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Them Leaking Homes

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

We haven’t done an “In The News” highlight lately.

Not because there hasn’t been any notable news, but more simply because we’ve been lazy about it.

SWB did spot an excellent article in the PG about the current winter condition of ice damming.  Not on the river, but in your gutters and on your roof.

Click Here to read it. The article gives the excellent advice of “do nothing”.  That’s right do nothing.

Having previously owned a home that was built on 1905 and now being in a home that was built quickly for returning veterans of  WWII (that’s around 1945/46 if you don’t know your history) I’ve learned a few things, and I’ve heard everything, including the following:

  • Shovel the snow off and get the ice out of your gutters by going up on your roof (after you wake up in the hospital in a body cast from trying that one, your roof will most likely still be covered). If you have a lower roof -they do make roof rakes.
  • Use hot water to melt that ice and snow (remember, hot water freezes faster than cold water and gets into cracks further, so if you already have leaks down the walls, boards and gutters pulling way from your house, etc prepare for that to get worse after the hot water freezes back up. Also remember, if there is a sign that you did that, there is a very good chance your insurance company will no longer cover the incident).
  • Get roof warming and gutter warming tape / units / systems professionally installed.  Yep they make those, although can expensive to run.  Click Here for an example.  Although DYI is a requirement for homeowners, the commonsense of when to say “professional install” is also necessary for properly maintaining your home (and sometimes not burning it down).  In other words … realize when you don’t have the required skills to get something accomplished.

Enjoy the article.


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