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Bike Riders, Clueless Parents, and Common Sense

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

A mom on a bike (kiddie cart in tow) pushes past cars on an extremely tight street forcing school buses to almost hit students. (sounds like a good headline for a newspaper article)

So Stupid, It Could Actually Happy.


It *did* happen.

I’m one of those bike riders that actually practices safety and does his best to follow the laws I’m required to when riding on the road – so when a dolt shows up that ignores all of that and then adds the ignorances of his/her children’s safety, that JUST irritates me.


Because it makes other people on the roads (including pedestrians) hate bike riders.

Well, when taking my step child to school this morning, clueless mommy on a bike came down the street next to Edgeworth Elementary (against the flow of traffic) that is already too tight for the cars and school buses trying to negotiate it.  She chose to push through forcing the cars in front of the school buses, and the school buses almost on top of the opposite sidewalk.

NOT SMART MOM, cause here’s what you did:

1. you put all of the students on the buses in danger

2. you put the students on the walkways in danger

3. you endagered your own children (something that most parents will agree to be unforgiveable)

4. you taught your children and others a total lack of common sense is the way to go in life.

Going going clueless mom ….. this award is for you:


PS – this is the proof that our educational system needs a serious overhaul