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A Winter’s Plight

April 23, 2018 Leave a comment
April Winter 2018_Small

(c) Lawrence A Capozzolo

A winter’s plight,
surely no one’s delight.

Season’s confused,
mother nature amused.


A Pennsylvania challenge … four seasons in month,
“hold my beer”, said mother nature … watch me do that in a day.

After a month trying to keep winter at bay,
miss nature appears to intend for winter to stay.

I see the sun and warmth,
confused by the frost in the ‘morn.

Why can’t PA,
have a normal every – other – day??


Pic (c)2018  Lawrence A Capozzolo

City Life In Used Shoes

April 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Is this another one of those posting where we use a catchy title just to get someone to read the posting so we get hits on it?


But someone will read it.

While Market Square downtown is getting completed around me and the sounds of some uncoordinated idiot dropping something in the food court of PPG place sing in my ears I figured I write about my used shoes in the city.

That’s right … they are starting to crack, they smell, and now the same color as the bricks on the walkway.  I know that the only thing you want to know about is that they smell … there’s gotta be a few people into weird things like that.  I’ll put them up for sale on Ebay if anyone is interested.  They’re the original shoes used to walk most of the grounds while shooting pics for Pittsburgh By Mini Cam, so the collectibility value is up there.

That’s the whole post … I mean how much can you write about old shoes???

What did you expect?  Substance?

Oh, Get Real People!!!

They’re old, they hurt my feet, and they smell bad … that’s it!


PS – If yinz can get some of the local politicians to do something stupid I’ll have something better to write about (with lots of substance … which means you probably won’t read it).  Geez.

Winking In The Wind

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment

… the title of the 2010 sequel to “Gone With The Wind”.

Alright, no, not really … but maybe if we had a “sit down” with a few of the big 3 network execs.

So what is “Winking In The Wind”?

We just made it up, so at this point it’s basically total babble.

Then again, it could be exactly what a bird does just before it plows itself into your high rise office building window.


What your dog does constantly when you are driving your car over 60 as it’s hanging it’s head out the window (that’s besides drooling all over the side of your car)


What your husband says he did while glancing at the hot babe walking down the street … and probably what he did right after you smacked him for looking.


What the nice happy driver that just passed you did to show how friendly he was.


What the politician did to the intern.


Wait … I don’t think we can print that here.


What your newborn did right after you removed it’s diaper.


PS – Just more senseless thoughts for the strange that will hopefully invade and corrupt the stable minds of the world.

More Blah Blah Blah … but mildly sunny

March 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Did you ever wonder what a politician is … I mean, besides the description we probably can’t print even in our blog. Well, if you click on the word, it’ll give you the wiki definition.

Basically, it’s someone that is influential in the decisions of the public. You can usually spot them by the pockets full of gift cards for bribe making (using money is illegal now, so they’re being creative … most likely you’ll get a Bed Bath and Beyond card if you having a decision that needs influencing).

Now, I’m not sure how people went from being true politicians (people that actually influence public decision making without bribes or bribing), but I assume it’s because of food.


Well, how can you say “no” to someone who sticks a fat juicy steak in front of you with all of the fixings (maybe a Morning Star version for those non-meat eaters)?

I can imaging the conversation:

(before dinner)

“Well, I want to get a ‘yes’ decision on hanging offenders for stealing baked goods.”

Poltician – “We can’t possibly do that, it’s just immoral and unethical, not to mention insane!”

(after dinner – premium steak, fresh baked goods, the best wines)

“Just to make sure, can we possibly get you to reconsider allowing us to hang offenders that steal baked goods?”

Politician – “Sure … but we need make sure they are dropped from high enough that their neck breaks instantly so it’s humane.”

See … that’s where politician’s first dropped from grace and ended up in the bribe infested world they are now in … all because of food.


PS – I guess everyone falls short somewhere.

Life is good …

March 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Well … the snow is going away, my car is now legal to drive, I have two dogs staring at me while I’m writing this …

Life is good.  I’m broke from the cost of the inspection, but life is good.

I figure if I keep saying that enough …

Anyway … another day of late blogging because there is no wi-fi near the dealership.  It’s in the South Hills, so there are no hip coffee houses to go to.  I guess not every town can be “cool”.

So, SWB is left to late, caffeine-less, lame posting because my brain only works from about 9am to 3pm … considering the experts say your brain starts deteriorating around the age of 27, I’m quite happy mine works at all … although some people do have an opinion about that.


PS – Only two more days in the week to get Dunkin’ Donuts from the Pittsburgh store … I could get a little edgy.  Beware. If you see me driving behind you with a determined “I have to get to Dunkin'” look, just let me pass …

Life On The Toilet

February 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Don’t worry, we won’t be THAT descriptive here … and I’m not writing this while on the throne (or am I? … imagine whatever floats your boat).

“Life On The Toilet” … yep, I think that’s going to be  the title of the book I’m going to write. Sort of like “Life In A Cube”, but you don’t have to deal with everyone else’s crap – just yours.

Sound familiar?

If it does, you either have a really bad job, or you just got tired of reaming everyone else for their issues.  Unfortunately, immediately after doing that you now realize how long your poo has been festering in the commode you’ve forgotten to flush because you were too busy plunging other people’s future garden fertilizer.

Does this post mean that I’ve discovered some life altering realization that will cause this blog to go soft with warm fuzzies and happy stories about bunnies?

Absolutely not!! (You can breath a sign of relief now).

I will still reach out and take a bite of people and things (including bunnies) with my creative and professional word play … no backing down from people there.

So why did I write this entry?

I just wanted to creatively write something using the word “toilet”.

That’s it … absolutely no other use for the post.


PS – @$#$@!, running low on T.P.

The reality of reality

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment

* What’s makes this post “Breaking!” ??

Well, nothing really – we just haven’t used the article icon in a while and didn’t want it to feel left out.

* If there anything at all “breaking” about this post?

Well, my wife did change her status on Facebook  to “being tired of reality shows”. I guess that’s breaking news.

* Any point?

Yup, I replied to it with this: “I guess I should have told you about the web cams, and internet feeds in the house for NBC … I hope the lifetime supplies of free Sham Wows is worth it.”

* I got this back:

“Sham wows!!!????!!!! You’re on the couch tonight Mister!!”

* Why am I writing this?

Because I’m trying to figure out if my wife is seeing the Sham Wow guy on the side.  Other than that … this article has no use but to generate totally worthless babble.

You need that in a blog sometimes.


PS – If you gained anything mentally useful from this post, please go back to reading comic books … it’s obviously a much safer place for you.

The Continuing Saga Of The Tad-Frog

May 14, 2009 Leave a comment

tadfrogwithlegsCurrent shot of our Tad-Frog with his new legs. I woke up this morning to find out my Tad-Frog finally has front legs. i’m happy for him, but a little disappointed personally, as it was fun owning a freak of nature, and we were kind of hoping he’s obtain us some extra income from the industrial park across the street.

We’re not sure what spawned the change. It could have been nature, and the fact that it is spring (although he’s in a 55 gallon tank and probably doesn’t know the difference). It also could have also been his deep desire to get away from the Killer Goldfish in the tank with him. Maybe he was just a little slower than the other tadpoles. We’ll never really know. We just home the other frogs will accept him.


PS – It would be cool if he kept the tail … it’s pretty big now, along with the fact that would mess with some of the Darwin theories.