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Roaming The Streets

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Yep … you guessed it.  We found one of those news tidbits that just makes you go “where the ***** were the ******* parents???”

Here it is. In this article by Jim McKinnon as seen in the Post Gazette, a wandering toddler was discovered in Lawrenceville.

Obviously nobody told the toddler he had to head in after his all night party – with exception to the school crossing guard that found him.

I’m not one to condone those stupid leashes they use on kids (to me they are demeaning and embarrassing for the child) … but maybe we have found a parent or parents that they need to be used on to keep them in a place where they can watch their kids???


PS – We won’t give them a full clueless award yet, as this could be an honest accident – but we will categorize them as confused as to where their eyes should be (obviously not on their kid at the time).


Speeding for God

April 29, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s time for that colorful Clueless and Confused sign to show up in preparation for a trophy hand out.

This time it’s for the ‘messiah’ … yup, he showed up in Squirrel Hill (click here to check out the PG article by Sadie Gurman).  If you want to find him, just look for the newly wrecked smoking car.

There’s nothing like plowing into a synagogue at a high rate of speed with a car to show off your messiah like qualities.  It’ll definitely convince people you just kicked off the second (or first – depending on your beliefs) coming of the promised one.

It also gets you the latest Clueless Trophy from SWB.  You can’t beat that – unless you get a real replica made and hold it in a death grip during your insanity trial.

Anyway – it’s nice to see that the clueless have improved so much of their capability to become even more clueless.


PS – Just read the article, it just says it all about this Darwin Award wannabee.

It’s Getting Cleaner Here

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

We’ll, according to an article from The Post-Gazette as written by Don Hopey (click here to read it), the air here is getting cleaner and we’ve lost our status as worst air in the U.S.

Just like Pittsburgh to lose another title that gains us notoriety – we used to have one of the best baseball team (look where that status is now), one of the biggest world industries, and now we’re losing our pollution levels!

When is it going to stop ?!?!?!

Ok … for yinz folks that have a hard time recognizing sarcasm, those sentences above (including the inappropriate and bad grammar) included a tad bit of sarcasm.

This is actually a good thing, as less air pollution means you can enjoy another cigarette (for the clueless – a tad more sarcasm here).

Anyway – if you get a chance, click here to read the article – it’s very informative and something we can actually take pride in, because it is something that will inspire people to live here (breathing clean air is a fairly good thing for most humans).


PS – No, we’re not promoting smoking (unless it’s sausage, chicken, ribs, or ham, etc)

Stimulus Projects to Watch

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Oops … we posted before we caught another article in the PG about stimulus funded internet projects that will happen in the area.

Click Here to read that article from the PG, and Click Here for the article from the Tribune-Review.

This is just a quickie post, but knowing the industry these projects are in, they do have the potential to soon create a good batch of initial jobs, and maybe quite a few long lasting ones.

Keep a watch on this.


PS – I’m not happy with how the stimulus packages were handled, but I need a job like everyone else.

Them Leaking Homes

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment

We haven’t done an “In The News” highlight lately.

Not because there hasn’t been any notable news, but more simply because we’ve been lazy about it.

SWB did spot an excellent article in the PG about the current winter condition of ice damming.  Not on the river, but in your gutters and on your roof.

Click Here to read it. The article gives the excellent advice of “do nothing”.  That’s right do nothing.

Having previously owned a home that was built on 1905 and now being in a home that was built quickly for returning veterans of  WWII (that’s around 1945/46 if you don’t know your history) I’ve learned a few things, and I’ve heard everything, including the following:

  • Shovel the snow off and get the ice out of your gutters by going up on your roof (after you wake up in the hospital in a body cast from trying that one, your roof will most likely still be covered). If you have a lower roof -they do make roof rakes.
  • Use hot water to melt that ice and snow (remember, hot water freezes faster than cold water and gets into cracks further, so if you already have leaks down the walls, boards and gutters pulling way from your house, etc prepare for that to get worse after the hot water freezes back up. Also remember, if there is a sign that you did that, there is a very good chance your insurance company will no longer cover the incident).
  • Get roof warming and gutter warming tape / units / systems professionally installed.  Yep they make those, although can expensive to run.  Click Here for an example.  Although DYI is a requirement for homeowners, the commonsense of when to say “professional install” is also necessary for properly maintaining your home (and sometimes not burning it down).  In other words … realize when you don’t have the required skills to get something accomplished.

Enjoy the article.


Results of an “instant” society

August 5, 2009 Leave a comment

sbwnewsitemOur of respect for the families, we’re not going to go into too much detail nor finger pointing in this post, since the issues is too fresh. We’ll let the professional news media do that, since they really have no ethics or morals anyway …

If you are not familiar, there was a shooting at a fitness center in Collier Township last night. A distraught man that had just been dumped by his girlfriend (and probably rightly so), shot of 50 rounds, killed 4 people, and injured about 9. You can read the details from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at the link above.

The man that did that was in the industry I just got out of (not by my choice – but thankfully I’m out of it) – Information Technology. It’s ironic that right after I do post on “Office Space” being a documentary about the Information Technology life, a slightly “crazy” (lot’s of sarcasm there) decides to show the other extreme result of my industry. I’ve spent years watching coworkers health deteriorate to the point of having heart attacks and strokes, observed their marriages and families be destroyed, and on a daily basis have seen the evolution of a wonderful person turn into someone that could possibly kill without remorse.

All because we want to make sure that internet or web service can return our info faster than we can possibly read or comprehend it.

Beside the fact that the I.T. industry is full of college grads with no actual experience managing everything cluelessly (stressing out everyone below them with actual working knowledge) – everyone in that industry is expected to push themselves was farther mentally than most military special forces personnel can even endure. They are expected to blow off their families and become one with the machine – or else. The else is usually the export of your job to someone tat does it for 75% less n a developing country.

Yup – I’m thinking (although the guy that did the shooting was probably allot “off” in the first place), the industry I just spent the last 25 years in probably had 70% influence in his decision to hate and kill women. The breakup from his girlfriends was just the pin that let out te pent up frustrations.

I thank God every day I’m not doing that for my career anymore, and I feel sorry for the people that have too.

Maybe if we would be willing to wait that extra day for the latest Britney Spears CD to arrive in the mail, instead of pushing workers past their breaking points by working then 24 hours a day … we would have slightly better society?


PS – Welcome to the “new world” – simply because nobody wants to lift a finger to change it. Maybe Apple can create a “change world” app for the iPhone.

Rendell’s approval at lowest ever ….

July 21, 2009 1 comment

swbtherantfilesClick Here for the article from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the issue.

As far as SWB’s opinion – all we have to say about the issue is: “ummm ….. duhhhhhh”.


PS – We’re trying to give a new meaning to “short and informative articles”.