Two For One: Waived Snow Days and Pitt Anarchist

First … Happy real St Patrick’s day to y’all.

Now, on to the gripe … it’s two for one idiots in the news article day, so feel special.

Snow Days:

This is just a joke … the state (or county) is deciding who gets waived snow days.  Now, when I went to school you just made them up.  There was no question about it.  Family vacations and other things did not take precedence over the importance of being in school or making up days.  This is just dumb, but what makes it worse is someone after the level of storms we had is deciding who gets waived. I’m sure they will quickly forget that we were in this together.  You can almost guarantee that certain areas will be waived over others, and not due to the level of winter issues in that area … use your imagination, you can dream up the reasons. We’re not going to highlight any articles to go to, just check out the Tribune-Review, Post-Gazette, KDKA, WPXI, etc as there will be enough stories to just catch one.

The Pitt Anarchist:

What do you do if you are a popular college in the area to get news coverage and perk up your income?? … that’s right!!, you got it!! … you invite the guy that was affiliated with the group bombed your city in the 70’s to come speak on his anti-US views.  Real winner, Pitt.  Maybe you should fire all of your American teachers, put a ban on them, and outsource your school, since by inviting an anti-Pittsburgh, anti-US speaker to the city he helped bomb (11 buildings by the way) you’ve proven your views.  Click Here to check out the article from the Tribune-Review by Chris Togneri.  Free speech is one thing … but this is another thing.


PS – Oh well, at least our top universities and politicians prove they can consistently work at the same level of stupidity.

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