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Bike Riders, Clueless Parents, and Common Sense

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

A mom on a bike (kiddie cart in tow) pushes past cars on an extremely tight street forcing school buses to almost hit students. (sounds like a good headline for a newspaper article)

So Stupid, It Could Actually Happy.


It *did* happen.

I’m one of those bike riders that actually practices safety and does his best to follow the laws I’m required to when riding on the road – so when a dolt shows up that ignores all of that and then adds the ignorances of his/her children’s safety, that JUST irritates me.


Because it makes other people on the roads (including pedestrians) hate bike riders.

Well, when taking my step child to school this morning, clueless mommy on a bike came down the street next to Edgeworth Elementary (against the flow of traffic) that is already too tight for the cars and school buses trying to negotiate it.  She chose to push through forcing the cars in front of the school buses, and the school buses almost on top of the opposite sidewalk.

NOT SMART MOM, cause here’s what you did:

1. you put all of the students on the buses in danger

2. you put the students on the walkways in danger

3. you endagered your own children (something that most parents will agree to be unforgiveable)

4. you taught your children and others a total lack of common sense is the way to go in life.

Going going clueless mom ….. this award is for you:


PS – this is the proof that our educational system needs a serious overhaul


Young entrepeneur

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Occasionally when you accidentally click on one of your saved favorites and a page loads you have one of those articles in front of you that makes you just scream WTF????

Well, just so you get the same experience, Click Here and read the article from The Associated Press as it appears in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, pretending you accidentally clicked on one of your saved favorites then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was this kid trying to promote enough business to get a new Escalade?
  • Is he smart enough to NOT buy the new Lexus?
  • WFT where the parents?
  • WFT where the parents?
  • WFT where the parents? Oh yeah, probably out looking at new Escalades.


PS – After reading that article, anyone still have issues with required classes before you are allowed to procreate???

BTW – I’m thinking with what was stamped on the bags, either mommy or daddy has a job selling loaded used cars.

Yep, you guessed it …  TWO clueless trophies for the parents of this kid.

The New University

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, it’s happening, you can Click Here to read aibout it in The City Paper Article “What’s Up Chuck?” by Chris Young.

What’s going on?

Well, the business side of colleges and universities are basically taking over with a typical Pittsburgh corporate business model … aka “make all of the decisions we want without any input from those actually in the business”.

In other words, the university and college staffers are starting to experience what the rest of us in the Pittsburgh business climate have experienced all of our lives … stress caused by the people that know little but make the decisions ignoring the people that are in the “trenches” and know almost everything.

Now, maybe some places in universities need a little cleanup, for example in accounting methods, etc … but any massive and instantaneous change (no matter how much for the good) can potentially screw things up bad and beyond repair.

It seems like Chuck Daugherty possibly has been taking Duquesne University in this direction since he kicked law-school Dean Don Guter to the curb.  The City Paper article documents the issue and complaints very well (which includes anything from the sale of WDUQ-FM to the cutting of four men’s sports teams), so check it out.

We might as well give a “Clueless Trophy” to Chuck at Duquesne and see how far he can go with it.  I have a feeling we’ll be highlighting him again.


PS – it was bound to happen … the dumbing down of our prized learning institutions to the corporate operational level found in the cities companies.

The Kanye Effect

September 14, 2009 Leave a comment

swbtherantfilesQ. How do you put a scar on the music industry (and probably young inner-city artists trying to make it)?

A. You let Kanye West within 5 miles of any music awards show.

If you missed his latest self – P.R. effort, Click Here for the Yahoo! article.

At this point, if Kanye says he doesn’t need some serious professional help, that’s about equivalent to a mom driver her child to daycare while sucking down a bottle of grain alcohol.

The dumbest person on earth could easily figure out that an outburst like the one Kaney did at the MTV awards against someone perceived as Taylor Swift is (the innocent, sweet country girl) is pretty much a music career killer. When you look at it, he even tainted Beyonce with dropping her name during his rant.

Beyonce, being the professional person she is, invited Taylor back on stage to complete her acceptance speech.

So, in the end …..

cluelesstrophyClueless Award to Kanye and Kudos to Beyonce.


Clueless Award: Rock Throwing Dolt

May 11, 2009 2 comments

cluelessandconfused1SWB knows the title of the blog post wasn’t the best or most professional. Honestly we don’t care, because “dolt” was the strongest description of an idiot we would use within the WordPress Terms Of Service to describe the idiot whose extra-curricular activity consisted of throwing rocks at cars to specifically cause accidents over two years.

Click Here for the article by Bobby Kerlik of The Tribune-Review on the arrest of this most smart person or (updated) Click Here for the article by Daniel Malloy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  The Trib’s site appeared to be having difficulties when we originally applied this post.

If you are not familiar with the issue, over the last two years a person has been throwing rocks near the Carnegie exit of the Pittsburgh Parkway West, causing accidents and/or scaring drivers. They finally found him.

And, of course, you know what’s coming next:

cluelesstrophyYep … Mr Jeffrey A Ramous gets today’s “Clueless Trophy”. If you’ve seen him on the news clips, I’m guessing this guy is clueless enough to actually wait for reception of the trophy in his jail cell.

Anyways … god riddance, at least for a while.



PS – It amazes me that the guy is 50, has done this hundreds of times, and still kept on going like the Energizer Bunny of Parkway West nuisances.

Puddle Jumper tries to outrun F16s

April 7, 2009 Leave a comment

cluelessandconfused1Well, amidst all of the grief with the local shootings and killings – the clueless did break through in the news. Adam Leon from Canada decided he would steal a Cessna 172, try to outrun a few F16s, and then stop in for a Gatorade after he landed on a dirt road and parked under a bridge.  I’m sure he was definitely going to return the plane … it was just that his favorite convenience store wasn’t within walking distance and his feet were hurting.

Click Here for the details from CNN.

I’m thinking when the additional news comes out on this it should be quite interesting.

cluelesstrophyAdam … you fully deserve this “Clueless” award today.  In case you didn’t know – F16s are really fast.  To bad Adam didn’t put forth more effort … I truly feel that he could have made it to a full Darwin Award.

Everyone – this is a very serious matter and not to be taken lightly.  If Adam did anything to the state of Wisconsin, do you realize what would happen to the cheese supply in this counry??


PS – When the missiles on a plane are bigger than your whole plane … you try avoid attracting those planes that carry those missiles.  Adam obviously wasn’t aware of that.