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Review: BD’s Mongolian Grill SouthSide Works

February 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Yes, a chain made it into one of our ‘fine dining’ reviews.  We were invited to the rehearsal run for the opening on Mongo (apologies to the local owner, but the nickname just stuck), so we decided to send our tech and his wife. That’s how we treat some of our contributing folks to local perks, and get some reviews ourselves. We honestly didn’t think we were going to review on this site, as the review was initially destined for the Screaming Weasel blog we acquired. But …

Sometimes you just get surprised.  We aren’t going to sell Mongo as a five star restaurant, or tell you about some celebrity chef that showed for the opening, or anything even close to that.  What we are going to say is it’s unique, and that’s why we reviewed here.  The creators of Mongo, and the local owner that had enough vision to bring it here deserves our attention.  When our tech came back with the photos from lunch and his opinion of the establishment, we reviewed the info and agreed with him that we might want to consider placing the review here.

Read the rest of the article on Sophisticated Pittsburgh!


SouthSide Works Exposed 2010!

July 15, 2010 Leave a comment

We’re using the really old SSW Exposed web banner, because, simply, we’re to lazy to pull down the new one and crop it.

That’s just the way us bloggers are.

Past the useless crap, and on to the good stuff:

It’s Exposed weekend again. Click Here for the info.

Check it out … Carrie is bringing in the artists again, and Pam from SSW has done another excellent job of mixing up the entertainment.

So, if you have nothing better to do this weekend, get down to Exposed and check out the artists and bands. If you have something better to do (daughter’s wedding, kid’s birthday, etc) nix it and get down to Exposed anyway. I’ll be there (my cousin is showing, and I’m working with Pam on some other stuff) – so if I don’t make an appearance, I’ll hear about it from someone. Nobody said being a weasel was easy.

If you are looking for a breaking during the outside gigs, stop in at Tusca on Friday during Happy Hour for half priced drinks and a Happy Hour menu in the bar area.  I’ll be there spinning the background tunes.  Help us out by making friends with “Tusca Tapas” and liking “Tusca Global Tapas” on Facebook.

See Ya At Exposed!!! ….. and buy something besides that cheap $3 Steelers bracelet – artists occasionally like to be able to eat something other than dollar store mac and cheese.


PS – Contrary to popular belief, artists have real jobs.

Review: Lost On Planet China

April 30, 2010 1 comment

Very few times do you see us review a book, but when we find one that just stands out like a proper sarcastic verbal lashing … we have to tell you about it.

While checking out the bargain books at Joseph Beth in SouthSide Works, we came across “Lost On Planet China (*or how he became comfortable eating live squid)“. That’s just one of those titles you can’t pass up.  We’ve never read anything by J. Maarten Troost before, but I can tell you – we will be reading the rest of his books.

If you like a little sarcasm with a life adventure topped of by the mystery of another land …. Lost On Planet China is definitely a find.  It’s a true tale of a typical guy like you trotting through China (his wife wanted to move to Monterey). How can you resist hearing about delicacies like Yak, stories of the Red Guard, and the lovely customer service at hotel check-in desks?

The style is that of either SWB or PittGirl (that’s church) in China … really.

At point blank, you discover through his writing that the China of past history is gone, and a new China has emerged – quite different than you typically hear of – but never having lost it’s quirks.

At last check, there were a few left at about $7 at Jo Beth, so grab ’em while you can. Make sure you have some read time – this isn’t one of those books you can read at a few pages per day.


PS – It’s a true story – which makes the tales of going through China even more amazing and real than ever.

Review: Big Dog Coffee

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

A shot of Dig Dog Coffee … click it to go there.

It took us a while, but we got here.

I always love checking out the privately owned coffee venues in the area.  It’s where you really get a taste of the community (along with the local beans).

We visited around lunch time.  Parking was available, but tight on the street.  Additional spaces available at the SouthSide Works garages very close to the venue. Big Dog is easy to find and very accessible and it’s definitely inviting.

We ordered a typical latte with caramel, nothing fancy.  It was quickly made with great service and it tasted great.  The atmosphere inside was extremely welcoming (it was like walking into your house).  Not load, relaxing music (but not typical local radio) playing, and extremely clean.

The pricing was extremely reasonable – either cheaper or in line with typical pricing at other coffee spots.  We didn’t get to try the food, but as reported by others, it’s great too.

The representation Big Dog gives on it’s website is very accurate (if you like the website, you’ll love the place).  They are also involved in the community – which is a major plus for a local business.

Free wireless – Yes, but they will give you a password at the counter.

We will shortly add this to SWB Recommends, as it’s definitely a go to place to relax and sip some hot java.

Update:  We tried the stuffed pepper soup — excellent!!!!!!


PS – If anyone has had a change to have the food, please leave a review comment.

Review: SouthSide Works Chili Festival (ChiliWorks)

April 12, 2010 1 comment

We made it to ChiliWorks!

… and it was definitely worth it.

I love food, cool art, and the sound of live brass – so booths full of chili, original artists, and a mariachi band made my day (along with seeing allot of friends on a great sunny day).

