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Night Light

May 9, 2018 Leave a comment

Bad Animal Poetry Division

Night light, night bright,
the gopher’s going to eat my garden tonight.

Standing in the night light,
I see beady eyes bright.

A giggle I hear,
from under my house, through a little square.

Grinding of teeth,
prepping for a bite.

My award winning garden,
is going away tonight.


… remember, we warned you it was bad poetry.

The Continuing Saga Of The Tad-Frog

May 14, 2009 Leave a comment

tadfrogwithlegsCurrent shot of our Tad-Frog with his new legs. I woke up this morning to find out my Tad-Frog finally has front legs. i’m happy for him, but a little disappointed personally, as it was fun owning a freak of nature, and we were kind of hoping he’s obtain us some extra income from the industrial park across the street.

We’re not sure what spawned the change. It could have been nature, and the fact that it is spring (although he’s in a 55 gallon tank and probably doesn’t know the difference). It also could have also been his deep desire to get away from the Killer Goldfish in the tank with him. Maybe he was just a little slower than the other tadpoles. We’ll never really know. We just home the other frogs will accept him.


PS – It would be cool if he kept the tail … it’s pretty big now, along with the fact that would mess with some of the Darwin theories.

Life In A Pond (Where Did My Frogs Go?)

May 5, 2009 Leave a comment

pondpic1Nothing is more peaceful than sitting next to a pond in the spring or summer watching the water ripple to the wind. Nothing is more disturbing than the one inch feeder goldfish you bought for your pond last summer get to five inches, grow teeth, and look at you cat like it’s dinner!

The cat stays on other side of the room now.

Yep, even with teeth growing goldfish and one tad-frog we started the pond up again this year. New goldfish are in the pond (we left the others in the indoor tank due to the fear of putting our hands in it – we think we are justified, as there used to be frogs in there too, along with the tad-frog), a few new tads (soon to be bullfrogs) are in the pond too, and new plants.  We also extended the pond with a small stream.

My back now hurts, and I”m pretty sure the goldfish were laughing when they watched me work.

My wife and I will be looking forward to sitting on the bench next to our little piece of nature, and the new goldfish will look up to use dreaming of when they will be big enough to make the frogs disappear and nibble on our hands. The birds landing and washing in the stream, the butterflies soon fluttering around the flowers surrounding the water, and the gurgle of the flow is quite relaxing, until you look at life in a pond.

What is life in a pond?  Well, since I had two frogs that disappeared in my indoor tank after the goldfish became larger than the frogs, and a cat constantly in fear – I’m convinced it’s just things eating things.  I never see cats or other small animals near the pond, like you do in nature.  My fish don’t swim around like normal fish … they stare at you angrily.  I’m pretty much convinced my little pond is the next setting for a Steven King novel.

I do realize the years behind radiation emitting computer monitors, and living next to an industrial park with possible interesting emissions may be clouding my thinking … but, really … the goldfish grew teeth! All in all, the simple act of sitting next to our little ecological experiment in our front year will bring us joy this year.  There is nothing that compares to seeing your tads turn into frogs, and run for their lives from once little orange fishes. There is nothing that compares to little animals in other yards looking at your little pond in fear wondering if their siblings ended up too close it.  It’s just like having your own little reserve of natural happiness.


PS – We hope this inspires you to put in your own little pond of happiness … or better yet it inspires someone like Steven King to write a twisted horror novel about ponds so we can pick up on some of the royalties.

Event: Zoo Hop to Spring at The Pittsburgh Zoo

April 3, 2009 Leave a comment

rivermistimageThis isn’t a picture from The Pittsburgh Zoo – but it is a cool green scene. Anyway – here is a great event going on there quoted from a comment to another post by Connie George:

Next Saturday is the Zoo Hop to Spring. On April 18, we’re having our first ever Green Marketplace, where visitors can buy “green” items from Pittsburgh organizations and learn about companies that offer services that are kind to the environment.

Click Here for a link to their events page.


PS – None of the cute animals or foliage are for sale during this event 🙂

The cuties at the zoo …

April 2, 2009 1 comment

pghzoolizard… OK, well maybe not this guy 🙂

But the elephants that everyone made a big fuss out of a while ago are growing up quite nicely at The Pittsburgh Zoo. If you forgot, Angelina and Zuri are their names. They seem to be becoming quite fond of their new pad. I was only able to spot one while I was out there last week but for all of you animal fans The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an update for you in a new article with a few cool slide shows included. Click Here for that article.


PS – Support the zoo ….. and guys ….. if you though the “cuties”were going to be pics of young ladies in their summertime garb I’ve already captured your IP address and forwarded it to your wife or girlfriend 😉

Visiting The Zoo – A SWB PSA

March 28, 2009 Leave a comment

zoopicImage from – click on it to go to The Pittsburgh Zoo. After a hard day on Friday hanging out at Crazy Mocha writing blogs for both SWB and the company’s corporate site that I work for, and wine tasting at The Nake Grape… I’m needing some serious downtime. Life’s rough, ya know. Anyway, I’m taking the family to The Pittsburgh Zoo (click on picture top left of the article). Why? Well, to answer that – they haven’t had any new unique animals for a while, so Screaming Weasel feels he needs to make a guest appearance. Actually … it’s because the wife has been bugging me, not the kid, the wife. Of course, I didn’t tell her I really just wanted an excuse to stop at the local pro sound and music store on the way back.

Keep this in mind also … in the hard times we have now (or whatever you want to call them), and although the Pittsburgh economy isn’t getting hit as bad as others, the zoo is getting hit fro lack on donations and volunteers. So, the more you visit, and better it is for them. Oh, BTW … prices go up April 1st for the summer season.

Anyway, see you at the zoo if you are there.


PS – If you see some crazed ferret looking creature clawing at a cage wall for life …. that means they caught me. Could you kindly let me out?