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Dollar Bank and MasterCard Drop the ball big time

June 7, 2011 Leave a comment

First … to consumers, this is a credit/debit card alert (and most likely you’ll hear it from us WAY before hearing it from Dollar Bank or Master Card): MasterCard caught a processor possibly fraudulently charging to customer accounts, so cards were shut off and/or canceled.

Now on to the rant.  After standing in a store having my card twice declined as a debit, and then declined as a credit, I called the number on the card to see what was going on.  They informed me there was a card security issues and my card was shut off and canceled. When I asked who was the “offender” I was told that MasterCard does not inform Dollar Bank.

Now, I have online banking with alerts set to go to email ….. never received anything and was told by customer service that only if I had happened to log on to would I have seen an alert.   Now keep in mind we left PNC for multiple reasons, one being that we felt they used bailout money to drive National City down to acquire them – which in our eyes was illegal.


When something happens on your account with PNC and previously with National City, you knew via email immediately (or within minutes) what was going on.  Not specifics, mind you, but general info … ie. “your card was shut off due to security issues, call customer service for more info.”.  Neither National City dropped the ball on their customers by not informing them especially if they had elected to be informed with their account alerts via email.

So … basically still being clueless because I don’t know what vendor I am dealing with that was trying to post fraudulent charges to accounts associated with my bank, by no fault of my own after I get my new card I will be forced to link that card or use that card with a vendor that was known to process fraudulent charges.  The best security is to immediately inform and keep your customers informed.  Dollar Bank and MasterCard both dropped the ball on that by keeping their customers in the dark.

So, we elect to give a clueless trophy to Dollar Bank for being back around the early 90s in technology that keeps their customers in the dark, and to instantly going from what we thought was the better bank in Pittsburgh to what in our opinion is now close to being a joke.

We also give MasterCard a trophy for making sure their customers are in the dark so as the thieves of the world can take their pickings.


PS – When we had National City / Visa combo as our banking … no issues.  Dollar Bank / MasterCard … issues.  BE AWARE.


Hearing Voices

June 7, 2011 Leave a comment

In A quote (we cropped the it for our use) from WPXI onTwitter, the following was said:

“Monaca To Test Voice Warning System: Monaca residents will be hearing voices around noon…”

OK, ummmm ……..

Maybe Dr Phil can help?

…. oops, sorry – wrong network.


Changes To SWB

January 24, 2011 2 comments

Our New Owners

Yup, we being taken over.

This is for the good.  After being inactive for a while, another site has inquired about taking over Screaming Weasel.  There will be changes, it will retain some of  the sarcasm, but will lose some of the “rantiness”  and negativity that it had when it started around 2005-2006 and rant blogs were the fad – although we will gripe a little through it,  and SWB will be the occasional guest writer.

We think you’ll like it … and what it will present about Pittsburgh.

If you want to check out our new owners, Click Here

Here is their future WordPress Blog (Click Here)

Please welcome Karyon Nightly (sophisticatedpgh) as  the new main writer.


Teens proving their stupidity

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment

When we do things in PA, we do them right.

Even the teens.  When I was young, many of us did our best to show our stupidity by doing dumb things like egging a car, a tree … fairly non destructive stuff.  Well, each generation tries harder and harder … and I think this generation’s teen have hit a historic milestone in the heights of stupidity.

In this article by Margaret Harding of the Tribune Review, teens did damage to 21 vehicles by running and jumping on them (fortunately someone did have a camera pointed their way, so maybe they can determine the fate of some of those teens). It’s nice to know courtesy of today’s quality of teens PA will most likely head into history looking like a state full of idiots (and we thought the politicians would end up doing that for us).

Full SWB Clueless Award to these kiddies (and hopefully a few mug shots too)


PS – Parents … keeping your kids feeling all good and happy via no discipline enables them to do things like this – oh who am I kidding voicing this to parents that don’t wanna hurt their kiddies feelings because the world is sooooooo hard.

BTW … The Port Authority said the cameras they ordered for the parking lot have not come in yet (translation: We didn’t order any and we’ll wait till this blows over so we don’t have to).

With This Driver, Stupidity Reigns!

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

This must be a highlight day in the Pittsburgh for dolts in the news.  This little tidbit actually did happen.

27 year old (probably 10 mentally) Brad Crawford, drove onto the Parkway West going the wrong way with his headlights off.

Click Here for the Trib’s posting about the incident.

They’re doing tox tests.  Hmmmm … wonder if they thunks this may have a bit to do with controlled substances?

Anyway, enjoy this little this little “so stupid it actually did happen” snippet from the news.


PS – the true things that are happening in society are validating reality shows so much more every day.

Farm To Table Event (Eat Local!)

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is an event that deserves BIG Kudos!

The Farm To Table annual convention (click here to check it out) is starring at the David Lawrence Convention Center next weekend (March 26 to 27th, 2010). The convention is run by The Pathways To Wellness Program (click here to go there) and promotes the buying and using of local foods.  Check out the site, because there is a link where you can subscribe for deliver of local foods, alleviating you from the tedious hunt for it, and giving you the perks of getting it.

So SWB is giving them a big Kudos for supporting local growers and upping awareness via the convention.  Keep it up … more local food farming = better food and health.

PCFA and Pathways to SmartCare are now in SWB Recommends!


Two For One: Waived Snow Days and Pitt Anarchist

March 17, 2010 Leave a comment

First … Happy real St Patrick’s day to y’all.

Now, on to the gripe … it’s two for one idiots in the news article day, so feel special.

Snow Days:

This is just a joke … the state (or county) is deciding who gets waived snow days.  Now, when I went to school you just made them up.  There was no question about it.  Family vacations and other things did not take precedence over the importance of being in school or making up days.  This is just dumb, but what makes it worse is someone after the level of storms we had is deciding who gets waived. I’m sure they will quickly forget that we were in this together.  You can almost guarantee that certain areas will be waived over others, and not due to the level of winter issues in that area … use your imagination, you can dream up the reasons. We’re not going to highlight any articles to go to, just check out the Tribune-Review, Post-Gazette, KDKA, WPXI, etc as there will be enough stories to just catch one.

The Pitt Anarchist:

What do you do if you are a popular college in the area to get news coverage and perk up your income?? … that’s right!!, you got it!! … you invite the guy that was affiliated with the group bombed your city in the 70’s to come speak on his anti-US views.  Real winner, Pitt.  Maybe you should fire all of your American teachers, put a ban on them, and outsource your school, since by inviting an anti-Pittsburgh, anti-US speaker to the city he helped bomb (11 buildings by the way) you’ve proven your views.  Click Here to check out the article from the Tribune-Review by Chris Togneri.  Free speech is one thing … but this is another thing.


PS – Oh well, at least our top universities and politicians prove they can consistently work at the same level of stupidity.