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It’s Monday, and there’s no mourning.

September 17, 2012 1 comment

They won …. which makes for a happy Monday.  Pic by Matt Freed/Post-Gazette.

Click Here for the PG Article.

The Steelers are off to a good start, which makes SWB happy.  When they lose, we have to suffer through the Monday morning mourning. You know, after a Steeler’s loss the traffic is slower, the coffee shop patrons take longer to pay for their drinks, road-rage is times ten, etc.

Everything changes when the Steelers win in Pittsburgh.

Now, if the the Steelers could rub off on the Pirates just a tad more.

Anyway … thanks Steelers … your win means less headaches for this weasel one this beautiful Monday mourning-less morning.


Changes To SWB

January 24, 2011 2 comments

Our New Owners

Yup, we being taken over.

This is for the good.  After being inactive for a while, another site has inquired about taking over Screaming Weasel.  There will be changes, it will retain some of  the sarcasm, but will lose some of the “rantiness”  and negativity that it had when it started around 2005-2006 and rant blogs were the fad – although we will gripe a little through it,  and SWB will be the occasional guest writer.

We think you’ll like it … and what it will present about Pittsburgh.

If you want to check out our new owners, Click Here

Here is their future WordPress Blog (Click Here)

Please welcome Karyon Nightly (sophisticatedpgh) as  the new main writer.


The Day After and the Road To Super Bowl 45

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Yinzers getting ready the morning after AFC championship

Yep, we won again.  Being the courteous people that Pittsburghers are, we gave them a link of Parma Sausage and a cheese sampler from Penn Mac as a consolation prize.  We believe them a worth opponent, but not good enough to get that cool metal trophy we’ll put on out shelves.

We’re on the way to Super Bowl 45, Ben could bring in the Steeler’s 7th ring in his 7th season, by number 7.  Think of the lottery possibilities here folks.  This is an important win for the city – it will bring even more international recognition of our city, the sport of American football, and people.  The more people come to our city, the more jobs come with them.  Considering that, even if you aren’t a sports fan, you might want to start rooting for The Steelers to get ring 7.


SWB Off Hiatus, PittGirl is Back, and all is well in the city ..

June 25, 2009 1 comment

pghprogess052108We’re back from an unintended hiatus, which included jobs loss, combating flooding from the last potential downpour, and keeping the newest tad-frog alive.

Hopefully that won’t happen again …. the flooding, at least.

Well, if you haven’t heard, The Burgh Blog in some way has been revived via Pittsburgh MagazinePittGirl is back. It’s nice to see an established publication like Pittsburgh Magazine acknowledge where the city’s readership is at, along with adding an educational writer to the mix.  Now, if they can just become desperate enough to notice me ……

Anyway, congrats to PittGirl, glad to see you in a new home.

This brings us back to all being well in the city.  The Steelers have the Super Bowl, the Pens brought the cup back home, and the Pirates ….. ok, well let’s skip the negative.

Even with the economy the way it has been, Pittsburgh is already starting it’s recovery without hitting rock bottom like so many other cities.  We can still see a light at the end of the tunnel – although everyone still slows to a crawl before entering (some things are just the way they are even during a bad economy).


PS – River rats never leave … we just hunker down a bit.

It’s the first day of Spring (training)

April 20, 2009 Leave a comment

swbbreaking1… and a few Steeler vets forgot to show up. Isn’t that kind of like a teacher not showing up for the first day of school after summer break?

Hopefully this isn’t a sign of the Steeler’s discipline breaking apart of the showing up of big heads that they don’t need to show up. I remember where that attitude got the Steelers previously. Anyway, it’s probably not that … super star sports figures *never* get big heads.

Supposedly a few flights got canceled, Willie Parker’s dog ate his plane ticket, Troy’s hair got stuck in the Taxi door, etc. 🙂 Honestly we don’t know if Willie has dog or not … but it sounded good, and we just couldn’t resist picking on Troy because he’s an all-around good guy.

For those Steelers fans … Click Here for the latest article by Ed Bouchette of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


PS – Good luck this year from SWB … and if yinz have an overabundance of tickets you know where to send ’em.

John Stallworth approved to buy into the Steelers

March 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Two time Steelers MVP John Stallworth has been approved to buy into the team that made him famous (or that he helped make famous, which ever way you look at it). SWB was wondering who the “nationally known” person was going to be that would be one of the possible three additional investors into the team – and Mr. Stallworth would definitely be a welcomed addition to the owners list of the six time Superbowl Champs, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Click Here to check out the article by Ed Bouchette and Sadie Gurman of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


PS – He’s been as successful in business as he was in football. I’d pick him.

Rumors about Steelers adding investors true

March 19, 2009 Leave a comment

According to this article at the Tribune-Review by Scott Brown the Steelers have three possible new investors lined up to buy into the team. This all has to be approved and completed by March 31st, which is the dealine for restructuring ownership. Although the names are not being released, they are being said to be ones that would be easily recognized.

