Don’t Panic!

I realize this is the second day we’ve seen this strange thing in the sky this week … and I’ve made numerous posts about it previously when this anomaly has happened.

It really is the sun!

Pittsburgh is privy to occasionally seeing the burning orb that heats our planet … really … not jesting here.  Although, I’ll admit that two days in a row is odd.

Don’t scream, don’t panic … other people will soon start realizing it is the sun and start calming down … if you are the one still screaming they’ll probably just send you away with the guys  in white (I guess, depending on what’s going on in your life could be good thing).

Although this is abnormal for Pittsburgh (no clouds), it is not unheard of.  Call The Weather Channel … they’ll explain it.


PS – Amuse us all … give getting a tan a shot today.

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