Getting a tan

Yup, the sun is out.

Yup, the snow is going away.

Yup, I finally remembered to get the food dye and spray bottles so the wife and kid could paint in the snow.  Oops, a little late.

I’m still waiting for the sun bathers to show up on local lawns … I mean us Pittsburghers should be well enough acclimated to the cold that we can catch a few rays during the winter.  I know hypothermia is a slight issue, but that’s till gotta be better than skin cancer from the bed bulbs.

Think about it … if we can jump in the rivers at the climax of winter for the Polar Plunge, I think out natives are though enough to take some shivers to get golden naturally in the winter time.  The new swim suit lines are already out in the stores – if you’re going to buy this early you might as well wear them early before everyone else gets seen in your pattern.


PS – We’re not serious, we just like seeing people turn blue.

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