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PowerUp Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Jobs

October 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Here we go again …. another program destined to make Pittsburgh great.

PowerUp Pittsburgh (click here to learn more from the Post-Gazette article), will supposedly spider out the successes of the technology and health industries in Oakland.  Some of that has already happened, but PowerUp is supposed to help fill in dying area (where businesses have moved out, etc).  We encourage you to really read the article as it explains the project much better than SWB possibly could.

We are not going to bash the program at all, but in fact we are going to thank Mayor Luke and all involved to get this ball rolling.

Why are we thanking them?  Well, it’s because they aren’t starting with a completely written-in-stone plan.

Why is this good? Because Pittsburgh residents and workers (or more likely ex-workers) still have the time to try and influence it.

So why should ‘Burghers think about trying to influence the program and why did we initially say “Here We Go Again” like we were going to blast the program? One simple reason … we’ve done this before and by the definition of those programs they’ve been wildly successful.

For example, programs to bring industries into Pittsburgh have brought companies like Google, Seagate (now gone, but they came), and other prestigious names into the area … but there is one problem with the available jobs from those companies – they require a Masters or Phd.  So basically the people in the that have lost jobs in Pittsburgh cannot re-acquire employment with the education and skills that they already have because they don’t have that new shiny piece of paper.  Keep in mind many of these people are like me and have 25 years of tech experience with up to date technologies and have massive management and professional skills gained over 25 years of employment.  What people like me don’t have is another $100k to land an entry level position for about $40k.  If you want a decent job today, you are looking at $120k to possibly $250k by the graduation time.  Do the math on that one.  If you gain a decent job (even $50k/yr starting) once you subtract your financial aid payments, you are lucky to make rent payments in a low income housing project (but you aren’t allowed to live there because you now have a good job making $50k/yr).  The chances you have of making a life event remotely close to the quality of the one your parents had is slim and next to nil. Even with the great education … that is until your schooling is paid off, around the age of 65.  So what’s left if you can’t affored the re-ed? … the $8 to $12/hr jobs that still leave you homeless, but with enough money to at least buy clothes so you don’t get arrested for lewdness when you are dumpster-diving at your local McD’s because you can’t even afford to eat there.  So let’s get to your children’s education … it ain’t gonna happen.  Even if you wanted them to go to college you’ve already blown their higher education savings for yourself so you can get back to work.  Nothing left …. sorry kid.

So why do we rant about the above …. isn’t any jobs coming in good jobs?  Yes, and don’t stop supporting the programs that get in place and attract jobs, everything helps.  What people do need to do though is remind those doing the programs that they need to remember those skills already in the area (not the skills they want to attract to the area) so that the people already losing homes, families, and hope can get back to work and recover.  It’s great when new things appear (I lived in SouthSide Words when it was being built, and then the Cork Factory) and that was a wonderful experience.  but now, like many others in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas we watch program after program that helps people come into the city, gain skills, and take them back out … but programs continually totally forget those skills already in place.

I no longer live in the new places because we all forgot to fight to keep our jobs here, and allowed greed to move them out. There is this new re-outsourcing thing.  India, Russia, and others are so overloaded with tech jobs that they no longer have enough skilled persons to do them that they are bringing the jobs back to the US … at their pay levels.  So that job you were paid $30/hr for is not at a rate of about $11 to $13 per hour.  Most of those jobs were illegal to obtain by foreigners that moved to the US, unless there were no US citizens to do them.  So we forgot about our own, and never did any of these new programs address that.

The one key thing that all these wonderful programs forget is that this city at one time was made into and international wonder simply because everyone here supported each other and didn’t forget where we came from.

We’re forgetting … and we are allowing those running programs to forget also.

Don’t let them forget why Pittsburgh was what it was and could be greater if we once again rely on that key thing … building each other up.

Why was Steve Jobs so revered?  He never forgot, and he never stopped pushing those below him to be as passionate as he was.  We need to relearn that.



Roaming The Streets

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Yep … you guessed it.  We found one of those news tidbits that just makes you go “where the ***** were the ******* parents???”

