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Pittsburgh Sunset and my vacation from the city for a bit

July 16, 2008 1 comment

Well, this Saturday marks the sun setting on my city living for a few years (we’ll be back). I’ve been in the Greater City Limits (meaning I’ve been paying city taxes) since 1993. I moved to Mt Oliver then and in 2002 through 2004 stayed at the new apartments in the Waterfront when they were first built. When things started going bad there around 2004 (I took the police chasing robbers from the Giant Eagle through the breezeway under my apartment to be a bad sign), at that point I took a chance to move back to the immediate city and live in the SouthSide. When that complex increased my rent 20% because they wanted to cater to the college kiddies (or should I say the clueless college kid’s parents who cut the checks), instead of long term professionals, I chose to move to The Cork Factory (BTW – I consider The cork Factory to be a sign of Pittsburgh Excellence!). Six months after that I met an amazing woman with a wonderful child. We are getting married and living in Leetsdale for a few years, where she owns a home. After we fix that home up and prepare it for sale in a few years we are going to move back to that city.

Although we all tend to gripe about our city …. remember the accessibility to contacts and opportunities is unheard of in other cities – if you have enough ambition to make them and take them. So, I’ll be “on vacation” from the city for a few year, but I’ll still be working in it, etc.

Thanks to everyone who has given me the opportunities I’ve taken chances on – and thanks in advance to those who will give me opportunities when I get back to city living.

…. Screaming Weasel will be back after I recover from my moving 🙂

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