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We Got It Backwards

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

does this look right???

Ok, let’s give you a better pic of the situation:  The picture is of one of the warmer days in January.  Notice the lack on sun.  The last time the sun came out, it was in the single digits.  Even in Pittsburgh we get the weather backwards!

Pittsburgh winter weather summary: SUN = COLD, CLOUDY = WARM

Actually we’re pretty sure this weather situation is actually controlled by those old weather guys that were traded in for the newer, sharp-looking, fancy weather people.  We investigating at this point, but we feel we’ll prove that those old weather guys are ticked and disgruntled about not getting enough TV time and they’re taking out on the residents of this city by employing some of the technologies that the military discovered in WWII from weather control experiments.

Yep, they told us all those tests were a farce, and didn’t work.  SWB’s theory is that the weather forecasters of yesteryear bought that weather control technology from the military to use for their own gain in job security – and just to mess with people.  Since Pittsburgh basically started broadcast TV, we’re just the testing zone.

…. and then again it could be the pharmaceutical companies using the weather to trigger a city-wide depression to up their drug sales getting the stock holders higher dividends.

If you have a good conspiracy theory as to why the weather generally sucks in this city, print this blog entry out and write it on the bottom of the page:




I miss the snow

March 2, 2010 Leave a comment

I Miss The Snow

I miss the snow, with it’s golden white glow.

I miss the snow, giving the back pains that make me realize that I am alive.

I miss the snow, the sounds of wheezing old men that have replaced the song of the birds that have flown.

I miss the snow, the creeks of the old house as it folds into itself below.

I miss the snow, the sleds racing down and the kid’s faces just before they hit the trees and scream, “OH NO!!!”

I miss the snow, the pristine softness of the white blanket fallen from the sky as I admire it after falling on the ice down low.

I miss the snow, the men all in white with the carrot snouts and black charcoal eyes …

Oh wait … crap … those are actually the guys from the insane asylum.  They must have read my post and found out I escaped again ….

gotta run ….. and run ….. and run …..


PS – Enjoy the snowball fights until Sunday.

The “Pittsburgh Winter” is officially back

February 22, 2010 Leave a comment

If you think we are a little late on this post … read on.

A “Pittsburgh Winter” is only official once the car damage starts.  I’m not talking about the damage from mindless idiots trying to drive 65 during one of the worst storms we’ve had in years … I’m talking about the other damage.

Think about it … come on, you can figure it out ….

That’s right … the potholes.

So far we’ve had to spend $270 on front tires for our 2008 Fit due to rapid fire hits from potholes.  Even if the belt in the tire was going bad, the potholes helped it bite the dust.  The 12 year old I own Civic just got the windshield taken out from a loose asphalt cannon ball hitting it.  That’s another $210.

Yup we now have an official, down home “Pittsburgh Winter”.  Yay!!!

The thing that makes it even worse than the ones I used to remember when I was young is that the 2010 storm was bad enough you can’t even chew out the road crews.  If you handed every Burgher a 5 gallon pail of cold fill asphalt, they’d never be able to keep up.  That just creates more stress when you can’t blame another human.


PS – I guess I shouldn’t complain since I survived an ice hit from the bridges … but I’m a Pittsburgh, so I’m required to complain.  What about these out of town folks moving here?, can’t we force them to earn their Pittsburgh citizenship status by filling potholes during lunch???

It’s Back … The Orb

February 20, 2010 1 comment

Beware, but try not to be too scared. The Orb is back.

Click Here to read one of our past posts on it.

Well, I guess it’s time to figure out if the world is ending before 2012 … or at least watch out for the falling icicle daggers coming off the building you are walking next too.

Since it’s getting so hot out because of The Orb, we’re probably going to head off the Sarris for ice cream (if that part of the store is open), then to the Science Center to investigate The Orb a bit more.  We’re a little scared and a little worried – not because we haven’t seen The Orb in a while, but simply because the weather guy was worried too.  Then again, maybe he was just starting into a heart attack from the last bit of snow shoveling he did.

