Past Mottoez

Yes, we know we spelled it wrong …

These are the past subtitles or mottoez for SWB … at least the ones we can remember.  We’ll add them as we create them.  Feel free to comment and make suggestions on ones you’d like to see.  SWB lives in and near the city of pot holes, politicians, and the metal poo know as slag left over from the steel mill days, so we should see some creative ones.  Maybe I’ll get rich on a t-shirt deal.

Then again, this is Pittsburgh …

Well, here they are (newest to oldest):

“… writing about life like we’re partying in quicksand” – April 7th, 2018

“… slowly killing literature with sub-par writing” – May 3rd, 2018

“… putting the truth in fake news, sort of, maybe” – Apr 24th, 2018

“… giving a bad name to journalistic writing world wide” – some time after Sept 2016

“… just when you though life was going to give you a break” – Sept 10th, 2016

“Hanging on a thread … ten minutes ago, oh well.” – Sept 17, 2012

“Creating our own micro-climate with lemons and mentos” – June 7th 2011

Thinking for others in a very very twisted way” – Sept 9th 2010

“Laughing at everyone else, and then telling you about it” – July 15th 2010

“Bringing you the world of total confusion, confusingly” – April 29th 2010

“Worlds apart from reality – unless we make it to TV” – April 20th 2010

“Irritating the life back into all of the dead poets” – April 14th 2010

Reality in the making – yes, people’s standards are that low now” – April 9th 2010

“The driving mind behind creative typos and offensive grammar” – April 6th 2010

“Recycling everyone else’s bad writing and making it worse” – Mar 24th 2010

“Mind driving journalism with an extreme lack of substance” – Mar 12th 2010

“Guiding fools with the mighty swipe of the pen” – Mar 4th 2010

“Operating on a mind made with spare parts” – Feb 26th 2010

“Keeping trees alive with poor writing” – Feb 22nd 2010

“Killing the Hopes of English Teachers One Typo at a Time” – Feb 20th 2010

“Providing Fuel for the Simple Minded” – Feb 18th 2010

“Living The Life Of Potholes and Pierogies” – Feb 16 2010

“Documenting Memory Loss As It Happens” – Feb 13 2010

“Supporting Borderline Insanity As Best We Can” – Jan 2010

“Partly Cloudy Rant and Stuff” – approx Feb 2008

“Pittsburgh Rant and Things” – started 2007

“Pittsburgh Rant” – started 2006

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