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Memories Unbroken

May 11, 2018 Leave a comment

“Beehive SouthSide” (c)Lawrence A Capozzolo

Clear in my mind,
words spoken enter the light.

Smells of fresh flakes of coffee,
grab the sounds romping in my mind,

The colors around,
from life being poured by the pound.

Many a state of mind,
created in the midst.

Memories that bind,
enduringly enrapt in my mind.


Art All Night 2018

April 25, 2018 Leave a comment

artallnight2018logoYep .. it’s back. It’s moved slightly over across the river, but it’s back …. and it needs volunteers.

Art All Night is something SWB has always supported when it can (although this year I can’t … my apologies ahead of time). If you want a perfect example of nondiscrimination under any guise, Art All Night is it. All art, all music, all styles are welcome – regardless of where it came from. It’s an awesome place to agree to disagree about the art, and still go out for pizza and beer afterwards (oh … wait, that’s during – I guess maybe wine afterwards, then?)

The point is this is a non-censored show (yes, all kids are welcome … but parents do have to be aware and have common sense [control what your kids see, but please don’t teach them discrimination while doing it]).

If you really want to see the available creative talent in Pittsburgh – this is the place to go. Currently the dates are April 28th/29th. Volunteers are always needed, to please Click Here to get to their website if you want to do so, or just want to get info on the event.

Although I’ll miss the Lawrenceville aspect of Art All Night …… SouthSide could use its presence – so please continue to support it outside of L’Ville.

Support Local by supporting your fellow artists.


Review: Big Dog Coffee

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

A shot of Dig Dog Coffee … click it to go there.

It took us a while, but we got here.

I always love checking out the privately owned coffee venues in the area.  It’s where you really get a taste of the community (along with the local beans).

We visited around lunch time.  Parking was available, but tight on the street.  Additional spaces available at the SouthSide Works garages very close to the venue. Big Dog is easy to find and very accessible and it’s definitely inviting.

We ordered a typical latte with caramel, nothing fancy.  It was quickly made with great service and it tasted great.  The atmosphere inside was extremely welcoming (it was like walking into your house).  Not load, relaxing music (but not typical local radio) playing, and extremely clean.

The pricing was extremely reasonable – either cheaper or in line with typical pricing at other coffee spots.  We didn’t get to try the food, but as reported by others, it’s great too.

The representation Big Dog gives on it’s website is very accurate (if you like the website, you’ll love the place).  They are also involved in the community – which is a major plus for a local business.

Free wireless – Yes, but they will give you a password at the counter.

We will shortly add this to SWB Recommends, as it’s definitely a go to place to relax and sip some hot java.

Update:  We tried the stuffed pepper soup — excellent!!!!!!


PS – If anyone has had a change to have the food, please leave a review comment.

True Love Has No Job

April 15, 2010 Leave a comment

… my wife and I noticed that saying when we were walking through SouthSide’s Riverfront Park on a nice sunny weekend.

Like a true husband (and yes, unemployed), I produced a big smile on my face looking over at my wife giving a look that said “see … I am true love because I have no job …”

That look wasn’t received as well as I thought it would be … actually the only thing I got out of it was her reply of “don’t even get any ideas”.  Not sure what that was pointed at, since I’m already unemployed.

BTW – that was painted on a trash can … which makes you think about it’s validity. One thing about it that I’ll agree with is that it applies to many today – especially with those supporting someone in the family that was the bread winner then got dumped when their company went under, etc.


PS – then again … it could have been painted on that garbage can in frustration by a guy that was dumped by his wife. It was kind of sloppy graffiti.

Review: SouthSide Works Chili Festival (ChiliWorks)

April 12, 2010 1 comment

We made it to ChiliWorks!

… and it was definitely worth it.

I love food, cool art, and the sound of live brass – so booths full of chili, original artists, and a mariachi band made my day (along with seeing allot of friends on a great sunny day).

The event took place on upper 27th street in SouthSide works with the bands close to the courtyard.  The artists we occupying the old Joseph-Beth storefront.  Booths full of chili were just everywhere!

