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February 12, 2019 Leave a comment

“Closed Off” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Walls thought imploded,
closing in again.

Clocks ticking,
racing towards tan.

Life ending,
constantly starting again.

Knowing too much,
a brain fills too quick.

Raining towards the bay,
my thoughts cannot stay.

Working around a following spy,
i ask myself why.

I cannot lose this constantly collapsing box.

-Lawrence Capozzolo

Bridge To A Lost City

May 31, 2018 Leave a comment

“Lost City” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Speeding for life,
trying to escape the urban skew.

The city once was,
a central heartbeat of all.

But after catching a great ball,
it let it slip causing a great fall.

The resulting mess,
caused all to digress.

Screaming across the last and only route,
leaving family behind with other roots.

Never looking back,
that bridge – the longest mile filled with asphalt black.

Keeping lifetimes of memories,
decisions to be avoided at best.

Wondering what would happen,
with all the rest.


Laying Low

May 28, 2018 Leave a comment

“Laying Low” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Laying low,
avoiding the rush.

I remember those forgotten,
the chosen few.

Many directions allowed,
because of  life given.

In the river,
i see the path abruptly end.

Many times walked,
unnoticed or blocked.

Looking up,
i remember.


It’s Memorial Day in the United States. Even if you are not from our country, please remember someone today that gave their life so you could have a chance at yours.


May 21, 2018 Leave a comment

“Mossy” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

SWB Bad Poetry at it’s best:

in the morning a little bit glossy.

it ain’t gonna help you light a candle wick.

nothing giving that super tight grip.

well … it’s usually green.

It’s a slick mossy rock,
you expected more?


We decided to compliment your “case of the Mondays” with our “case of bad poetry” ….. enjoy. You gotta admin – the pic is cool, though.

Rocks Of Life

May 18, 2018 Leave a comment

“Steady Ways” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Rocks of life,
perceived rules within.

Maybe just something to lean on,
ridding the conflicts within.

Ways of the world,
flow past these rocks.

Never held back,
never blocked.

Pains of the paste cleaned away,
not able to turn back stay.

Leaned on for rest … they’re use never second best,
clearing stress cleaning life emptying mess.

Rocks of life.



May 18, 2018 Leave a comment

“Blue Life” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Skies blue,
red occasional few.

Never seen below,
but controlling many a tide.

Floating through life,
free of all anguish.

Glowing with guidance,
a creature followed rarely.

It’s free mind,
never staying behind.

Never restless, never lost,
happiness acquired without any cost.

Hands out reaching to distances unknown,
always making its current place home.

A blue life it seems would be sad,
a blue life always rejoicing to be had.


Once The Living

May 17, 2018 Leave a comment

“Living Was Once” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Living was once a thing,
treasured by all.

Then we forgot,
forgot all.

Waking to light,
was savored by the mass.

Leading a life,
helping the less.

Living was once a thing,
that all beings did.

Forgetting about self,
remembering all others.

Lifting a finger,
giving an arm.

Powering a light,
for many without sight.

Living was once a thing,
that we all remembered.

Raising children,
for families distraught.

Feeding a void,
that should never be empty.

invigorating a need,
by planting a seed.

Living was once a thing,
that we all once did.



May 17, 2018 Leave a comment

“Exhausted” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Exhausted this time,
tired of waiting in line.

Extended beyond needs,
no life left to do deeds,

Exhausted this time,
the only thing left – a stupid rhyme.

Typing out the words,
that everyone has already heard.

Exhausted in time,
why lie?


…… back to our really bad poetry series 🙂


May 16, 2018 Leave a comment

“The Leaves” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Natural to listen,
voices in the leaves.

Songs being whispered,
within the trees long wise.

Command to all,
how to avoid the fall.

Wind giving wishes to the crowd,
honoring those spoken aloud.

Natural to think,
ambition speaking wild.

The worlds amongst the branches,
living unknown, seeming complete.

Passing to the right, blind,
talking reality to those unseen.

Working the words from times prevailed,
wondering the thoughts from mistakes.

Natural to all,
natural to fall.


Taking The Path

May 16, 2018 Leave a comment

“Guidance” (c) Lawrence A Capozzolo

Taking the path to a place unknown,
nudging me far from home.

Too many turns into new,
forgetting friends too few.

A railing to guide in the dark,
clearly working out direction.

Hearing sounds of the journey alone,
wondering with blurry sight.

Wishing the path would end in light.


The Green

May 15, 2018 Leave a comment

“Green In Me” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Growing in a concrete world,
softening the hardship in life.

Natural in it’s dreams,
the green in me.

Blades waiving in the wind,
buffering the bad that has been.

Part of fixing strife,
it’s existence crucial.

Part of living life,
food for the lost.

Coloring cities – taking bland away,
keeping those thinking to not stay.

Many a decision green makes,
from the simple to the critical every day.

Green in life,
makes everything OK.



May 15, 2018 Leave a comment

“City Sky” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

it’s nature to live for.

sophistication on high.

tradition found.

change to erase.

things required.

more than have-nots.

views for few.

far and far.


Falling Ahead

May 14, 2018 Leave a comment

“Late Fall” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Falling ahead,
i though it was over.

Instead another color nova.

Waiting until late,
until summer thought it was here.

Behind and coming around a corner,
born a second color fall for all.

Ended we thought,
but right we were not.

Golden-red still falling,
continued lost in the storm.

The beauty in colors saved,
a reminder of nature’s beauty paved.

Delayed colors in light,
putting a bright day before the night.


Broken Doors

May 14, 2018 Leave a comment

“Doorway” (c)Lawence A Capozzolo

Broken Doors sitting alone,
once to freedom now to blight.

Open in past finding chance,
now hanging unto slowing rust.

Pathway once to dreams,
creating nightly imagination.

Things once better through a door,
today all questions – not much more.

Walking through is a job,
will the rust hold on?

Will the door fall,
ending the dreams and all?

Broken doors, everywhere,
seldom noticed, always feared.



May 12, 2018 Leave a comment

“Rusted Escape” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Escape when I can,
to another land.

Running away in a dream,
allowing me to be.

A life botched,
i’m trying to live not.

Corrections to be made,
directions lacking the way.

Eluding some say,
responsibilities of the day.

Wanting nothing new,
avoiding and delaying change.

Escape meaning much,
when life seems out to lunch.