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You know you are old when …..

June 25, 2009 Leave a comment

swbhuh….. one of the first things you see when you open up the newest edition of The Pittsburgh City Paper is an ad for an Abba Tribute Band …..

….. and it’s not even at someplace cool like the “new” Station Square Amphitheater, or Mr. Smalls. It’s at the Benedum. Not that the Bededum isn’t a great place, but at least at the amphitheater or Mr. Small’s, you can go to the concert wearing a Pink Floyd shirt and lie about seeing a Pink Floyd tribute band instead. Nobody would believe that an ABBA tribute band was even allowed within 500 feet of a cool concert venue.


PS – I’m counting the grey whiskers now …..


Rendell, the anti-education man

June 25, 2009 Leave a comment

swbtherantfilesI’m not trying to slander Mr. Rendell (even though I’d rather lick up pond scum from the side of a radio-active river than shake his hand), but merely point out one thing:

We’ve all heard time and time again how Rendell wants loves eduction and wants to do the bet for Pennsylvania … yet he totally drops funding for things like WQED. Now, WQED is not only for hippies and intellectuals as some believe. It’s a mainstay of many Pennsylvania households (along with Dave and Dave, and coleslaw on sandwiches). It’s also probably accounts for educating more people than all of the schools in Pennsylvania combined. If it wasn’t for Mr Rogers, some of us wouldn’t know how to treat people nice. If it wasn’t for Sesame Street, some of us wouldn’t know how to spell or count.

So, even with WQED’s amazing education value to the area and the potential for it to help produce highly educated people in Pittsburgh, Mr Rendell sees fit to drop the ball on it and pull the already measly 1.1 million it gets in state help.

cluelesstrophyTherefore, we are giving Mr Rendell the honor of being the first PA “anti-education man”. We hope you enjoy it. It come with (I believe) your second “clueless award”. SWB assumes you will do your best to collect a full shelf full of these.

To the PA’ins out there ….. even if it’s 1.1 million kids sending in one dollar each to WQED, or bunch of us sending in twenty dollars each … let’s show Mr Rendell we don’t needs his funding anymore. Although, I’m sure if a few of his buddies looked under their couch pillows they would find enough loose chump change to more than cover the 1.1 million that was pulled out of WQED’s reach …

Click Here to support WQED and your kid’s education.


PS – s’much for PA government supporting PA. Aren’t there some political positions in deep Siberia that we can recommend Ed for????

SWB Off Hiatus, PittGirl is Back, and all is well in the city ..

June 25, 2009 1 comment

pghprogess052108We’re back from an unintended hiatus, which included jobs loss, combating flooding from the last potential downpour, and keeping the newest tad-frog alive.

Hopefully that won’t happen again …. the flooding, at least.

Well, if you haven’t heard, The Burgh Blog in some way has been revived via Pittsburgh MagazinePittGirl is back. It’s nice to see an established publication like Pittsburgh Magazine acknowledge where the city’s readership is at, along with adding an educational writer to the mix.  Now, if they can just become desperate enough to notice me ……

Anyway, congrats to PittGirl, glad to see you in a new home.

This brings us back to all being well in the city.  The Steelers have the Super Bowl, the Pens brought the cup back home, and the Pirates ….. ok, well let’s skip the negative.

Even with the economy the way it has been, Pittsburgh is already starting it’s recovery without hitting rock bottom like so many other cities.  We can still see a light at the end of the tunnel – although everyone still slows to a crawl before entering (some things are just the way they are even during a bad economy).


PS – River rats never leave … we just hunker down a bit.

Elections in Iran – history in the making

June 12, 2009 Leave a comment

sbwnewsitemElections for a new president in Iran may prove to be as historically significant and “times changing” as the U.S.’s recent presidential elections. Everything from stand-offishness to the general tone in the Middle-East could do an about-face due to the outcome.

According to this article by The Associated Press as it appears in USA Today a heavy turnout of residents wanting to decide on the ways their country should go and who sets them on the paths for those ways is expected.

Click on the above link to check out the story, and keep up on it. This is one that also may affect the way or country goes on decision making pertaining to that region.


WHO declares Swine Flu pandemic

June 11, 2009 Leave a comment

sbwnewsitem… and will probably damage the economy further with the panic is will create.

Now, the main excuse of WHO is to increase the production of treatments available, increase funds, and kick governments into high gear to contain the virus.  The are declaring it as “unstoppable” ….. along with saying “oh, it’s just of moderate danger”.

