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Enter The Weather

September 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Got a great raised garden started this year …

Veggies grew fast, flower buds abound …

Then …

The bees left, the critters ate the flower buds, and my new raised garden slowly became a wilting weed box due to the drought.

So, what happens now, you ask????

Rain …. lots of it.  Right at the end of the garden growing season that allotted me two tomatoes, one green pepper, and five micro-miniature carrots (think eating with tweezers).

So, WTF?

I mean I realize I live in Pittsburgh, but I’m a descendent of Italian and German immigrants that farmed any of the land in Pittsburgh they set foot on and usually ended up having way to much to eat (which became compost for next years crop).

A few peppers, tomatoes, and some carrots …. that’s what I got. Now I have to go buy my crap.  I feel cheated, my ancestors owe me at least a few bushels of veggies.

…. and enter the weather … rain … can’t even cut the grass (which was dead most of the summer).


P.S. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….


Digital Billboards that make you wreck

May 14, 2009 Leave a comment

swbtherantfilesI was just advised of an article by John Schmitz of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette titled “Digital Billboards called driving threat“. It goes over a report from Jerry Wachtel stating that the new digital billboards are a major distraction and debates other well known reports that state otherwise. Of course Mr. Jerry didn’t bother to mention things like in dash DVD players, GPS systems, and texting units that require you to remove your hands from the steering wheel to operate them. These are far more serious distractions to drivers.

The real issues is the drivers, or at least the ones with no common sense (which amounts to approximately 80%). If you don’t belong in a car driving it, then you don’t belong in a car driving it. Simple. Anything can be a distraction in a car (kids yelling, pretty colorful birds flying ahead of you, a cool looking jet, the good looking woman next to the broken down car, etc) – it’s all up to the driver to train themselves on how to handle those situations.

So, we award a partial “Clueless Award” to Jerry for making something bigger than it is, and “Kudos” for knowing when it’s a slow news day (less the news of The Penguins winning game 7) and having the sense to take advantage of it.

Anyway, Click Here if you didn’t notice the link above to read the article. It does mention some extremely cool ways other areas are using the electronic billboard to help alleviate driver distraction. The Mini Cooper mention is quite neat.


PS – Giving Grandma that Sidekick and GPS unit for her car was probably a bad idea.

Disappointing Morning

May 7, 2009 Leave a comment

swbhuhYeah … huh?

It’s a disappointing morning.  No politicians did anything majorly stupid, no company made a ecological breakthrough, no gas station gouged customers.  Well, those things probably did happen, but I couldn’t find even the smallest story to rant or rave about.

This just flat out sucks.  How is SWB supposed to maintain this nations cynicism and sarcasm at respectable levels? If those qualities don’t get kept up we’ll become a nation that everyone loves and respects, not loves to hate.  Then were would the international press get their stories about how stupid and self-centered the United States is?  We’ll put good reporters out of work.

So give me some suggestions …. there has to be some stupidity to write about out there this morning.


PS – {{groan}}

My Wayward Ways

February 26, 2009 Leave a comment

I was just blasted by what I now consider a “once friend” that I have veered from my writings of meaningless whining about Pittsburgh and it’s surrounding areas and gone to writing something meaningful.

My apologies to all … I have an abundance of work lined up in the next few months that should cause me to kill enough cereberal material to revert back to complete brainlessness by mid-summer at the latest … providing ample babblings instead of the writings with substance I am doing now.


Pittsburgh Cultural District Takes A Dump

May 23, 2008 Leave a comment

Well, when the going gets bad in Pittsburgh, the tough give up.

When we all thought the Pittsburgh Cultural District would product what may have been one of the better or best living areas in the city – they gave up. The plan gave us national attention for the already world class area. Unfortunately it also now gives the area national attention for what people now think Pittsburgh does best – give up.

Now, I’m not saying I wouldn’t delay it for a few years – but consider this: If they would have started this year or next, they would be completing just when all of the crisis would be over in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Think about how much they would have benefited.

