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The fun of the 2008 election

September 25, 2008 Leave a comment

…… iiiiitttttttt’sss Saturday Night …….

oh, no … wait a second – it’s actually the 2008 elections ……

At this point, I think we have actually gone down to one party …. let’s call them the Dempublicans.  The Republicans no longer really represent what their party says they represent, and same for the Democrats.  The veeps are looking more like SNL skit sidekicks than potential Vice Presidents.

While I’m reading all the spin that the media is putting on everything, causing the difference between a Smurf and a Presidential Candidate to be heavily blurred, I’m waiting the some announcer in my head to say, “Heeeeeerrrreeee are the REAL presidential candidates ….”

Now, they both have good intentions.  Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Indie ….. if you look over what both candidates are saying, much of it crosses over with the other.  Some of the stuff that doesn’t tends to be spin for their specific party.

Feel free to add you comments, this post is meant to start a conversation – not point fingers, or pick on candidates, etc.

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