Considering the Steelers are loved greatly by Pittsburghers and beyond – this would be interesting reading to all … and maybe more money going into our already great football team.

Update: Additional article from the PG


PS – Go Steelers!!!

It’s Spring (in Pittsburgh) … I think, maybe

March 19, 2009 1 comment

mothersday051108A few days ago it was nice, sunny, and happy. The buds on my fig tree have opened bringing it out of dormancy ….. so it needs to go outside now. The dogs are staring out the window waiting to dig up all of the spring flowers. It’s going down to 29 tonight. Huh?

Well, there are signs of spring … I’ve seen them:

  • The emerging craters known as potholes.
  • The Pittsburgh Police officers almost getting knocked off their bikes by the Downtown drivers.
  • The homeless residents appearing in various corners of The SouthSide and the river shores.
  • The spring beer pong competitions and dollar draft specials.
  • The entertainment promoters advertising they are trying to get Metallica to do one last Pittsburgh concert.
  • The Pittsburgh Penquins are actually winning.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers are starting to come out of hibernation.
  • There is still no sign of The Pittsburgh Pirates doing anything useful.
  • The lines of students at the airport flying home to their parents (or somewhere they haven’t told their parents they are going).
  • The motorcyclists going through road barriers and flying over ledges on tight turns.
  • Predictions of spring storms strong enough to blow the rest of your shingles off your roof are coming from the weather channel.
  • New fake Steelers garb shows up in The Strip District along with the roadside cell phone dealers.
  • You smell the Mancini’s bread stand from five blocks away and realize you can’t even get near it once you get to the store.
  • Sounds of accordions playing everywhere!!
  • Rain soaked club advertisement cards all over the sidewalks.
  • Your winter tires are bald.
  • Your prized spring flowers that just bloomed are now in your dogs mouth.

Yep – although it’s not in full bloom yet, it’s definitely the beginning of spring in Pittsburgh.


PS – For the clueless, Beer Pong is not a game where you volley a can of beer between two racquets.

My Dog The Steelers Fan

February 2, 2009 1 comment



No, Really …. It’s sad.

After working at the church I attend (I do some technical work there), I went home to feed the dogs and take them for a walk. My family was going to go back to the one auditorium our church has to watch the game (they have two ten foot screens). We relaxed a bit before going back. Once we were ready I ran up to our bedroom to change from one of my typical work shirts into a Steelers appropriate garment. When I went back down the stairs, my first dog paid no real attention to me (other than to make sure I didn’t have a treat in my hand), but my other dog (the boxer mix) upon seeing my Steelers shirt, raised all hair and started howling at me.

So I figure one of two things:

1. She’s a Cardinals fan – even though she gets her food, water, and shelter in Steeler’s Country.

2. Or, since she was originally a shelter dog, she was abused by a Steeler’s fan.

Now, I know how kind and caring Steeler’s fans are to animals (The Cardinals), so I have a bad feeling it’s actually number 1. **Groan** Maybe she’ll change over time.


Pittsburgh Light Up Night 2008 and Jeff Reed

November 22, 2008 2 comments


Made light up night … although since there was parking the kid missed out on the Smithfield Street bridge thing ….. but the blowhardedness of the CEOs speaking at Light Up Night more than made up for it.

It was actually a nice scene. This year they had the sense to use a big screen so the kiddies could see the action even from far back without the parents having to hold them on their shoulders while getting kicked in the face. Unfortunately they forgot a sound system that you could actually hear (which is about the only thing that made the CEO speeches tolerable).

Note to Duquesne Light: Don’t let the new guy in the mailroom run the soundboard during a major event that your company is sponsoring …. it makes you look like idiots. Oh, wait, sorry folks – I forgot we were talking about Duquesne Light, looking like idiots just can’t be helped. No loss here, I guess.

There were some cool things:

  • For the kiddies (tons of flashing lights to play with in the car on the ride home causing parents to wreck because the stupid wands are so **** bright you can’t see out the back window)
  • Santa singing like Bing Crosby (or trying to) …. pictured above. Never give a fat guy in a red suite a microphone, unless it’s fake.
  • Lots of holiday dance performances – all family oriented which didn’t make SW happy at all.

And for the adults:

  • The seduction of Steeler Jeff Reed (pictured below):


(even if I tried I couldn’t setup a goofier scene than this)

And of course, the memories created during the night:

  • Frozen tears due to frozen feet on the kiddies (thanks from the parents for scheduling the night later)
  • Showing your kid (that could care less) around the Block House and museum.
  • Explaining that Santa will get there in due ******* time.
  • Watching other parents lose it ….. and the cute couples making you want to vomit.
  • Thawing your kid in the microwave after you get home.

Oh, on a side note … where was Mayor Luke?? Did he sense a deep disturbance in the force and had to go help out? Did Yoda appear in his dreams last night and tell him his real father would be at the event? Were the powers that be scared Opie would take one of the lights from a kid again??? Maybe he just forgot it was Light Up Night ….. you never know with Opie ….. use your imagination, he’s young … there’s much to go with here.