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Karyon Nightly

Hello SWB readers, I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Karyon Nightly, one of the writers for the website  Since we are taking control of SWB, I wanted to let you in on what we are planning on doing to move the site into something that can accompany S.P. as a blog.  SWB has a strong sarcastic and cynical side to it as most of the rant blogs did that started out around the mid 2000’s.  SWB will be that part of S.P. for those little sarcastic articles that we want to have fun with, but may not want to publish on the main site.  Here is what we are planning so far (there are many minds at work, so this may change from time to time):

  • We will be deleting any blog entries from SWB that may have too strong of an opinion, or quite frankly don’t any longer apply to issues in the city.
  • We will be toning down the sarcasm and strong opinions – we are not censoring, but challenging our writers to be as effective as SWB was, but with more creativity and good writing.
  • Although sarcastic, cynical, and a little ranty … we want to try to make our articles readable by all Pittsburghers and outsiders.

Keep in mind, just because we are making SWB a little nicer to fit in with Sophisticated Pittsburgh, that doesn’t mean if you deserve a slap to the face we won’t give it anymore.

We’ll still cover things like Pittsburgh politics, The Steelers, The penguins, enjoyable moments from the council, the Strip District, the wonderful roads, etc, etc.

more later ….





Brain Block

March 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Writers block … bad for the novalist, but really bad for the blogger trying to fire off at least two posts a day.

Actually I consider it more of a brain block.  when you can’t write it seems nothing else works also (speech, common sense, etc) … hmmm, almost makes me sound like a politician.  Maybe I really could do the governor thing 😉 … the Gov seems to have a hard time doing it.

Well, we’re getting a new one soon (or at least we are electing one … Nov 2, 2010). The only problem is that nobody knows many of the people running, and hasn’t bothered researching them.

Seems like a big case of brain block … “oh my,  we have to elect someone, whadda we do now????”

From what we have running, grabbing a few craps dice from The Rivers and deciding that way might be more effective than actually voting … it can’t be worse.

Here we go again ….


PS – Don’t get the idea that I hate politicians … I just dislike the suits they wear.

… And the five year olds start to battle …

April 14, 2009 Leave a comment

utternonsenseprodI thought to myself, just for once, maybe this year we will have intelligent enough mayoral candidates that we will be able to hear good news bites and debates about who is best for the job. SWB is sorry to inform you that it’s not going to happen. The battle of the five year olds has started. Although it’s beginning a little less intense that the last Pittsburgh mayoral election, I compare this to a baby food battle and I’m sure they will progress into a full out “Animal House” style food fight. Carmen is now calling the Luke and Patrick “divas”. Hmmm … maybe there is some dress fetishes the men have that only Carmen knows about. They are also fighting about the May 19th primary date not being moved because “Luke is too busy” … must be starting into his golf outing schedule for this year.

Oh well, I’m hoping for maybe a few on camera full out food fights between the primary candidates this year. I think we should have blueberry and cherry jam just in case the “divas” are wearing anything white.

Click Here for the latest from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the start of the election food fights. The candidates did promise to stay with organic foods this year to promote health.

And don’t forget to Click Here to take our poll on who you want for mayor. The page also includes links to our interviews with them (of course only Dok has had the courtesy to accommodate so far), and links to their campaign sites.

We stuck this under “Utter Nonsense and Such” because we are fairly confident that the mud-slinging will go far beyond that label.


PS – Do you remember when candidates could use two syllable words? … I don’t, it was too long ago.

Carmen L Robinson for Mayor

March 30, 2009 Leave a comment

carmendemCapture from Carmen L Robinson’s campaign site – click on it to go there. We have another Candidate on the Democratic side for Mayor of Pittsburgh. That candidate is Carmen L Robinson. Just as we did with the other Candidates that we have found so far, we e-mailed Carmen a request for an e-mail interview. The first six questions are the same first six Dok Harris answered, and the last three are optional as they are more on the fun side.

We will be awaiting Carmen’s reply …. and make sure you check out her site linked above so you get to know her better. Click Here for a quick link on what she stands for.

You also can follow her on Twitter.


PS – you gotta check out her new slogan on Twitter. It’s just so worth it.

Interview: Pittsburgh Mayoral Race Candidate Questions

March 24, 2009 3 comments

As you know we sent out interview questions for three candidates for Mayor of Pittsburgh. One (Dok Harris) completed his over the phone and had the option to redo via e-mail for accuracy. Patrick Dowd’s group did get back to us, but has yet to return the e-mail with questions. Luke Ravenstahl has yet to respond. Needless to say we are losing a little faith in Luke this year.

Check them all out at their links below ….. remember, you need to look into all of the candidates, and not just depend on opinions from blogs and the media.

Candidate Links:


PS – We do not plan in any way to use the power of the internet to push any of the candidates into answering any of our question against their will, but we will use the acquired skill handed down by my Italian grandmother ….. guilt.

I hope they all remember the little guys will probably be making the decisions this year. {note the hint of grandma guilt here}

Pittsburgh Mayoral Race

March 17, 2009 4 comments

flagwindowAlrighty then …

We sent requests out for either a phone or e-mail interview to all major runners for the 2009 Pittsburgh Mayoral Race around March 11th. Those three were Luke Ravenstahl, Patrick Dowd, and Dok Harris. The requests were sent either via their campaign websites or discovered e-mail addresses. The only one that almost immediately replied was Dok Harris – the other two have not given even a reply from a campaign intern saying that they can’t talk to us now. This pretty much shows you who really thinks a little more “highly” of the common person, and points out who is just status quo. Or course, it could also point out who really needs e-mail going to their Blackberry.

As a “citizen reporter” SWB has an ethical responsibility to keep things balanced when pointing out things during an election timeframe (the same as the commercial media) – which we are going to totally ignore, but we will give all candidates the time of day and the change to have their say via our blog …. if they so wish or care to communicate to actual Pittsburghers.

*UPDATE* – Kudos for Mr Dowd’s group for getting us an update e-mail address very quickly! Gotta give credit where credit is due.

*UPDATE 03/24*Click Here for update post.

But anyway … here are links to all three major candidates campaign sites:

Franco Dok Harris

Luke Ravenstahl

Patrick Dowd


PS – If there more candidates you would like to given a chance or needing reference links on this blog, please comment to this post ….. we’d love to give them a chance also to ignore us, thus giving the excuse to drop a bunch of pigeon crap on them too. Our trained pigeons are getting cranky. See ….. we do our best to be fair at SWB.

BTW – “buy a new mayor day” is May 19th, 2009 if yinz iz wonderin’

Luke Ravenstahl for Mayor 2009

March 11, 2009 Leave a comment

lukeformayorcaptureCapture from Luke’s site – click on it to go there and check him out

Luke is running for Mayor again too, so SWB wants to make sure he gets his space here and a chance to have his say. The same questions that Dok Harris gladly answered for us in a quick phone interview (and is re-answering via e-mail for accuracy) has been sent to Luke via his campaign site. To SWB, this is a test as to whether he will respond to the little blog guy as well as to the main media. He has in the past, so let’s see if he still supports the average guy.


PS – as we already have multiple posts supporting and critiquing Luke throughout our blog (and some on the old .mac site if you can locate them), we will refrain from doing that in this post ….. to be honest, SWB trains Pittsburgh’s pigeons to do that for us in plain sight 🙂

Please add comments to this post if you have any opinions on Luke – and keep them constructive, not hateful, mean, etc.