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Fight Tha’ Change … c’mon now, Fight Tha’ Change!!

Well, writing about typical Pittsburgh again … scream with me now “Fight Tha’ Change … c’mon now, Fight Tha’ Change!!”  – I JUST KNOW we can make this the new Pittsburgh hit tune.”

This isn’t one of those SWB postings where we rant about Burghers that are against stupid things like planting roses instead of tulips in front of government buildings … nope.  We’re going much further!!!

It’s Mother Nature!!!

Lots of changes are happening in the city …. some good, some bad, some political … but the big deal is the fact that not only do Pittsburghers now fight back against even the good changes that are happening to our city … Mother Nature is doing it too!


Well, look at the debilitating snow fall … it’s depleting our Spring funding that is used for changes, it stopped construction, travel came to a halt, and more.  Now the earlier than normal 80+ temps are threatening to cause heat illnesses in our elderly, construction workers that are out in the heat, and later I’m sure the asphalt roads will buckle.

So Mother Nature even fights change in Pittsburgh … somehow I feel we’ll never get to move on.

{{groan}} It’s the never ending Pittsburgh cycle, “Fight Tha’ Change!”


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