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Teens proving their stupidity

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment

When we do things in PA, we do them right.

Even the teens.  When I was young, many of us did our best to show our stupidity by doing dumb things like egging a car, a tree … fairly non destructive stuff.  Well, each generation tries harder and harder … and I think this generation’s teen have hit a historic milestone in the heights of stupidity.

In this article by Margaret Harding of the Tribune Review, teens did damage to 21 vehicles by running and jumping on them (fortunately someone did have a camera pointed their way, so maybe they can determine the fate of some of those teens). It’s nice to know courtesy of today’s quality of teens PA will most likely head into history looking like a state full of idiots (and we thought the politicians would end up doing that for us).

Full SWB Clueless Award to these kiddies (and hopefully a few mug shots too)


PS – Parents … keeping your kids feeling all good and happy via no discipline enables them to do things like this – oh who am I kidding voicing this to parents that don’t wanna hurt their kiddies feelings because the world is sooooooo hard.

BTW … The Port Authority said the cameras they ordered for the parking lot have not come in yet (translation: We didn’t order any and we’ll wait till this blows over so we don’t have to).


Roaming The Streets

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Yep … you guessed it.  We found one of those news tidbits that just makes you go “where the ***** were the ******* parents???”

Here it is. In this article by Jim McKinnon as seen in the Post Gazette, a wandering toddler was discovered in Lawrenceville.

Obviously nobody told the toddler he had to head in after his all night party – with exception to the school crossing guard that found him.

I’m not one to condone those stupid leashes they use on kids (to me they are demeaning and embarrassing for the child) … but maybe we have found a parent or parents that they need to be used on to keep them in a place where they can watch their kids???


PS – We won’t give them a full clueless award yet, as this could be an honest accident – but we will categorize them as confused as to where their eyes should be (obviously not on their kid at the time).