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Going Back To The Roots

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment

There’s nothing like going back to the roots of something (even if there is construction in the way).  Ours is Crazy Mocha in SouthSide Works sitting with one of their huge peanut butter cookies (it won’t be there long).

Sounds fattening, and strange to be conversing with a cookie, right?  So be it …

… and some things are meant to just be strange.

Yep … sum mor thoughtz for the strangez. (no those aren’t typos … their spelled wrong for absolutely no reason at all, except to maybe tick of my old high school English teach if she’s still alive).

This morning I looked at one of my dogs and asked “Do you understand anything we say, other than ‘treat!’?””

She responded by giving me a “You are way to stupid to even start comprehending what I know” look.

Makes you wonder.

I still think dogs are just waiting for the human race to extinguish itself so they can have the planet.  Maybe those goofballs that say dogs are just external shells for tiny aliens waiting to take over are actually privy to information the rest of us choose to ignore.  Hmmmm ……

Well, anyway, going back to your roots makes you thing of such strange things as above, and the following:

  • If I write something completely insane and completely lacking in any journalistic capability …. why do more people read it?
  • If I at the end of a posting I state “you need professional help if you take any part of this posting seriously” … why do people actually think they need to take the posting seriously and they DON’T need professional help?
  • If I write something that an actual journalist thinks IS decent writing … why do people not read it?
  • If I actually find a way to read my pet’s thoughts … will I find out that they actually hate me and are only sucking up for treats?
  • Did the tadpoles I brought in for the winter going into hiding or actually commit suicide because I put them in my step-daughters room?
  • If I turn a light switch on, is there actual light? … or is it just my well trained imagination making me think I see light?
  • Is life really life, or just life?
  • If the gate stops working at the parking garage, will they get mad at me for driving through it to get out?
  • Was anyone ever annoying enough that they were forced to “walk the plank” off one of the Gateway Clippers?


PS – Strange, just strange.


Winking In The Wind

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment

… the title of the 2010 sequel to “Gone With The Wind”.

Alright, no, not really … but maybe if we had a “sit down” with a few of the big 3 network execs.

So what is “Winking In The Wind”?

We just made it up, so at this point it’s basically total babble.

Then again, it could be exactly what a bird does just before it plows itself into your high rise office building window.


What your dog does constantly when you are driving your car over 60 as it’s hanging it’s head out the window (that’s besides drooling all over the side of your car)


What your husband says he did while glancing at the hot babe walking down the street … and probably what he did right after you smacked him for looking.


What the nice happy driver that just passed you did to show how friendly he was.


What the politician did to the intern.


Wait … I don’t think we can print that here.


What your newborn did right after you removed it’s diaper.


PS – Just more senseless thoughts for the strange that will hopefully invade and corrupt the stable minds of the world.

Review: My Tale Of Two Cities

March 23, 2010 Leave a comment

First off, I’m disappointed that I didn’t make the opening because I didn’t get to meet some of the cast, the director, and some of the folks from Mr. Roger’s. {{groan}} … don’t ya just hate being responsible enough to have other obligations? … that’s probably one of those Pittsburgher traits that keeps us from moving on.

Well, not really … but it’s one that does make people want to build a family here.  It’s a place you can make a decision that shows the importance of your family to you and still keep your job.

Let’s get to the movie: If you were looking for the whiny movie about a man that moved away and made it big in someplace like Broadway, and just realized he missed out on raising his children well in a more family oriented town like Pittsburgh because his oldest child just went through rehab for the fifth time for drug addiction … your in the wrong place – it’s not a reality show or movie.

What it is … reality. Real reality, no fakes, no acting, *REAL*.

The movie is more of a constant interview than a documentary. We are making that statement as a compliment. Whether you live here, or whether you are thinking about moving here, it makes you think. Considering that thinking is the biggest and most important prerequisite to change, this movie could well be the missing key to starting a true growth and city wide thinking renovation revolution that Pittsburgh honestly and truly needs.

The movie was created and filmed by the typical nerdy type guy most would have gladly beat up (I know … I was one too.  I grew up in Brentwood where there were two cliques for guys – the ones that could play football, and everyone else).

You may want to consider thanking this “nerdy kid” from the past for almost losing everything to make this movie, as it may be the calling card that finally kicks this city into saving itself.  Pittsburgh will not be saved by new construction, cool apartments, or attracting new business – we’ve tried that before.  The only thing that will save it is new thinking.  Carl Kurlander filmed a way to new thinking for the city.

