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The Geek Thing

April 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Alright, I’ve been out a bit not blogging because I’ve been doing the “geek thing”.  In other words I’ve been trying to get VMWare to run on Ubuntu Linux Server using Webmin to control it all after Ubuntu did a kernel update that threw off the installer for VMWare.

… that should have lost ya.  But then again, remember, if there weren’t geeks you wouldn’t have blogging.

What does that have to do with Pittsburgh?

Well, for one, there are lots of geeks in Pittsburgh (notice places like CMU).  Lot’s of the advances in technology get started here. Some of the entertainment technology you enjoy was or is developed here (the interactive TV systems on cruise boats were initially developed here, and some of the virtual rides you go to Disney to enjoy are created and tested here).

Didn’t realize all some of that, did ya?

There are many things in Pittsburgh people forget about … and the geeks of the city made them happen.

So, when you see themz types of people working outdoors on their nifty netbooks – thank them.  If they weren’t alive, you might actually have to write to a single pen pal, or actually remember directions in your car, or play a board game with your kid.


PS – We are officially calling next month (May) techie geek appreciation month.  If you see anyone working on a netbook, you should buy them a cup of coffee and a Dunkin Donut.


The World Has Returned To Normal

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Is it proper to title a post during the natural disasters that are happening (the earthquakes in both Chile and Haiti and the Tsunami in Chile, etc)?

Yep, definitely (and NO, we are NOT poking fun at any places like Haiti and Chile.  Actually we ask you to help Chile where you can, but don’t go into fad mode and forget Haiti … Chile is a little better off financially.)

So, why are we making a title like “The World Has Returned To Normal”?

Well, that’s because this is one of the FIRST days in about a month where you don’t have a scrolling line at the bottom of your TV with school delays and cancellations that takes 45 minutes to run through. If you are a parent (or step-parent for that matter), you know that you don’t get to return to the “real world” until the kids turns 18 … or you have the guts to kick them out of the house (which could be much later in life for some parents). So, having the kiddies home so much gets you into a mode where the things happening on the news seem more like a reality show than reality.

At this point this kids are even tired of being home, bosses are tired of people not showing up, and even with free speech … we can’t print what the parents are saying. I love snow, but this was a bit much.

So, the world has returned to normal for a while … but then again St Patrick’s day is coming up, so we’ll probably get dumped on with 36 inches during the parade … which will turn green.

Here is an idea for a great back to school after school activity for you and your kids … teach them how great it is to take a bit of their allowance and donate it to Haiti and Chile to help them out.

BTW – We want to shout out a kudos to Chile for having good building codes in place … that in itself probably saved thousands if not hundreds of thousands.  Pray that Haiti is someday in the same place where it can do that for itself.


PS – I bet the  school bus drivers aren’t happy 😉

The Pittsburgh Promise – good news for students

March 19, 2009 Leave a comment

cathederaloflearning1Starting with the class of 2009, scholarships awarded from The Pittsburgh Promise will be usable at over 100 more schools statewide. This is a major change from Promise money only being available to students attending within Allegheny county.

SWB has always supported the idea of The Pittsburgh Promise because it gives a better educational opportunities to students who maybe would not have attended college or even trade schools due to cost. This is one of the more positive ways the city is supporting it’s families.

Check out the reference article from The Post-Gazette.


PS – It’s amazing what a student can do hen you give them a chance …. if you are a business, SWB kindly asks you to donate to The Pittsburgh Promise.

Students fight for their program

March 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Here is something you don’t hear about every day:

Students actually mobilizing politically to fight for a program that helps them greatly: The Governor’s Schools of Excellence Program. Gov. Rendell wants to drop the program to save 3.2 million. Nothing like helping the kids, right?

Well, they are fighting back … and one suggestion is that the state provides half the money, and private organizations the other half – so if you know anyone in business ask them to look over the article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and find a way to rally with these kids.


PS – 5th graders are smarter than politicians

We told ya so …. Pittsburgh schools get rid of 50 percent minimum

March 3, 2009 Leave a comment


We all saw this one coming. The biggest complaint about the 50 percent minimum grade being used in Pittsburgh schools was that the students would take the option of doing nothing an getting at least a 50 percent on their grade. The people on the pro side of the issues pushed that students most likely would not do that, and they would take the initiative of using the opportunity to recover their grades.

Right …… obviously these people were not teenagers at any point in their life …. because if you let a child take the easy way out as a choice – they most likely will.

So ….. yup, the kids did …. and as we say …. “we told ya so”

Kind of like that “feel good” way of schooling they tried in the late 80s and 90s. Those kids ended up being useless in the workplace ….. hmmm, I see a pattern with our school administrators here (bad decision after bad decision).

The bad thing with all of this bad rap …. I known many Pittsburgh school teachers and a few vice principals and principals over they years – and they are actually good.

Anyway … here is a reference article from the PG for ya and in the Tribune-Review.