Oh … did I say booths full of chili were just everywhere?!?!?!

We expected the event to be slightly different and have a higher level of “cool” than your standard issue chili festival, and it was.

Here is what we found:

  • Out of all the chili’s in competition, almost all tended to show a higher level of culinary skill put into their creations.  There were maybe one or two that were mediocre – but that may be more because of our personal tastes than anything.
  • The bands were excellent, and the mariachi band definitely set the tone for the event. Heavy kudos to them for pulling out a two hour set. Music levels were loud enough to feel the music, but not drive you to the end of the street – good for everyone. We recommend having the bands again … and keeping whatever techs were hired.
  • Thanks to Carrie Nardini and I Made It! Market … that art was great!  I Made It! never ceases to amaze SWB with the originality and diversity of the artists participating in their events. Watch out Three Rivers … we like ya, but Carrie and I Made It! are coming up with goods and the coolness.
  • The ticketing, tasting, artist areas, etc were all very well planned out and easy to get through even with the very heavy crowd.
  • Overall the event run by the SouthSide Works crew was well thought out, family friendly, and gave every reason to add it to your yearly “attend this” list.

But, most importantly …

Who won the chili contest?

According to a text from Pam at SSW – Tusca Global Tapas and Chef Jeff.

If you want to check out the restaurant, Click Here to go to Tusca Global Tapas in SouthSide Works.

When we tasted Tusca’s chili, we found it to be unique and not standard, but well made enough to rank highly with competition event chili’s … and in the end they showed their skills in that.  SWB didn’t expect any less from Tusca, as the culinary capabilities of those that work there are proven time and time again.


PS – We were impressed enough with the event so we are adding it to SWB Recommends … and we hope to see it back next year.

SSW Chili and Art Festival (ChiliWorks)

April 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Capture from SSW’s ChiliWorks event posting – click it to go there.

Everyone likes a Chili Fest ….. that’s just the way it is. Period.

You get everything there that you could possibly want: Good food that’s probably really bad for you, imported beers, loud entertainment, oh – and did I say good food that’s probably bad for you?

You can’t go wrong by going to a Chili Fest.

Now,  one of the hottest spots in Pittsburgh, SouthSide Works, has popped their own into place with a full compliment of I Made It! Market artists brought in by Carrie Nardini, Live Entertainment and Kid’s Korner brought in by SouthSide Work’s marketing director Pamelyn McMahon, and much more!  It’s a Pittsburgh cool and chic chili fest for the whole family!  The date is April 10th this year (2010).

This is another event by the folks that brought you SouthSide Work Exposed (less me … I opted out of Exposed a few years ago), so it’s bound to be cool.

Quickie List Of Events:

  • Chili Tasting (if you haven’t figured that out)
  • Mariachi Fiesta Band
  • I Made It! Market Artists
  • Kid’s Korner

* Click on the schedule icon above to go to the actual events website.


PS – Even if you aren’t the beer drinking, chili pounding partier that everyone thinks goes to chili festivals – go anyway and support I Made It! Market (these are the artists that make changes and the cool stuff you have in your homes).  If you don’t have any of their cool stuff in your homes … BUY SOME!

My Limoncello project, G-20, and the Pittsburgh Pirates

September 24, 2009 1 comment

cloudscene1Well, some good news today:

With a slight bit of issue, my Limoncello project worked out well. Unfortunately I used too much water for the simple syrup, so it freezes … but you learn for the next time.

What does this have to do with the G-20?

Absolutely nothing, except I wanted to see if the combination would get me a few international hits … or maybe a few of the visiting leaders that like Limoncello will find my blog and contract me to make it for them.

Anyway, back to some type of blog posting …

Why the cloud pic?

Two reasons:

  1. If are dumb enough to quickly drink Limoncello, that’s pretty much where your head ends up for a few hours.
  2. If people think the G-20 is going to yield any immediate results, that’s where their heads are too.

