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Alert – Swine Flu Scams

April 29, 2009 Leave a comment

sbwfyiseriousLike they say – “When opportunity knocks with sickness and despair, scam as many as you can”.

The Swine Flu came in quick, and the scammers will be right behind in preying on those that are scared and easily taken advantage of. Sadly, you no longer even have to wait for the headlines in the news media to know that the sick and twisted people that make up the scamming society will jump to full force in the situation the world is now experiencing with the outbreak.

Egypt had ordered all pigs slaughters, and other countries are taking anything from normal to extreme measures to protect themselves also.  That means there is going to be enough hurt going on give everyone a fill … and sadly the scammers will do their best to add more to it. So, take a few minutes to tell your elderly friends, parents, family members to be on the watch for fake scams concerning the Swine Flu.

Click Here for a good reference article as seen on WPXI Pittsburgh on the warning that the BBB has issued on the oncoming scams.  Click Here for a reference article from the Associated Press medical writer Lauran Neergaard as it appears on Yahoo!.


PS – It’s amazing the resilience that scammers have … if business in general had half that resilience failure would probably never happen. Of course, then again you’d have to give up ethics, morals, etc … oh, wait .. I think that’s happening anyway.  Be careful, scammers have no worries as to who they hurt.

Murtha gets away with offending the military

April 15, 2009 Leave a comment

cluelesstrophyNow, I was trying to stay away from military postings to make sure SWB didn’t look like it was turning into one direction for the blog … but John Murtha just happened no be on my TV screen this morning courtesy of WPXI.  Murtha, like everyone else has a right to his opinion. To SWB calling a Marine a cold blooded killer before being proven so, and using his official position to avoid a lawsuit basically where he slandered a solder without proven cause is disgusting … even if it is his opinion.  We have rights in place in this country to make us better, not to allow us to abuse others.  Murtha’s story is something I would expect to hear out of China, not the United States.

So, John ….. we send out the latest Clueless Award to you (with a temptation to actually spend the money on getting one made and send it to you) for being such a clueless jerk – and since we said that while “reporting” on the issues, I guess that means we can use our “press immunity” if you ever try to sue us.

Even though you won the court case, you could have still apologized at the same level you lashed out on the Marine.

The sad thing is, Murtha does give free speech a bad name … something many a Marine has died for.

Click Here for the last story by Nedra Pickler from The Associated Press as it appeared on WPXI Pittsburgh about the John Murtha case.


PS – Mr. Murtha … China is calling … we know your heart is really there.

Conficker Virus – Gotcha!! – April Fools!!!

March 31, 2009 Leave a comment

fyiiconFor those who haven’t heard, it’s virus time again. The main one you have all heard about is the Conficker Worm. There are of course other minor ones, but this is the “biggie” that’s making all the news. Some security experts are playing it down, and some are playing it up. I guess it depends on who needs more exposure in the media at this point in their life. From SWB’s point of view … the best thing is prevention. Shut off your peer to peer, limit downloading, etc, etc – and the most important … use common sense (if you don’t have any, find some).

Click Here for a current article from USA Today on the worm and Click Here for the security news site. Sans is the best site for information on any IT security threats.

*Update: Here is the WPXI article on the subject


PS – As an IT manger, if your security team tells you to not do things at work over the next few days … listen. If not, you could lose your job over wanting to play the online version of Asteroids because you let in a virus. Stupid, huh?

The First Days Of Spring in Pittsburgh

March 21, 2009 Leave a comment


The first days of spring in Pittsburgh are always unique. They are never the same, and never come in the same way. Personally I think this is a sign of God having humor. Here is my tale of how this season came to play with Pittsburgh today.


It’s the first days of Spring and I imagine to see many a thing,

many kids at play with birds in the air gliding on a wing.


Dreaming of this Spring scene while laying in bed,

I was thinking of flowers blooming early and turning a bright pretty red.


Following a whim I caught in my dream,

I dressed in T-shirt and shorts wearing a smile that just seemed to beam.


I ran down the stairs, and whipped open the door,

to a Spring sight I though that I could adore.


But the only thing I saw could not have made me frown more,

it looked like a lost Pittsburgh river rat clawing at my door.


The pond was still covered with ice and my shirt apparently thin,

I screamed out to God, “this isn’t the way it was in my PS3 Sim!!”


The only thing flying in the grim cold at this time,

was the WPXI traffic copter covering a three car pile up in it’s prime.


It’s supposed to be warm, happy, and sunny …

but no matter where I look there isn’t a single bunny.


The only thing to be seen blooming were the pothole flowers,

Turning the expensive cars into over-sized earth plowers.


A beautiful Spring movie scene did not greet me this day,

It seemed that the glorious Pittsburgh weather just pushed it the other way.



PS – Welcome to Spring in Pittsburgh … get your shovels back out!

Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh finally open!! Beer Connoisseurs applaud!

March 18, 2009 7 comments

hbcaptureCapture from Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh website – click to go there

We’ve been waiting for it (for a long time), but it’s here – Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh. It is one of only three in the nation and will be brewing beer to the German Purity Law, Reinheitsgebot. In layman’s term, that basically means it’s really good.

Make sure you get the Hofbräuhaus pretzels and bier cheese – a very big tradition.

We’ll be down there to review the place, but we have experienced the site in Newport On The Levee in Kentucky …. and it was perfect. It took me back to the weekend dinners we had at my Grandma’s house (the German side of the family), and instantly reminded me of the vintage pictures my Grandfather had of the old beer halls in Germany when he lived there.

Check out the HB Pittsburgh website, and the WPXI article on the opening.

The new HB site is in SouthSide Works.

Update: Click here for a more detailed article on the opening from the Post-Gazette. Also check out the article from the PG on beer hall etiquette featuring Eckhard Kurbjuhn (the German brewmaster at Haufbrauhaus-Pittsburgh)


PS – For those new to German Beers (real ones), then tend to be strong – so if you are planning on drinking more than two bring a designated driver and a digital camera so your friends can catch a snapshot of you turning various shades of green. If you get a few good snaps – send ’em in, we’ll post them here 🙂

The President is a hoops fan and picks Pitt

March 18, 2009 1 comment

As always Credit goes where credit is due …. and Obama thinks that Pitt deserves fourth spot on his Final Four NCAA bracket. He even kept his promise to ESPN to reveal his pickings Tuesday.

Personally SWB thinks that Pitts deserves first, but then again, we’re a little biased living close to the team.

Here is one of the articles online from WPXI Channel 11 Pittsburgh