Clip from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: (c)2008 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Government subsidies were planned to provide much of the overall financing, and the trust took responsibility for meeting with state, county and city leaders on their support, she said. It had the $12.3 million commitment from the state but told her in a meeting May 12 that the commitment had lapsed.

“The trust lost their courage upon that defeat. That’s the last thing that should happen,” Ms. Eastridge said.

Ummmm ….. no guts ….. get somebody in there that has a set of gonads for doing a big project and taking chances.

The Cultural Trust has really made it’s name for itself and the city nationally (no mistaking that is has done much for this city) — it could have really made it’s mark with this project internationally for itself and the city along with proving that an arts organization could do something at this level. Instead, it chose to say “I’m too scared” and stick it’s head under a rock so many people could say “yup …. we told you they couldn’t do it”.

Oh, well … I guess some outside developer only interested in sucking the money out of the city will take it over.

PS – Delaying would have looked smart – giving up was just dumping on the city that supports you.

Making A New Career

May 22, 2008 Leave a comment

Original Post Date: August 02 2006

Here is the typical American work situation: You invested $$$ in college or trade schools, worked up through the sh@t jobs, got additional certifications, and now …… you beloved company dumps you for someone in another country that will work for less. You look at this situation and say “my country forgot about me”. This is not true. One thing has changed in this country for allot of folks (and I’ve gotten caught up in it also), and that is the fact that allot of time we now get a career after getting a piece of paper for a college or university that says we have right to it. Years ago people themselves has to discover their own talents as they didn’t have text books to instruct them on how to learn a career. People tried different things, worked different places, until they discovered their talents. They then apprenticed at them and perfected them. After that was all done, they finally started creating their career, constantly learning skill after skill – not just specializing. These people conditioned themselves to a point where this country could survive something like the Great Depression.

Now, are there people like this now … yes, but not that many. All people learn a multitude of skills at their workplace and in their chosen main career that can be applied to any career. That’s known as the basics. Allot of people are made though, and/or let themselves believe that their skills are so specialized that they are only useful in their field (ie. Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, etc). The truth is totally the opposite, once you learn business basics you can work them into an career you choose to enter into without another eight years of college and spending $$$$. Now do the educational institutions want you to know this and/or believe this? Absolutely now. Is it really hard work learning a new career you haven’t been educated in? Yes. Will you make mistakes? Yup. Is there a small chance you will get better at that new career that you have chosen than the just graduated college kid because you learned it “the hard way”? Uh-huh. Is making a new career scary? Yes
I speak from experience on this one because I work in I.T. and most likely in a few years my industry will not be able to support my current lifestyle (which I worked really hard for the last 20 years to attain, and have no intention on giving up), so I was put into a position about four years ago to start developing my learned skills into other career entry point. The last three years have been very hard and frustrating … trying to learn new things, get little bites for work hear and there, but never seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that told me in a few more years I will have a new career. Well, this year I am now starting to see a glimmer of that light, things are coming together, I am starting to prove myself to others and gain their trust in business. This is where that hard work starts to pay off (and the best thing is I don’t have another $60,000 college loan to pay off with it).
If your career is the same as mine, look deeply into what you have leaned over the years and ask yourself questions like these:
1. Have you learned communications skills?
2. Have you learned to manage others?
3. Have you learned to multi-task efficiently?
4. Has your business creativity expanded?
5. etc. etc.
If you really look into what you do, you should be able to come up with at least ten marketable skills you can apply to a new career you love …. and not just settle for one that pays the bills. This is one of the reasons our economy is getting better (it really is … you don’t get this level of building and expansion in cities if it isn’t). People are going back to creating careers they love with the skills they love to use. They are going back to innovating and creating on their jobs, instead of just collecting a paycheck. People are going back to what really created this country ….. even the ones we are newly welcoming here.