almost sounds like a tabloid article. In no way have I ever heard of “smell” as a requirement for working as a police officer. Considering I spent twenty-two years living next door to the deputy sheriff and two years living six apartments down from a Pittsburgh City cop … you might think I caught wind of that.

Now, this officer did have an off-duty motorcycle accident (of which I have no details) … so I am going to assume the district is worried about his safety, but the accident didn’t include alcohol, or some other determining factor, etc to make it bad enough for them to fire him because of it because that may make them look like they would be firing him based on some sort of discrimination. So … they are taking the route of *really* discriminating against him by firing him because he can’t smell.

Click Here for the reference article on the issue by The Associated Press as appearing in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

… and, so, the latest “Clueless Award” goes to both Collier Township and The Commonwealth Court.


PS – Although this police officer is not a celebrity yet … this sounds like it’s going to be an amusing enough court case (if it gets there) to end up featured on TMZ.