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Go Mayor! Go!

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Kudos to the Mayor for getting in the faces of the local press.  They deserved every word!

I’m sorry, with a small amount of exception our local press had digressed to that of The National Enquirer paparazzi.  Maybe they should all get together and start a new media business called The National Inquisitor (and go back to using a torture rack to obtain the news).

Come on folks, Pittsburgh basically started the news business with KDKA … let’s try to not put it into historical oblivion from complete digression due to greed for ratings.

I’m mean geez …. making up the story of him running off the Mardi Gras.  I have a feeling the media has more beads around it’s neck than the Mayor does.

As for the Mayor, if he was telling the truth (I don’t get to talk to the guy first hand) I applaud him (even in leu of any other mistakes he has made) for trying to be proactive.  Maybe he was seen as not doing that at first, but if he is learning that quality that is more important than anything.

No job demands 24/7 access to any human’s life (even the President of The United States) gets private time – so if the media here thinks they are that privileged then that means they also condone the Communistic Marxist attitude toward no privacy at all for anyone.  Put’s things into perspective, doesn’t it?

Nothing like sensationalism to kill a perfectly legitimate industry.

Us bloggers are out here just waiting to take your journalism jobs  – considering the public takes us more seriously than the professional media now, those jobs may not be too far from our taking.

Click Here for a link to The Pittsburgh Channel’s Video of Mayor Luke.


PS – When reporting anything to the public, besides humor keeping you feet planted on this planet is somewhat of a requirement.

BTW Mayor … may the force be with you (sorry, just couldn’t resist even in a rant post).


Dok Harris and Kevin Acklin – Back to the basics

October 27, 2009 Leave a comment

harrisacklincitypaperarticleCapture from City Paper’s “Street Wise” article. Click it to go to the City Paper article.

SWB just wanted to highlight another one of the excellent articles that The Pittsburgh City Paper has been putting out lately. It’s about Dok Harris and Kevin Acklin going back to the basics of appealing to the actual voters personally for their votes.

Hmmmm … amazing how going back to the simple things actually works.

Now, since neither of these guys is a typical political running dude … they may actually give Luke Ravenstahl some competition – so ya might want to watch closely getting near the voting date.


PS – What these guys are doing to get votes makes sense … which I though was made illegal about a 100 years ago in Pittsburgh.

This article was also added into Pgh Mayoral Race 2009 section of SWB.

Who do you want for Mayor Of Pittsburgh?

April 7, 2009 Leave a comment

fyiiconSWB updated its Pittsburgh Mayoral Race 2009 page with a poll so we’re posting this FYI. The four main candidates are listed (Carmen L Robinson, Dok Harris, Luke Ravenstahl, and Patrick Dowd). There is an option for a “write in” on the poll – feel free to add anyone you like as long as they are real. ie – I like Mickey Mouse too, but many cities already have him as Mayor.

Post is here too:


New Pittsburgh Mayoral Race page on SWB

March 30, 2009 Leave a comment

fyiiconWe have a new page dedicated to the 2009 elections for Pittsburgh’s Mayor.

Please check it out at: Pgh Mayoral Race 2009

Carmen L Robinson for Mayor

March 30, 2009 Leave a comment

carmendemCapture from Carmen L Robinson’s campaign site – click on it to go there. We have another Candidate on the Democratic side for Mayor of Pittsburgh. That candidate is Carmen L Robinson. Just as we did with the other Candidates that we have found so far, we e-mailed Carmen a request for an e-mail interview. The first six questions are the same first six Dok Harris answered, and the last three are optional as they are more on the fun side.

We will be awaiting Carmen’s reply …. and make sure you check out her site linked above so you get to know her better. Click Here for a quick link on what she stands for.

You also can follow her on Twitter.


PS – you gotta check out her new slogan on Twitter. It’s just so worth it.

Interview: Dok Harris for Mayor

March 10, 2009 1 comment

dokharrisCapture from Dok’s site … click to go there

Here is Dok’s interview with SWB. This was done quickly over about 20 minutes (SWB had to pick up step-kid so his note taking wasn’t immaculate). Dok agreed to reply to our e-mailed questions to him as time was available so you get his true views from his own typing. Those will be posted when we get ’em. SWB would like to thank Dok for allowing us to be his first blog interview. Anyway, here ya go:

Standard Questions:

1. Since favors (or what some like to call political bartering) seem to be a mainstay in all parties, and at some points can be seen as acceptable for getting business done, what is your take on this attitude both politically and personally?

Dok believes that big government should not run the city and insists on an open door policy. A favor for a favor (networking for example) is something that can be acceptable, but a favor such as a place in a political office or a government job is something that is not acceptable.