The event took place on upper 27th street in SouthSide works with the bands close to the courtyard.  The artists we occupying the old Joseph-Beth storefront.  Booths full of chili were just everywhere!

Oh … did I say booths full of chili were just everywhere?!?!?!

We expected the event to be slightly different and have a higher level of “cool” than your standard issue chili festival, and it was.

Here is what we found:

  • Out of all the chili’s in competition, almost all tended to show a higher level of culinary skill put into their creations.  There were maybe one or two that were mediocre – but that may be more because of our personal tastes than anything.
  • The bands were excellent, and the mariachi band definitely set the tone for the event. Heavy kudos to them for pulling out a two hour set. Music levels were loud enough to feel the music, but not drive you to the end of the street – good for everyone. We recommend having the bands again … and keeping whatever techs were hired.
  • Thanks to Carrie Nardini and I Made It! Market … that art was great!  I Made It! never ceases to amaze SWB with the originality and diversity of the artists participating in their events. Watch out Three Rivers … we like ya, but Carrie and I Made It! are coming up with goods and the coolness.
  • The ticketing, tasting, artist areas, etc were all very well planned out and easy to get through even with the very heavy crowd.
  • Overall the event run by the SouthSide Works crew was well thought out, family friendly, and gave every reason to add it to your yearly “attend this” list.

But, most importantly …

Who won the chili contest?

According to a text from Pam at SSW – Tusca Global Tapas and Chef Jeff.

If you want to check out the restaurant, Click Here to go to Tusca Global Tapas in SouthSide Works.

When we tasted Tusca’s chili, we found it to be unique and not standard, but well made enough to rank highly with competition event chili’s … and in the end they showed their skills in that.  SWB didn’t expect any less from Tusca, as the culinary capabilities of those that work there are proven time and time again.


PS – We were impressed enough with the event so we are adding it to SWB Recommends … and we hope to see it back next year.

SSW Chili and Art Festival (ChiliWorks)

April 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Capture from SSW’s ChiliWorks event posting – click it to go there.

Everyone likes a Chili Fest ….. that’s just the way it is. Period.

You get everything there that you could possibly want: Good food that’s probably really bad for you, imported beers, loud entertainment, oh – and did I say good food that’s probably bad for you?

You can’t go wrong by going to a Chili Fest.

Now,  one of the hottest spots in Pittsburgh, SouthSide Works, has popped their own into place with a full compliment of I Made It! Market artists brought in by Carrie Nardini, Live Entertainment and Kid’s Korner brought in by SouthSide Work’s marketing director Pamelyn McMahon, and much more!  It’s a Pittsburgh cool and chic chili fest for the whole family!  The date is April 10th this year (2010).

This is another event by the folks that brought you SouthSide Work Exposed (less me … I opted out of Exposed a few years ago), so it’s bound to be cool.

Quickie List Of Events:

  • Chili Tasting (if you haven’t figured that out)
  • Mariachi Fiesta Band
  • I Made It! Market Artists
  • Kid’s Korner

* Click on the schedule icon above to go to the actual events website.


PS – Even if you aren’t the beer drinking, chili pounding partier that everyone thinks goes to chili festivals – go anyway and support I Made It! Market (these are the artists that make changes and the cool stuff you have in your homes).  If you don’t have any of their cool stuff in your homes … BUY SOME!

Going Back To The Roots

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment

There’s nothing like going back to the roots of something (even if there is construction in the way).  Ours is Crazy Mocha in SouthSide Works sitting with one of their huge peanut butter cookies (it won’t be there long).

Sounds fattening, and strange to be conversing with a cookie, right?  So be it …

… and some things are meant to just be strange.

Yep … sum mor thoughtz for the strangez. (no those aren’t typos … their spelled wrong for absolutely no reason at all, except to maybe tick of my old high school English teach if she’s still alive).

This morning I looked at one of my dogs and asked “Do you understand anything we say, other than ‘treat!’?””

She responded by giving me a “You are way to stupid to even start comprehending what I know” look.

Makes you wonder.

I still think dogs are just waiting for the human race to extinguish itself so they can have the planet.  Maybe those goofballs that say dogs are just external shells for tiny aliens waiting to take over are actually privy to information the rest of us choose to ignore.  Hmmmm ……

Well, anyway, going back to your roots makes you thing of such strange things as above, and the following:

  • If I write something completely insane and completely lacking in any journalistic capability …. why do more people read it?
  • If I at the end of a posting I state “you need professional help if you take any part of this posting seriously” … why do people actually think they need to take the posting seriously and they DON’T need professional help?
  • If I write something that an actual journalist thinks IS decent writing … why do people not read it?
  • If I actually find a way to read my pet’s thoughts … will I find out that they actually hate me and are only sucking up for treats?
  • Did the tadpoles I brought in for the winter going into hiding or actually commit suicide because I put them in my step-daughters room?
  • If I turn a light switch on, is there actual light? … or is it just my well trained imagination making me think I see light?
  • Is life really life, or just life?
  • If the gate stops working at the parking garage, will they get mad at me for driving through it to get out?
  • Was anyone ever annoying enough that they were forced to “walk the plank” off one of the Gateway Clippers?


PS – Strange, just strange.