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How Loaded Guns in National Parks affects your credit

May 20, 2009 Leave a comment

swbtherantfilesSo how does a the right to carry a loaded gun in a National Park affect your credit?  Well, let me tell ya:

That credit card reform bill is slightly endangered by another bill attached do it that has nothing to do with it.  That’s right – you getting relief from the unscrupulous actions of the credit card companies could depend on some idiots right to carry a loaded gun in a National Park and wildlife refuges (which doesn’t event remotely make sense – because, really you are not allowed or supposed to shoot anything in those places anyway.  They are to be protected areas).

As seen near the end of this article from the Washington AP as it appears on, and the possible thanks to gun loving Republics Senator Tom Coburn of Oaklahoma, credit card reform could be in danger because people like Dick Cheney want the ability to shoot more friends inside national parks and wildlife reserves (they attached that bill that allows you to carry loaded guns in those areas to the credit card reform bill so it would also be passed if the credit card reform bill was passed).  The only bright spot is the fact that House Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer wants to vote separately on the two issues.

cluelesstrophyWe didn’t want Senator Tom C to feel bad, so we figured he deserved a Clueless Trophy for being such a dolt to attach a worthless bill to another very valuable bill, proving that good ol’ boy politicians still need to go. I’m sure Sentator Tom Coburn will try a little harder and get a full blown Utter Nonsense award along with his Clueless Trophy to display in his award case at home.

BTW – this type of thing happens all the time in our government, but the schools don’t bother to really teach that anymore in political science … wonder why?


PS – I’m waiting for the article where Tom Coburn shoots himself in the foot in a National Park or wildlife reserve … you know it’s gotta happen at some point. Wouldn’t you also want to not do something that may irk the general population during the time that your party (Republican) declared on the news it was their comeback time so they don’t look stupid also?


National Archives – Oops They Did It Again!

May 20, 2009 Leave a comment

swbtherantfilesYou guessed it! You were right!  The dudes and dudettes  in the government that spank us when they find little issues with a company’s security lost ANOTHER hard drive that will compromise national security and a whole lot of people’s identities.

Somehow, SWB figures that no longer are people the least bit surprised – when you let important places and things be watched by incompetent people, things happen.  People now expect issues like this. Sad.

The figured they lost the hard drive somewhere in a five month period when they were working on data conversions.  It was left on a shelf unsecured and unchecked according to this report from the Washington AP as seen on If I left sensitive data unsecured in my job – I would be immediately fired.  If not, the organizations tht regulate them would shut them down.

utternonsenseprodSo, since the government now does this on a regular basis, we’ll give them an Utter Nonsense honorable mention, until we find out how bad they really screwed up with this issue. We have a feeling we will be revisiting this again.



PS – I try not cut down our government, but when they stand in front of you with a bat and say, “Sir, please hit me with this” … you just gotta.

Clearing the room at the U.N.

April 20, 2009 2 comments

sbwnewsitemSo, what do you do when you want to clear the room at an U.N. anti-racism meeting?

You make blunt racist remarks.

Ahmadinejad is back in the news, obviously. He accused Israel of being cruel and racist (and a few other things I won’t mention here). The U.N. chief said that basically the Iranian leader used the opportunity to incite hatred and break Israel apart. If you want to check out the article as in appears on KDKA, Click Here. Now, some of the remarks said (there will be enough articles, in addition to the KDKA one mentioned here – so read them) are comparable to me as a white man going to a anti-racism meeting in Pittsburgh and saying all black people are lower class because of the way they were brought up. Ahmadinejad’s U.N. speech should be a multiple-day newsworthy tidbit, so keep watching, SWB is sure it will get better.

It’s amazing how so few people can bring back into the world what so many are trying to get rid of.

Click Here for another blogger’s perspective.


PS – Everyone has a right to their opinion (no matter how twisted) … but as a leader of a country, don’t you think you’d want to be a tad more tactful?

It’s A Nutty World Out There

March 31, 2009 Leave a comment

cluelessandconfused1As the FDA is always clueless and confused (sometimes with the government helping it along) … it allowed more nuts out there again.  SWB is wondering who paid them off this time to allow things to pass through … or what funds the government passed making them cut needed inspectors.  Well the latest “oops” was reported by Kraft foods when it detected salmonella in pistachios.   Again, they came from in or near California which has had some issues in the past few years with contaminated food (and mixed of imported contaminated food).

Well, SWB hopes you hated pistachios … because you can’t eat ’em anymore.

… and the full “clueless and confused” award goes to the FDA and our government for missing another issue.

Anyways …. Click Here for a good article on the current status of pistachios by The Associated Press ad appearing on the KDKA website.


PS – If terrorists are as smart as they appear they are becoming … they will just sit, sip wine, and wait for us to poison ourselves as we trust the FDA to actually inspect food.  And people wonder why gardening and home hydroponics re thriving.  Go figure, right?  Maybe Granny wasn’t so stupid growing and bottling her own stuff.

Obama supporting clean energy

March 23, 2009 1 comment

sunsetrise028This is getting filed under “cool stuff” mainly for the article from KDKA highlighting The Energy Plan being part of the new budget.  It will include provisions for loans for small alternative/clean-energy companies to help them get into the start-up phase.  It will also help clean energy entrepreneurs and others doing research in those areas.  Contrary to popular belief, the current President does not only support clean coal burning.

The article from KDKA hits mostly on the subject or budgetary interests for clean energy, but there are many good related stories on the article link.


PS – I still say putting hyper dogs in running wheels and feeding them caffeine is the answer … but nobody listens to me.

Pitt Panthers number 1 seed in NCAA Tournament!

March 20, 2009 Leave a comment

cathederaloflearning1Take note y’all that building on the hill is producing some amazing hoops players along with intellectuals. It looks like the Pres was right about Pitt (let’s hope he’s just as right about everything else he is working on). Yes, we’ve made it to the tournament for eight straight years, but never proceeded past the Sweet 16. That just changed.

We did it this year ….. and hopefully we’ll go all the way past East Tennessee State University and on to a win.  Click here for a link to he NCAA March Madness on-demand site.

Here is the update from David Hall on KDKA Online – enjoy the reading and cheer on!


PS – Obama picked TN as the no.1 seed, but I think we can forgive him ….. well maybe, we’ll see …. I have a feeling he lost some kind of bet anyway 😉

AIG bonuses will be taxed!! House Approves 90 percent!

March 19, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m sure this whip-crack was heard loud and clear by the AIG bonus recipients that haven’t returned their bonuses.  This is a very nice acknowledgement from the House on how angry the public is about the total waste of public money by AIG.

Anyway …. here is the breaking article from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


PS – It’s nice when the public becomes the actual ring-master.