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This page is a quick listing of places we have reviewed (Please click on their icon, picture, or link to go to their site):

This list will be compiled as we do reviews


Pittsburgh and Lawrenceville’s best art event!  All free and all volunteer.
thatschurchcapture That’s Church.We consider Pitt Girl (Virginia) such a part of Pittsburgh Culture we’re putting her under that section.
psocapture The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.Simply the best internationally.


Locally based Coffee venue in the SouthSide of Pittsburgh.  Click Here for our review.

We consider this a go to place to relax!

Coffee and Eats.

We know it’s not a locally HQ’d company, but we love the place … and the donuts!!


Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh – traditional German beer house from Munich
Click here for our review

thenakedgrape Unfortunately closed, but Ryta does distribute wine and hosts tastings now in various areas .. watch for them.
PGBig Pamela’s – Millvale. One of the locations of the now well known Pamela’s P&G Diner. Click Here for the SWB review. The Pamela’s diner site was down when we checked it, so here is the Pop City media listing.
Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance (click on pic) is selling the local food subscriptions for Pathways To Smartcare programs this year.  Check them out and eat better … eat local!
Great Hip American Cuisie surrounded by the old jazz atmosphere of Pittsburgh’s North Side, and the aura of the historic James Street Tavern. Read our review.
saraseriecapture Erie PA old time ice cream place. Click Here for an SWB posting containing a review of Sara’s.
It’s pretty unusual to see a convenience store recommended.  If they are mention it’s usually accompanying a customer gripe.  Due to us liking the stores and what was show of the CEO and the company on Undercover Boss, we can’t help but recommend the place. Click Here for our article on the show and stores.
sevichecropped Great Tapas Bar – see and be seen type of place
Click Here for our review
crazy-mocha-logo Crazy Mocha … all locations (www.crazymocha.com). Our blog started in the SouthSide Store.
uncommongrounds Great cafe’ in an unexpected place. Click Here for our review.


ChiliWorks, the SouthSide Works chili competition was a blast the first time we attended in 2010, and we highly recommend that you go any time they decide to do it again!  Keep check their event listings.
Fun Buy The Pound has two stores, one in Sewickley that has a storefront that carries toys that promote creative and educational play … along with areas that you can pay by the hour for your kids to play with and try out some of the toys they sell.  It’s also a great place for group play dates.  There is a second store in Robinson that only has a storefront for the toys.  This is a store that is locate and highly reocmmended by SWB.


corkfactorycapture The Cork Factory is the refurbished Anderson Cork Factory. SWB has lived there and rates this as the best property in Pittsburgh. It recently received a n Urban Land Institutes’s Award for excellence. Click Here for the SWB review article.



lakemontparkcapture A great traditional family picnic park/historical trolley park in Pennsylvania. Definitely a treat for everyone. Click Here for our review.


urbanescapepghcapture Jessica Proia (Urban Escape Massage) is probably the most talented and professional I have found in the Pittsburgh area. She is one of the few people that really does work to discover issues and correct them … and not just make you feel good for the day until you return. Click Here to check her services, availability, and rates.

For Business:

We found this place on Ebay, ordered our replacement keyboard for our Acer Aspire One and found the service quite good. No games, no waiting, and we received exactly what we needed.
ciicapture Corporate Investigations Inc is a background check firm that does live checks and does not rely just on databased information.

Misc Info:

  • Click Here for an excellent article from The Tribune-Review on the more “grown-up” lounges in Pittsburgh.

Note: All images and graphics are (c)copyright and ™ trade marked to their owners and are only used as visual icons of links to their sites

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