Am I against the G-20? No – but I am worried about how our city will be perceived by the important visitors coming to it. Will they see the city as a “war zone” due to all of the barricades, or will they start throwing treats to the residents on the other side of the fence, because the eight foot fencing makes the whole city look like the Pittsburgh Zoo?

My biggest peeve about the G-20?

The protesters, the boarded up buildings, the loss of business to the city during a time of recovery? …. Nope, none of those.

It is … the Pittsburgh Pirates … yup, the Pirates. Why?

Well, when your team basically sucks beyond belief … you don’t take up thousands of desperately needed parking spaces during a major international event for people that REALLY need them. They could have graciously just forfeited the game (because it wouldn’t have hurt their rating anyway – and they have already achieved the embarrassing milestone of the most losing seasons in professional sports history).

This could have easily helped the parking problem, and more importantly freed up necessary space for protesters, maybe easing tensions and avoiding possible issues. Oh, well … as with most decisions concerning the Pittsburgh Pirates – it was a bad one.


PS – I noticed so many useless rants about the G-20 that I felt left out and obligated to make up one of my own. Enjoy.

Home Buying In Pittsburgh – A Real Good Time

March 27, 2009 Leave a comment

sshomestepsIf you are at all thinking about buying a house how, especially in or near Pittsburgh, you need to check out this article by Sam Spatter of the Tribune-Review. It’s amazing the amount of deals real estate companies and sellers are cutting to get houses sold. Being offered is everything from free appliances to buying your house if you don’t sell it in ninety days. So, if you ever wanted to live in a cool area like The SouthSide or The Strip District, or maybe just want to move to a better school district – now is the time to look.

This is big FYI article, so read!


PS – Even SWB is thinking about upgrading from his small Adidas labeled cozy weasel home to a much better Westinghouse appliance box.

Call For Artists – SouthSide Works Exposed

March 23, 2009 Leave a comment

cropped-exposedmainbanner_000SSW Exposed Banner – Click it to go to their site

It’s that time of the year to apply for SouthSide Works Exposed – the growing art and music festival at SouthSide Works in Pittsburgh. This year Carrie Nardini is running the show, and the experience she has should bring some new dimensions to the markplace at SSW Exposed.

Please check out the site, and apply if you are an artist.


SWB Anniversary Coming Up

March 20, 2009 Leave a comment

ssw2004We are getting close to the 3 year anniversary of SWB.  It would be nice to plan a little something to celebrate the occasion, so please comment to this post if you are near the SouthSide area and are a reader.

This post is being written in the place where SWB started in mid-April 2006 … Crazy Mocha at SouthSide Works.  It was my first time blogging, and judging by the people that surrounded me at the time – the first time blogging for many.  At that time too, the blog was done on iWeb via .mac on my laptop and  grew to a point where it was read in about 14 countries, with enough hits per month that I started getting phone calls from Apple.

Things have changes.  We’ve moved the blog to WordPress and the blog is now mostly written on an EEE PC via the web.  The format has changed, the topics have changed, etc.  The one thing that hasn’t changed is that, sitting again in Crazy Mocha, I’m still surrounded by first time bloggers, and people that truly believe that they are writing the next book to get on the New York Times best seller list.

Well, post here if you are interested in celebrating with SWB mid-April for our 3 year anniversary (time and date tobe announced if there is enough interest).  We’ll try to get something going (I’d like to do something like a limited number or free expresso shots or house coffees at Crazy Mocha SouthSide, if I can afford it – or can find a sponsor.  I’m tossing up the idea also of doing something at Exposed 2009 also, but I haven’t discussed it with anyone yet.


PS – We hope to see you at whatever we end up doing …. if you can’t make it, rant for us on your own blog 🙂

BTW, the picture above is from 2004 when you could get a clear shot of the SouthSide Works Cinema because the building that houses Sur La Table, REI, etc were not built yet.  That was the view from my apartment at the time.

Rumors about Steelers adding investors true

March 19, 2009 Leave a comment

According to this article at the Tribune-Review by Scott Brown the Steelers have three possible new investors lined up to buy into the team. This all has to be approved and completed by March 31st, which is the dealine for restructuring ownership. Although the names are not being released, they are being said to be ones that would be easily recognized.

