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Teens proving their stupidity

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment

When we do things in PA, we do them right.

Even the teens.  When I was young, many of us did our best to show our stupidity by doing dumb things like egging a car, a tree … fairly non destructive stuff.  Well, each generation tries harder and harder … and I think this generation’s teen have hit a historic milestone in the heights of stupidity.

In this article by Margaret Harding of the Tribune Review, teens did damage to 21 vehicles by running and jumping on them (fortunately someone did have a camera pointed their way, so maybe they can determine the fate of some of those teens). It’s nice to know courtesy of today’s quality of teens PA will most likely head into history looking like a state full of idiots (and we thought the politicians would end up doing that for us).

Full SWB Clueless Award to these kiddies (and hopefully a few mug shots too)


PS – Parents … keeping your kids feeling all good and happy via no discipline enables them to do things like this – oh who am I kidding voicing this to parents that don’t wanna hurt their kiddies feelings because the world is sooooooo hard.

BTW … The Port Authority said the cameras they ordered for the parking lot have not come in yet (translation: We didn’t order any and we’ll wait till this blows over so we don’t have to).


With This Driver, Stupidity Reigns!

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

This must be a highlight day in the Pittsburgh for dolts in the news.  This little tidbit actually did happen.

27 year old (probably 10 mentally) Brad Crawford, drove onto the Parkway West going the wrong way with his headlights off.

Click Here for the Trib’s posting about the incident.

They’re doing tox tests.  Hmmmm … wonder if they thunks this may have a bit to do with controlled substances?

Anyway, enjoy this little this little “so stupid it actually did happen” snippet from the news.


PS – the true things that are happening in society are validating reality shows so much more every day.

Robo-World … Cool Stuff

June 11, 2009 Leave a comment

coolstuffLooking for something to to with your kids since they are home now from school … or at least something to keep them from continually saying “I’m boooooooooored ….”?

Take your kids (small and big) to Robo-World at The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh starting June 13th.

Exhibits range from a robotic air hockey game to a basketball shooting robotic arm to Andy.  This is definitely the stuff that makes kids of all ages jaws drop and go “oh …. ahhh, neat!”  It also give you a little “new reality” of what is to come.

Click Here to check out the article by Michael Machosky of The Tribune-Review, which also contains a very informative list of Robot Hall Of Fame inductees.

Kudos to the science center for creating one of the world’s biggest robotic exhibit.


PS – SkyNet and Terminator ….. here we come 🙂

Bicycle Cafes have hit Pittsburgh with the OTB Bicycle Cafe

May 26, 2009 Leave a comment

coolstuffThis is one of those FYI / Cool Stuff posts about a concept that has been around in other bike-friendly cities for a while – but has only arrived in Pittsburgh recently, so it will be a quick post with a highlight link.

Pittsburgh is getting more bike friendly by the minute, but of of the problems with riding is sometimes finding a place to safely and event securely park your bike.  It’s not a crime problem, it’s simple fact that most restaurants cater to cars, not pedal energy vehicles.  Well, the OTB Bicycle Cafe at 2518 East Casron Street in Pittsburgh’s SouthSide is changing that, along with adding to Pittsburgh’s bicycle friendliness with a bike-friendly bar and restaurant.

Click Here to check out the article by Michael Machosky of The Tribune-Review.

The food and drink are reportedly good, and SWB will make an effort to visit and review the newly arrived establishment.


PS – OTB stands for “flying over the handle bars” …. we’re hoping that does not the customary way to enter the bar 🙂

It’s Alive …. It’s Alive!!!!

May 21, 2009 Leave a comment

coolstuffNo, it’s not a horror movie review, nor an alert about an actual alien showing up. If you got your cameras out, we apologize for getting your hopes up 🙂

It is a highlight on a cool article by William Loeffler of the Tribune-Review done in the light of the movie “Night At The Museum“. They asked the curators what they would like to see come alive in their museums. Anyway, if you don’t want to read our blabbering, Click Here to read the article.

It cool because you get a little insight into the imagination of the curators that run the area’s museums. Taking part in the article are curators from the Heinz Museum, Pittsburgh Children’s Museum, The Carnegie, and such. It let’s you get to know the people that run the museums a little, considering you may actually never run into them in the museums they curate.

Check it out.


PS – Hmmmm … we don’t know what we’d like to see come alive in a museum. Probably anything we don’t have to run from – we’re getting old.

Defect! Defect! Specter Defect!

April 29, 2009 1 comment

sbwnewsitemWhat do you do when you are in a political party that is failing heavily in the “we like you polls”? The same thing citizens do from other countries do when their country is falling apart. Defect.

Specter will be running in 2010 as a Democrat.

Whether you agree with Senator Specter, think he is doing it to keep his career (think about how many times you’ve kissed the boss’s behind to keep your job before criticizing him on that one), or believe he is a traitor to his original party … you have to give him credit for at least following though. Think about it – high profile politicians usually don’t have the guts to do anything way off the standard from their current party for total fear of career suicide. If he is following through on this major event, he may actually follow through with other promises – something different in comparison to the “normal” American politician.

Is SWB a fan of Senator Specter … no. He hasn’t helped us get any of the “citizen reporter stimulus money” either. Our real point is with his positions on various political bullet points, it really doesn’t matter what party he is in. He doesn’t really 100% fit in with the republicans, nor the democrats, and he definitely isn’t an independent. I think sometimes he may end up being a little like the “Charlie Brown” of the political scene. If he isn’t now, he probably will be after the republicans are done with him.

On a side point: Do you think if the Republican Party stops the massive, ear splitting in-fighting, people might take them seriously again? People don’t take advice, nor follow leaders whose house is in greater disarray than theirs. Thus the saying, “Clean up your house before telling me how to clean up mine.” Senator Specter might be the sign of an exodus starting within the Republican party.

For those that want the story from the legitimate press, Click Here for a piece on Senator Specter by Mike Wereschagin of The Tribune-Review.


PS – Quotes from Britney Spears always tend to make me think of the Republican Party. “Oops, I did it again” seems to apply here.

BTW – We are in no way against The Republic Party… actually if you look at some of the earlier history of the party, it tends to be pretty solid. SWB just feels the party needs a good soaking in Oxyclean at this time in their life.

Coach Bylsma now on full time

April 28, 2009 1 comment

swbkudosKudos and congratulations to Coach Bylsma!

The Penguins moved Bylsma off the interim list and into full time. Considering how he has turned the team around in such a short time, he deserves it.

Click Here to read the Tribune-Review article on the announced upgrade for the coach. It also has some links to other Penguins articles. Although we originally posted concern about The Penguins rushing to switch coaches, we applaud Coach Bylsma for stepping up to the plate with his “A game” and moving forward proving his worth to the team. He gave a clear answer to the challenge he was given and didn’t step down nor stutter.


PS – Maybe he can work with the Pirates in the off-season?