• First … if you aren’t a good enough reader to figure this one out – in no way is anyone with SWB a professional writer.  We realize our spelling is a truly bad example for school children, and our grammar is disgraceful.  Having that said, we don’t need to hear about typo’s etc.
  • Second … we do our best to give credit where credit is due. That goes for good things as well as bad things (we’ll tear the Mayor “a new one” for a senseless screw up, but defend him when he has done well).
  • Third … we do try as much as possible to not make things up for the purpose of falsifying information for anything but humor (and we do our best to indicate that clearly).  If anything is found to be incorrect with an article, please appropriately comment on it.
  • Fourth … the only purposes we have to screen our incoming comments is for spam, slander, and harrassive comments.
  • Fifth … we are generally and adult level blog, but do have enough sense to try to keep things written in a way you won’t have spend the night explaining to your kids when they can’t talk about something in our blog.
  • Sixth … we have opinions, you have opinions – we don’t always agree, but that is what makes America great.  If our opinions are proven incorrect, we will note that, but if you think we are going to change our opinion just because it’s not yours, think again.  This is isn’t China.  You are free to move there if you feel that strongly against our opinions.
  • Seventh … this blog was mainly created to be a fun read, to start conversation, or even just to blow off steam.
  • Eighth … we receive no advertising $$$, so when we review something, that really is our opinion of it.
  • Nineth … WE ARE NOT professionally trained journalists …… again, WE ARE NOT professionally trained journalists, so anything we write may actually be complete garbage. Please, have the common sense to not treat our blog as actual news (unless there is a link to actual news reported by legitimate journalists). Wait …. are there any legitimate journalists left?

…. More to come as we think of them.


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