Click Here to check out info on the movie and show times (it’s only in Pittsburgh at SouthSide Works until the 25th of March, so run if you want to see it on the big screen … and I suggest seeing it if you want to acquire some ambition to change your city).

This is one of those projects, if you knew was going on, you would have wanted to volunteer time to help complete it.


PS – I truly was the nerdy kid in school … the only difference between me and Carl was that I listened to my parents and went into Information Technology instead of going with what I loved (recording, live sound, photography, and filming).  I still smack my Father upside the head once in a while for guiding me into that decision.

BTW – we STRONGLY (yes, we’re rudely screaming this) suggest further supporting the project by buying the movie DVD … Click Here to do that.

More Blah Blah Blah … but mildly sunny

March 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Did you ever wonder what a politician is … I mean, besides the description we probably can’t print even in our blog. Well, if you click on the word, it’ll give you the wiki definition.

Basically, it’s someone that is influential in the decisions of the public. You can usually spot them by the pockets full of gift cards for bribe making (using money is illegal now, so they’re being creative … most likely you’ll get a Bed Bath and Beyond card if you having a decision that needs influencing).

Now, I’m not sure how people went from being true politicians (people that actually influence public decision making without bribes or bribing), but I assume it’s because of food.


Well, how can you say “no” to someone who sticks a fat juicy steak in front of you with all of the fixings (maybe a Morning Star version for those non-meat eaters)?

I can imaging the conversation:

(before dinner)

“Well, I want to get a ‘yes’ decision on hanging offenders for stealing baked goods.”

Poltician – “We can’t possibly do that, it’s just immoral and unethical, not to mention insane!”

(after dinner – premium steak, fresh baked goods, the best wines)

“Just to make sure, can we possibly get you to reconsider allowing us to hang offenders that steal baked goods?”

Politician – “Sure … but we need make sure they are dropped from high enough that their neck breaks instantly so it’s humane.”

See … that’s where politician’s first dropped from grace and ended up in the bribe infested world they are now in … all because of food.


PS – I guess everyone falls short somewhere.

Farm To Table Event (Eat Local!)

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is an event that deserves BIG Kudos!

The Farm To Table annual convention (click here to check it out) is starring at the David Lawrence Convention Center next weekend (March 26 to 27th, 2010). The convention is run by The Pathways To Wellness Program (click here to go there) and promotes the buying and using of local foods.  Check out the site, because there is a link where you can subscribe for deliver of local foods, alleviating you from the tedious hunt for it, and giving you the perks of getting it.

So SWB is giving them a big Kudos for supporting local growers and upping awareness via the convention.  Keep it up … more local food farming = better food and health.

PCFA and Pathways to SmartCare are now in SWB Recommends!


The New University

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, it’s happening, you can Click Here to read aibout it in The City Paper Article “What’s Up Chuck?” by Chris Young.

What’s going on?

Well, the business side of colleges and universities are basically taking over with a typical Pittsburgh corporate business model … aka “make all of the decisions we want without any input from those actually in the business”.

In other words, the university and college staffers are starting to experience what the rest of us in the Pittsburgh business climate have experienced all of our lives … stress caused by the people that know little but make the decisions ignoring the people that are in the “trenches” and know almost everything.

Now, maybe some places in universities need a little cleanup, for example in accounting methods, etc … but any massive and instantaneous change (no matter how much for the good) can potentially screw things up bad and beyond repair.

It seems like Chuck Daugherty possibly has been taking Duquesne University in this direction since he kicked law-school Dean Don Guter to the curb.  The City Paper article documents the issue and complaints very well (which includes anything from the sale of WDUQ-FM to the cutting of four men’s sports teams), so check it out.

We might as well give a “Clueless Trophy” to Chuck at Duquesne and see how far he can go with it.  I have a feeling we’ll be highlighting him again.


PS – it was bound to happen … the dumbing down of our prized learning institutions to the corporate operational level found in the cities companies.

We Broke 20,000

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

… bottles? no, too dangerous – glass shards suck.

… kneecaps? no – not in the biz anymore.

… car axels? no – we own a Honda, not an issue.

… site hits? yup – and we’re pretty sure the same count in typos.

We figured we’d give ourselves the “pat on the back”, since nobody else will {sob}.


PS – Keep readin’ so’s we can keep dicing the English language 😉

BTW … we ARE giving ourselves a Kudos Award for doing this ….