The World Has Returned To Normal

Is it proper to title a post during the natural disasters that are happening (the earthquakes in both Chile and Haiti and the Tsunami in Chile, etc)?

Yep, definitely (and NO, we are NOT poking fun at any places like Haiti and Chile.  Actually we ask you to help Chile where you can, but don’t go into fad mode and forget Haiti … Chile is a little better off financially.)

So, why are we making a title like “The World Has Returned To Normal”?

Well, that’s because this is one of the FIRST days in about a month where you don’t have a scrolling line at the bottom of your TV with school delays and cancellations that takes 45 minutes to run through. If you are a parent (or step-parent for that matter), you know that you don’t get to return to the “real world” until the kids turns 18 … or you have the guts to kick them out of the house (which could be much later in life for some parents). So, having the kiddies home so much gets you into a mode where the things happening on the news seem more like a reality show than reality.

At this point this kids are even tired of being home, bosses are tired of people not showing up, and even with free speech … we can’t print what the parents are saying. I love snow, but this was a bit much.

So, the world has returned to normal for a while … but then again St Patrick’s day is coming up, so we’ll probably get dumped on with 36 inches during the parade … which will turn green.

Here is an idea for a great back to school after school activity for you and your kids … teach them how great it is to take a bit of their allowance and donate it to Haiti and Chile to help them out.

BTW – We want to shout out a kudos to Chile for having good building codes in place … that in itself probably saved thousands if not hundreds of thousands.  Pray that Haiti is someday in the same place where it can do that for itself.


PS – I bet the  school bus drivers aren’t happy 😉

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