Considering the Steelers are loved greatly by Pittsburghers and beyond – this would be interesting reading to all … and maybe more money going into our already great football team.

Update: Additional article from the PG


PS – Go Steelers!!!

It’s Spring (in Pittsburgh) … I think, maybe

March 19, 2009 1 comment

mothersday051108A few days ago it was nice, sunny, and happy. The buds on my fig tree have opened bringing it out of dormancy ….. so it needs to go outside now. The dogs are staring out the window waiting to dig up all of the spring flowers. It’s going down to 29 tonight. Huh?

Well, there are signs of spring … I’ve seen them:

  • The emerging craters known as potholes.
  • The Pittsburgh Police officers almost getting knocked off their bikes by the Downtown drivers.
  • The homeless residents appearing in various corners of The SouthSide and the river shores.
  • The spring beer pong competitions and dollar draft specials.
  • The entertainment promoters advertising they are trying to get Metallica to do one last Pittsburgh concert.
  • The Pittsburgh Penquins are actually winning.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers are starting to come out of hibernation.
  • There is still no sign of The Pittsburgh Pirates doing anything useful.
  • The lines of students at the airport flying home to their parents (or somewhere they haven’t told their parents they are going).
  • The motorcyclists going through road barriers and flying over ledges on tight turns.
  • Predictions of spring storms strong enough to blow the rest of your shingles off your roof are coming from the weather channel.
  • New fake Steelers garb shows up in The Strip District along with the roadside cell phone dealers.
  • You smell the Mancini’s bread stand from five blocks away and realize you can’t even get near it once you get to the store.
  • Sounds of accordions playing everywhere!!
  • Rain soaked club advertisement cards all over the sidewalks.
  • Your winter tires are bald.
  • Your prized spring flowers that just bloomed are now in your dogs mouth.

Yep – although it’s not in full bloom yet, it’s definitely the beginning of spring in Pittsburgh.


PS – For the clueless, Beer Pong is not a game where you volley a can of beer between two racquets.

East Carson Street getting fat … finally!

March 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Not that I’m happy about the fact that it’s probably going to take two hours to get from Crazy Mocha in the SouthSide Works to Joseph-Beth in the same center – at least PennDOT is *finally* starting to take care of a traffic bottle-neck.

Here is the reference article in the PG


PS – watch out for the coffee snatchers …. they’ll be closer to the stores soon.

Event: SouthSide Works Exposed 2009

February 19, 2009 Leave a comment


Well, it’s that time of year again to start getting ready for SouthSide Works Exposed – but I’m not actually the one coordinating the artist’s market this year. Later in 2008 I requested that Pamelyn McMahon consider and approve Carrie Nardini of I Made It! Market, whom I think is extremely capable of creating a new and exciting environment for the artists and buyers this year. I believe her experience with something as unique as I Made It! will of great benefit to the event.

You will probably see me helping at SSW Exposed this year, but under Carrie’s direction, and you will see me occasionally helping with the WordPress site this year which is actually linked to I very much enjoyed being the first to set a baseline for the artist’s market portion of Exposed and thank those that gave me that great opportunity – but it’s time for change (not to mention I have a wife and eight year old step-daughter now), and I think Carrie is the best to carry on the market portion of the event. Please support her efforts.

Carrie will keep you updated via this years site, but please also visit for additional information on the event and the venue itself ….. oh yeah, and sales 🙂


Streets Not Salted In Pittsburgh

January 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Quoted from a Pittsburgh Post Gazette article(Please read the whole article):

“I drove around this morning,” said City Councilman Bruce Kraus. “The main roads, like 18th Street, Carson Street and Sidney Street, were not too bad. The secondary streets looked like they had not been touched. . . . We’ve got problems.”

SWB’s Answer:

I’ve hung out in the SouthSide for quite a few years and lived there right off of Carson for three years ….. Bruce … got news for ya … this is the way it’s ALWAYS been.  I’m just figuring you got a new pair of specs and can see the ice now.