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The truth about The Steel City

September 17, 2009 1 comment

pghsunset1For all those on the negative side of our city (the ones that whine about the big companies being gone, the steel industry being gone, etc.) you need to read the blog entry on Pittsburgh’s Future by Harold D. Miller at the following link.

The Steel City Transformed

The info in the post is also excellent for those that would like to highlight our city to the folks that are here for the G20.


Kudos to Harold for the enlightening article!


The cuties at the zoo …

April 2, 2009 1 comment

pghzoolizard… OK, well maybe not this guy 🙂

But the elephants that everyone made a big fuss out of a while ago are growing up quite nicely at The Pittsburgh Zoo. If you forgot, Angelina and Zuri are their names. They seem to be becoming quite fond of their new pad. I was only able to spot one while I was out there last week but for all of you animal fans The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an update for you in a new article with a few cool slide shows included. Click Here for that article.


PS – Support the zoo ….. and guys ….. if you though the “cuties”were going to be pics of young ladies in their summertime garb I’ve already captured your IP address and forwarded it to your wife or girlfriend 😉

Visiting The Zoo – A SWB PSA

March 28, 2009 Leave a comment

zoopicImage from – click on it to go to The Pittsburgh Zoo. After a hard day on Friday hanging out at Crazy Mocha writing blogs for both SWB and the company’s corporate site that I work for, and wine tasting at The Nake Grape… I’m needing some serious downtime. Life’s rough, ya know. Anyway, I’m taking the family to The Pittsburgh Zoo (click on picture top left of the article). Why? Well, to answer that – they haven’t had any new unique animals for a while, so Screaming Weasel feels he needs to make a guest appearance. Actually … it’s because the wife has been bugging me, not the kid, the wife. Of course, I didn’t tell her I really just wanted an excuse to stop at the local pro sound and music store on the way back.

Keep this in mind also … in the hard times we have now (or whatever you want to call them), and although the Pittsburgh economy isn’t getting hit as bad as others, the zoo is getting hit fro lack on donations and volunteers. So, the more you visit, and better it is for them. Oh, BTW … prices go up April 1st for the summer season.

Anyway, see you at the zoo if you are there.


PS – If you see some crazed ferret looking creature clawing at a cage wall for life …. that means they caught me. Could you kindly let me out?

The economy that …. well …. might not

March 2, 2009 Leave a comment


Remember those brick and cobblestone hills?  They were a little harder to get up if you didn’t have experience on them.  The economy is that way right now … any you can tell who has had experience dealing with crisis’ previously.   Pittsburgh itself is one of those places.  Most cities right now are held in a stronghold of paranoia to a point where people have basically gone back to the depression days ways of sticking their money under the floorboards. To them, the cobblestone or brick road with the stop sign at the bottom is a black and white statement – STOP! Don’t go further.

Pittsburgh is different.  We are struggling, but we are still holding to the one of the newer areas for small to mid level and advanced manufacturing, software development, etc.  We have businesses grown income from 5% to 43%.  It would be nice to see our news stations actually highlight that a bit more.  It would help our image quite a bit more.  Pittsburgh has become, again, ‘the little engine that could’ and not ‘The Economy that … well … might not”.

Fortunately, Pittsburghers are natively ornery types that have problems noticing things like stop signs.  Now, if you are crossing a street, that’s a bad thing …. but if you are trying to make it though a failing economy, it’s a very good thing – our businesses will still be intact and recoverable, our housing will still be affordable, and we will be leaders in whatever springs up as the national economy recovers.

We’ will be where everyone else could have been if they would have just walked a few steps past the stop sign.

Pittsburghers don’t quit … neither does our economy.


Luke Meets With President Obama

February 20, 2009 Leave a comment

… along with other mayors, of course,

the only question is …

—> Will Snoop Dogg tag along?

– Sorry couldn’t resist, anyway for y’all interested, here is the KDKA Article

…… wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee and wooohooooooo


The Economy May Be Worse Than We Thought

February 19, 2009 Leave a comment

chains120208Chains Of Government

No …. really???

Everyone is saying Obama now realizes the economy may be worse than thought and may take longer to recover. Now, I know this man is fairly smart – so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and figure he is bracing everyone for the time it would take to recover the economy in the first place and let everyone know the God-send that the press made him is not going to make the economy recover any faster.

And, Of course the Dems are making a few trade-offs to get the package moving before the economy crashes beyond the point of no return. And, of course, the Republicans are trying to discredit Obama and the Dems (you get cranky when you lose power).

Who knows, the Dems may fail, making Obama look really bad and discredit the Dems themselves, but then again things may work and the Republicans may lose power for more than four years. The funny thing is that when the Republicans were in power they fully supported (maybe not the way Bush wanted to do it because they were distancing themselves from him) dumping the same amount of money into the economy to help recover it.

Welcome to the real world of politics folks – the systems of “checks and balances” went south a long time ago. I fully envision Lincoln growing hair in his grave just so he can pull it out again in frustration with our current government.

– Just my opinion ….. everyone has their’s.

P.S. The ‘tunnel of doom’ subway that the Port Authority Of Pittsburgh is drilling may just be saved by the recovery package …. YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! <—- Try to note the extreme lacing of sarcasm in this last statement.