Here it is. In this article by Jim McKinnon as seen in the Post Gazette, a wandering toddler was discovered in Lawrenceville.

Obviously nobody told the toddler he had to head in after his all night party – with exception to the school crossing guard that found him.

I’m not one to condone those stupid leashes they use on kids (to me they are demeaning and embarrassing for the child) … but maybe we have found a parent or parents that they need to be used on to keep them in a place where they can watch their kids???


PS – We won’t give them a full clueless award yet, as this could be an honest accident – but we will categorize them as confused as to where their eyes should be (obviously not on their kid at the time).

Speeding for God

April 29, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s time for that colorful Clueless and Confused sign to show up in preparation for a trophy hand out.

This time it’s for the ‘messiah’ … yup, he showed up in Squirrel Hill (click here to check out the PG article by Sadie Gurman).  If you want to find him, just look for the newly wrecked smoking car.

There’s nothing like plowing into a synagogue at a high rate of speed with a car to show off your messiah like qualities.  It’ll definitely convince people you just kicked off the second (or first – depending on your beliefs) coming of the promised one.

It also gets you the latest Clueless Trophy from SWB.  You can’t beat that – unless you get a real replica made and hold it in a death grip during your insanity trial.

Anyway – it’s nice to see that the clueless have improved so much of their capability to become even more clueless.


PS – Just read the article, it just says it all about this Darwin Award wannabee.

It’s Getting Cleaner Here

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

We’ll, according to an article from The Post-Gazette as written by Don Hopey (click here to read it), the air here is getting cleaner and we’ve lost our status as worst air in the U.S.

Just like Pittsburgh to lose another title that gains us notoriety – we used to have one of the best baseball team (look where that status is now), one of the biggest world industries, and now we’re losing our pollution levels!

When is it going to stop ?!?!?!

Ok … for yinz folks that have a hard time recognizing sarcasm, those sentences above (including the inappropriate and bad grammar) included a tad bit of sarcasm.

This is actually a good thing, as less air pollution means you can enjoy another cigarette (for the clueless – a tad more sarcasm here).

Anyway – if you get a chance, click here to read the article – it’s very informative and something we can actually take pride in, because it is something that will inspire people to live here (breathing clean air is a fairly good thing for most humans).


PS – No, we’re not promoting smoking (unless it’s sausage, chicken, ribs, or ham, etc)

Famous People That Tried To Avoid Taxes

April 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Just a quickie post here to bring your attention to a really colorful article by Bill Toland on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the more famous folks in the region that have “tried” to avoid paying taxes.

Click Here for the article.

Considering that we are becoming worse that the tax hording dolts we moved away from and revolted against, you gotta give these people credit for trying.


PS – we’re not the anti tax types, but when you start borderlining 40% of a person’s income simply because politicians are worse than new wife on a Macy’s sale day with a brand new empty credit card … you gotta weigh in with a word or two.

Young entrepeneur

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Occasionally when you accidentally click on one of your saved favorites and a page loads you have one of those articles in front of you that makes you just scream WTF????

Well, just so you get the same experience, Click Here and read the article from The Associated Press as it appears in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, pretending you accidentally clicked on one of your saved favorites then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was this kid trying to promote enough business to get a new Escalade?
  • Is he smart enough to NOT buy the new Lexus?
  • WFT where the parents?
  • WFT where the parents?
  • WFT where the parents? Oh yeah, probably out looking at new Escalades.


PS – After reading that article, anyone still have issues with required classes before you are allowed to procreate???

BTW – I’m thinking with what was stamped on the bags, either mommy or daddy has a job selling loaded used cars.

Yep, you guessed it …  TWO clueless trophies for the parents of this kid.

Stimulus Projects to Watch

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Oops … we posted before we caught another article in the PG about stimulus funded internet projects that will happen in the area.

Click Here to read that article from the PG, and Click Here for the article from the Tribune-Review.

This is just a quickie post, but knowing the industry these projects are in, they do have the potential to soon create a good batch of initial jobs, and maybe quite a few long lasting ones.

Keep a watch on this.


PS – I’m not happy with how the stimulus packages were handled, but I need a job like everyone else.