Enjoy the days, it looks to be back to freezing drizzle for a bit tomorrow …


PS – Remember don’t shoot the messenger, shoot the weatherman (or weather person if you need to be PC)

Them Leaking Homes

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment

We haven’t done an “In The News” highlight lately.

Not because there hasn’t been any notable news, but more simply because we’ve been lazy about it.

SWB did spot an excellent article in the PG about the current winter condition of ice damming.  Not on the river, but in your gutters and on your roof.

Click Here to read it. The article gives the excellent advice of “do nothing”.  That’s right do nothing.

Having previously owned a home that was built on 1905 and now being in a home that was built quickly for returning veterans of  WWII (that’s around 1945/46 if you don’t know your history) I’ve learned a few things, and I’ve heard everything, including the following:

  • Shovel the snow off and get the ice out of your gutters by going up on your roof (after you wake up in the hospital in a body cast from trying that one, your roof will most likely still be covered). If you have a lower roof -they do make roof rakes.
  • Use hot water to melt that ice and snow (remember, hot water freezes faster than cold water and gets into cracks further, so if you already have leaks down the walls, boards and gutters pulling way from your house, etc prepare for that to get worse after the hot water freezes back up. Also remember, if there is a sign that you did that, there is a very good chance your insurance company will no longer cover the incident).
  • Get roof warming and gutter warming tape / units / systems professionally installed.  Yep they make those, although can expensive to run.  Click Here for an example.  Although DYI is a requirement for homeowners, the commonsense of when to say “professional install” is also necessary for properly maintaining your home (and sometimes not burning it down).  In other words … realize when you don’t have the required skills to get something accomplished.

Enjoy the article.


I Got My Double-D’s!!!

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment

FirstGet your mind out of the gutter! (or whatever rat infested ditch you just put it in)

Second … I got my Dunkin’ Donuts!!!

I am now experiencing lots of warm fuzzies 🙂

The worst part of the Pittsburgh Winter Storm of 2010 is now over.

A continued crisis has been averted.

No Dunkin’s = Lot’s of stress and is considered a “drop everything you are doing and find a fix” issue at SWB.


PS – My beautiful, forgiving, and quite tolerant wife will be greatly pleased with this announcement.

BTW, Dunkin’ needs to deliver at least during snow storms.

Gotta love family and snow days

February 9, 2010 Leave a comment

<— this should be a familiar sight for everyone by this time – even for the people down south ({{snicker}} … us northerners aren’t the only ones that got shafted this time … HA!!)

Anyways … the real reason for my post today is to present my theory on why we have snow days, leaving us to  babysit the younginz in our family until they have school again.

Here are the ‘normal’ legitimate reasons:

  • There is now power at the school.
  • The snow is so high and temperature so low it isn’t safe for the kids to wait for the bus (even though I had to walk to school is worse crap … which highlight my theory that the schools are producing wimps these days).
  • The teachers can’t make it to the school.
  • We can’t find the buses in the parking lot.
  • There is no heat in the school.

The REAL reasons:

  • Us, the teachers, really hate your bratty kids … you need to spend a few days with your little spawns of Satan to get a reality check. Enjoy your time freezing with them in your electricity free house while enjoying their endless whining.  We’ll be here staying in the school with generator power.
  • The electric company hates you … the electricity isn’t off due to downed wires – teachers paid them enough bribes to turn it off. The perfect combination of insanity instilled in your teachers after spending years with your children and the natural hatred of electric companies towards their customers allows this to happen … the bribes weren’t even necessary, but heck, it buys a few more gifts for the kids at Christmas next year.
  • God has a sense of humor … we’re just not getting it yet. The idea of being cooped up with all or a portion of your own family for days at end with no where to go is just behind the comprehension of most folks and usually considered an inhumane form of torture.

For those keeping up, click here for an update on the storm part 2 from KDKA.


PS – feel free to comment on your own reasons and theories for snow days.