OK … When people think of something being called a “global pandemic”, they totally ignore the part of the WHO stating “it’s just of moderate danger”.  People will freak, closing schools, camps, businesses, etc hurting the economy. SWB thinks that Dr. Margaret Chan needs to use brain before declaring a global pandemic possibly hurting the economy when it’s just getting ready to recover.  SWB thinks Chan is thinking more about Chan staying in the news than helping people deal with the virus.

Anyways …. Click Here for the Associated Press article by Maria Cheng and Frank Jordans as it appears on Yahoo!


PS – Somehow I can see a Steven King movie coming out of this …

Robo-World … Cool Stuff

June 11, 2009 Leave a comment

coolstuffLooking for something to to with your kids since they are home now from school … or at least something to keep them from continually saying “I’m boooooooooored ….”?

Take your kids (small and big) to Robo-World at The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh starting June 13th.

Exhibits range from a robotic air hockey game to a basketball shooting robotic arm to Andy.  This is definitely the stuff that makes kids of all ages jaws drop and go “oh …. ahhh, neat!”  It also give you a little “new reality” of what is to come.

Click Here to check out the article by Michael Machosky of The Tribune-Review, which also contains a very informative list of Robot Hall Of Fame inductees.

Kudos to the science center for creating one of the world’s biggest robotic exhibit.


PS – SkyNet and Terminator ….. here we come 🙂

Review: Popeye’s Chicken

June 11, 2009 2 comments

swbtherantfilesCaught off guard with a review having a “Rant Files” pic on it?  Read on, you’ll get it.

Update: As requested by a reader from New Orleans we would like to clarify this is dealing with mostly the Pittsburgh site (SouthSide) and the Waterfront.  Primarily Pittsburgh.

Products – decent.  The food is decent, etc. etc.  That’s where it all ends.  Search up Popeye’s Chicken Complaints – you’ll find sites and sites about issues ranging from major customer service issues to stories about racism (I consider reverse-racism straight-out racism also simply because not matter what color against what color ….. RACISM IS WRONG!!)

Before I rant … here is where I come from:  I lived in an area which had what I call allot of hidden “racism”.  If you were white, it was a great place to raise a family.  If you were a black family coming in in the late 80s (when I lived there), there was a good chance of a cross burning.  No, I’m not kidding.  This place was near Pittsburgh also.

Fortunately I was brought up with enough influences to not care what skin color a person had.  The proper skin color is definitely not a requirement to become someone’s friend, or simply be treated like a human being. Therefore since I was friends with and knew black people in the area I lived in in the lat 80s, and surrounding areas I was called a “n***** lover” and took the occasional beating for it.  Needless to say I find any racism (white against black, or black against white) extremely offensive.  All it does it breed hatred.

Well, when I went in to a certain Popeye’s with my family with a coupon that had no start date and an ending date of 07/09/09 I would told very rudely that they would not accept it because it was sent out to early – do indication of when it stared at all.  Fast food establishments all have provisions to work with these issues, that was customers are never refused service.  So I know it could be sold regardless of the issue.  Keep in mind the cashier treated the people in front of me nicely, but immediately changed her tone when we stepped up.  The people in front of us and behind us where black.  The manager took the same attitude when he told me to either order something else fairly rudely and addressed the customer behind me nicely. If I would have done this as a white business owner I would have had the NAACP down my throat, not to mention the news and every lawyer in town at my business.

Also … as a supposedly EOE (Equal Opportunity Employer) the site clearly was not supporting that either.

When I looked on the web for other complaints (to make sure I wasn’t judging wrongly) I found an amazing amount of complaints similar, and an overwhelming amount of customer service complaints.  This is sad as Popeye’s is a business that is seen as representing the black community, and due to the very poor customer service (I have yet to be at a Popeye’s that had anything that resembled customer service at all) and apparent support of hatred towards others by the company, it’s making that community look very bad. I have been in and supported (and still support) many black owned (or non-white owned … if you want to be P.C.) businesses because they are run extremely well.  I will support any business that is run well – Popeye’s is not one of them.

Final Decsion – Don’t ever eat at Popeye’s again …. oh, and good luck finding or getting contact information for them online.  It’s there, but you’ll have to search hard – they obviously don’t want to hear it.

Reference site examples:


Final Word – racism is racism, humans are humans ….. your skin color isn’t the deciding factor on whether you should be treated as a human being or not.  Don’t support this chain … it supports the hatred everyone is trying so hard to get rid of.

cluelesstrophyLast but not least …. Popeye’s gets  a clueless trophy for two things:

  • The poorest possible customer service in any fast food chain.
  • The continued breeding of racism and teaching the wrong way to treat human beings.