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It’s over – the elections, but change has happened

November 4, 2009 1 comment

swbtwitterThe Pittsburgh Mayoral election is over now, so we can all go back to looking for 50% off Halloween candy at Wally World.

Luke was elected, so nothing has changed, right??


Much has changed with Dok Harris and Kevin Acklin having run.  They captured enough of a percentage for Pittsburghers to say “we notice and want people working out of the box” loud and clear.

Now we get to see:

  1. If the Mayor can gain enough respect to stop people from calling him names like Opie (SWB) and Lukey ( …. along with a few others I cant print here due to WordPress’s Terms Of Service.  That will take actually associating with the common folk and not just Snoop Dogg (we actually have nothing against Snoop …. but I couldn’t think of anyone else).  I’ve actually my O’Conner and even Murphy – they both have given me the time of day at some point in my life.  I’ve never really seen Luke around except for a photo op.
  2. If the Mayor can really up his game and prove to everyone that he will be good overall for Pittsburgh (don’t blow off what he has done well, but don’t forget the mistakes either).  This means following through on all of the current projects in a way that is at least acceptable and profitable for Pittsburghers.
  3. If Luke can land us all free tickets to Snoop’s next Pittsburgh concert (and not lawn seats either) ….. then we’ll really know he DOES have connections.


Is this just a concern for those living in the city proper … no.

The mayor should be a concern of all that use the city services for work, shopping, dining, or play or we all end up paying for


We are actually glad Luke is back …… we need material for the blog.