Past Sayingz

Past Sayings by Us …

A Reflection of Our Knowledge and Wisdom (or lack thereof)

We think these things up on a frequent basis, so documenting them for us is a way to confirm and remember that we have a knowledge at all. This also allows us to see indications of when Alzheimer’s sets in … although that probably won’t change the quality of our blog.

Light … it’s not for everyone.

My mind is a showcase … for those less than ambitious. (May 03 2018)

Ice cream is always free …. after you pay for the cone. (Apr 23 2018)

No parking on Tuesdays … just because we’re used to that. (Sept 12th 2016)

Technical people are a gem to others … sort of like happiness is to a masochist (Sept 10th 2016).

You plainly realize you have no friends … when you lean on one for support and immediately fall over. (September 19th, 2012)

Life as we know it really is life as we know it … {{insert mass depression here}} with a sprinkle of Xanax. (August 9th 2011)

Holding up common sense … while realizing how many will ignore it. (June 7th 2011)

Waiting for the potholes to fill themselves … while filming old ladies falling into them for YouTube. (Sept 9th 2010)

Showing the world what good things can be done … bad press, overpriced cable, disappearing morals … well, maybe opinions differ on this one. (July 15th 2010)

Walking is a refreshing was to get healthy … less muggers, rabid dogs, and drunk people.(April 28th 2010)

Procrastinating can keep you from accomplishing your dreams … we’ll get back to you on that after we take a nap.(April 14th 2010)

Any mess can be considered creative random art … at least that’s what the garbage man said after he dumped your can.(April 9th 2010)

Wishing away the problems of your life during bad times … tends to bring up unwanted aromas (especially when they hit the fan). (April 6th 2010)

Some say working for a living is boring … I say “shut up” and give me my fries.(Mar 24th 2010)

Living life “to the max” when you are a child … doesn’t seem like much when you only have two pieces of candy.(Mar 18th 2010)

When you live on the edge too long … you eventually discover it sucks when you fall off.(Mar 12th 2010)

At times when common sense could be achived … insanity has a knack to prevail.(Mar 4th 2010)
The hardest thing for a simple mind is to make a decision … that’s why there is so much screaming in the world.(Feb 26th 2010)

Live in the reality of the world … and then discover it’s all fiction to someone. (Feb 22nd 2010)

Knocking sense into oneself is impossible, but amusing … So, keep doing it for the rest of us. (Feb 20th 2010)

“Stay Alive … Eat Food” (Feb 19th 2010)

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