2. There are two projects that come to mind where Pittsburghers were of the opinion collectively that those projects were a possible waste of money and indicated they did not want them started (two stadiums, instead of one for the Steelers and the under-river North Shore connector project) due to major lack of benefit to the city overall. Whether the citizen’s opinions may or may not be right, would you make sure that those opinions would be considered heavily along with what you would consider the best plan of action and how would you do that?

Corrected at 9:20pm 10/10 due to bad cut-n-paste: The two areas need to looked at differently as later successes may not be apparent at the beginning. A project like the north shore connector could have been done easier with reusing existing infrastructure. Explaining of projects better to the residents and not going forward with doing a project just to get funding before examining that project more closely would make residents feel more comfortable about the projects the city does.

3. With of of the haute (sometimes meaning high-class) living options appearing more and more in Pittsburgh, would you create a plan for affordable (not subsidized) living options to be available in or near those same areas? In other words, would you set the city up to give middle class residents the same chance for contacts and opportunities as high class residents?

Dok indicated that without federal and state funding can be hard to accomplish. The possible burden on the city may hinder this happening without the said fund. He felt good landlords, etc are more important to attract more tenants into the city opening up rent opportunities at various levels. Sophisticated renters do encourage better properties to be opened. You need bid developers to bring in money for that and small business development is more important to bringing in all levels of living space.

4. How would you encourage all political parties to weigh in productively (not just trash talking) on issues for the purpose of compiling the best plan of action to resolve city issues?

Dok is running as an independent for this very purpose, but believe strong leadership at the top and the ability to converse even with those that did not show any support or did not contribute funds to the election campaign is important.

5. Pittsburgh has always had the ability to reinvent itself by attracting new industries, but it has not always been as successful in retaining those industries after the perks to the companies are gone (no taxes, deferred taxes, etc) – how would you change that?

People and businesses moving away after the perks are gone may be an indication that they did not feel like the established a real “home base”. A smart tax structure is needed to keep people and businesses, not drive them away. That is also needed encourage people to live in the city – not just vist new stores, etc.Smart tax structure to keep people living in the city. It is important that every project gives the best possible economic benefit to everyone – residents and businesses.

6. Would you consider offering perks to students that have attended colleges or universities outside of Pittsburgh to move back? And how would you do that? (for example in some other countries, students may receive such perks as repayment for their education, and free housing for a period of time, etc as a reward for bringing their new skills back into their home city)

This works well in a developing economy, not necessarily developed ones as in the United States. This would actually be a huge burden to the city and would be better accomplished with things such as available good jobs, good transportation, a great art community, a vibrant night life, and of course lots of coolness in the city.

Light-Hearted “SWB Style” questions:

1. Would you consider making Parma Italian Sausage the official Pittsburgh city food, and if not, why?

Dok can’t remember if Isaly’s contract for that has run out or not, but actually feels the *big* fish sandwich is really Pittsburgh’s favorite.

2. Since we have always had a pigeon problem, would you encourage residents to feed them in a way that attracts them away from Pittsburgh and to a more appropriate place like the Cleveland Browns stadium?

Dok feels that Pittsburgh has it’s unique attributes, but indirectly indicated that the pigeons might add some color to Cleveland (this answer was paraphrased by SWB – so don’t go hating on Dok).

Candidate Specific “SWB Style” question:

1. (for Dok Harris) Since you have a fairly good contact with a prior and famous Steeler, will you be using free Steelers tickets as bribes (or shall we say “inspirational promotional materials”) to get residents to vote for you?

Dok said he just wouldn’t have the space, although he admits to having great seats – and honestly feels that sometimes Steelers football is just better and more fun to watch at your local bar with friends… so no – plus he doesn’t like bribes. Sorry, fans 😦
Candidate comments:

n/a — will come later when Dok responds via e-mail

A New Thing On SWB

March 10, 2009 Leave a comment

A new category will be added to SWB due to the upcoming elections for Mayor of Pittsburgh.  We will be attempting to interview all of the candidates via phone or e-mail. Preferably e-mail so we get their exact words published correctly. Tentatively we are planning to use 5 to 7 standard questions to allow voters a chance to judge the candidates by their responses. After that there will be 2 to 3  more light-hearted questions that may be directed specifically to public knowledge of the candidate so voters can judge a little bit about their personality by the responses, etc.  And finally each candidate will be alloted some space to comment freely about themselves.

Dok Harris has been kind enough to quickly respond to a request for an interview, which SWB is currently scheduling and will be posted as soon as it has been completed.

So, if you think you have a good question that can be asked of all candidates, please comment to this posting and if it comes in soon enough, we will try to get it into the mix. Please keep away from typical stuff like, “Do you like the Steelers?” and “What are you going to do about the potholes?”, because this is Pittsburgh and we already know the answers to those questions. Candidates are also more than welcome to answer any comments from readers added to this post.


PS – Any questions/responses reflecting hate, distastefulness, and just plain meanness, etc will be disregarded – but you may ask about preferences to fast food items.