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Summertime Gas Prices upon us

June 1, 2009 2 comments

swbtherantfilesThe sun is out, the flowers are in full bloom, the sap is starting to fall on your car from the trees ….. and we are all waiting for that one last sign that signifies the start of summer – skyrocketing gas prices.

It has showed already, even faster than expected, but … in articles like the one seen in USA Today (Click Here to read) by Julie Schmit, it is being reported that prices will level off because consumer confidence may not be as high as expected and global economic recovery is not happening as quickly as expected.


There are three things the summer is known for:

  • Outdoor cookouts of burgers and hot dogs
  • Outdoor drinking of beer and margaritas
  • Complaining about gasoline prices

If you take away complaining about gasoline prices in the summer, the only thing your are going to have by process of elimination is a bunch of fat drunks. How do you thinks this will help the economy ?!?!?!

Think about it – if we become a bunch of overweight carnivorous eating slobs that can’t fit out the front door – who’s going to buy gasoline? … our pets??? How dare the oil companies stop raising gasoline prices in the summer … it’s our God-given right to be gouged when the sun comes out!


PS – For the clueless … we were being sarcastic in this post. If you still don’t get it, have a friend explain.


The G20 Leaders Save The Day!

April 2, 2009 Leave a comment

swbplanetHere’s a blip from the rest of the planet. All of the world’s economies (or at least the larger ones) have decided to agree to tackle the global financial crisis. This is nice that they are trying to look good with that decision. Not like they had a choice in the matter. Since every country in the world decided the jump into globalization – everyone affected everyone else. In other words they had no choice but to work together to keep the current economic crisis from bottoming out.

BBC News has a good article with a rundown on the G20 global deal – Click Here for it. There are some good links on related articles and bullet points on the pledges countries made, etc. It’s agood read on how they think they are going to save the financial world.


PS – Pop goes the economy ….. time to patch the holes.

Clueless and Confused: Our Political Parties

March 25, 2009 Leave a comment

cluelessandconfused1Normally SWB would give out a “clueless award” in a post like this, but we thought it really warranted the full “clueless and confused” mention.

If you have an encyclopedia, or at least know how to us Wikipedia on the net you can research and look at how well though out or government structure is (don’t worry, weren’t not going to throw all of the boring details out to ya). It was built to make sure as many people possibly knew as much as possible about the candidates they may consider electing to a full checks and balance system to make sure our government did not turn into a raving dictatorship. Some of the “information passing” parts of the government that were created to accommodate the needs of the horse and carriage days could probably be altered or even eliminated … but the basic design is still that of a great government structure. Unfortunately, like everything else that is well designed – it only take a small few to screw it up.

To move onto our real rant … and considering I fully lean towards either party simply because they both have their major issues neither is willing to admit (the best example of deep denial) – a comment from President Obama clearly highlighted the most major issue any political party has ….. and that is “how quickly they forget”.

We’re going to us the Republican Party as our major example today, simply because they are no longer in power have been reduced to being material for comedians trying to get work, and bloggers trying to get hits. Now, the RP never started many of the things it did, nor did the Bushies (although we’ll give credit that Dad was *much* smarter than Son). They merely continued on traditions created by their predecessors. On of them being spending way too much money the nation did not have – hence, the “how quickly they forget” comment.

Watching the news and listening to people such as state representatives bashing Obama for putting too much green out there, simple forget all of the citizens tax dollar they merely gave to their friends in exchange for political favors, pet projects, etc. Yes, there is much of that in the Democratic party also that needs to be trimmed, but just bashing and doing nothing is the biggest tradition passed down within political generations.

Right now, we really do need to allow the current president to “take a shot” – because that is what everyone else did before him. He is also dealing with something very new – a truly global economy that is based on us. If we don’t figure this out, we won’t just go back to being farmers with small homes and out-houses ….. we’ll end up with only the out-houses.

Our best plan of action: Find the five percent of the idiots screwing up our government, remove them, and give them jobs as managers of their own McDonald’s franchises where they can be rendered harmless (I don’t believe anyone should be out of a job).

So, in the end the “clueless and confused” mention goes out to the five percent of the members in each perspective political party that fight hard to maintain the “screwed up” status of that political party – and make the nation of the United States look like idiots to the rest of the countries out there.


PS – When you realize that many of the five percent mentioned in the post above were previously “top notch” corporate managers and sometimes are still sitting on boards of major companies ….. their cluelessness immediately makes complete sense.

FYI – SWB will pick on all the other political parties in due time, as we like to be fair ….. it’s just to early to think up useless babble about all of them and we haven’t had any coffee yet.

BTW – they will quickly forget about this article.

New info on con artists from CII and Post-Gazette

March 23, 2009 Leave a comment

suckeralertJust a quick FYI posting here – since con artists are out in droves, click here for a good posting from Corporate Investigations Inc on how they are hitting hard in our current bad economic times. It also features an interesting reference article from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


PS – Keep a watch out for Aunt Josie and Grandma Beaker … they may not be selling cookies 😉

Good News: Stimulus Package working it’s magic

March 8, 2009 Leave a comment

It looks like he stimulus package is doing a little at least – and only a month (more less) after it was started.  It may not be actual magic, but construction jobs, road work, etc are indirectly creating jobs for our every day workers – not just the specialized techie types.

So, if this continues to work and Obama and the Dems pull this off ….. is it kind of like the Oxy Clean guy that everyone thought was a scammer, but actually had a legitimate product that worked really well?

Or will it end up with the Republicans just saying ….. “oh *****, we’re done for the next eight years”?

Anyway …. here is a good reference article from KDKA.

PS – hmmmm this one is smart (Obama) – I hope the other Dems let him stay that way and don’t dumb him down so they understand what he is saying.

The economy that …. well …. might not

March 2, 2009 Leave a comment


Remember those brick and cobblestone hills?  They were a little harder to get up if you didn’t have experience on them.  The economy is that way right now … any you can tell who has had experience dealing with crisis’ previously.   Pittsburgh itself is one of those places.  Most cities right now are held in a stronghold of paranoia to a point where people have basically gone back to the depression days ways of sticking their money under the floorboards. To them, the cobblestone or brick road with the stop sign at the bottom is a black and white statement – STOP! Don’t go further.

Pittsburgh is different.  We are struggling, but we are still holding to the one of the newer areas for small to mid level and advanced manufacturing, software development, etc.  We have businesses grown income from 5% to 43%.  It would be nice to see our news stations actually highlight that a bit more.  It would help our image quite a bit more.  Pittsburgh has become, again, ‘the little engine that could’ and not ‘The Economy that … well … might not”.

Fortunately, Pittsburghers are natively ornery types that have problems noticing things like stop signs.  Now, if you are crossing a street, that’s a bad thing …. but if you are trying to make it though a failing economy, it’s a very good thing – our businesses will still be intact and recoverable, our housing will still be affordable, and we will be leaders in whatever springs up as the national economy recovers.

We’ will be where everyone else could have been if they would have just walked a few steps past the stop sign.

Pittsburghers don’t quit … neither does our economy.


The Corporate Jet

February 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Sitting in the dealership waiting for my car to be inspected, I have a view of the County Airport where most of the corporate jets for Pittsburgh CEOs are kept.  At this point in the economy, you almost expect it to resemble a used car lot with signs hanging off of Lear Jets like “great deal …. only flown above 30,000 feet twice” or “owned by an old executive and garage kept”.  Actually the airport is expanding, and when I’ve been over my father’s house (which is directly under the landing path of the jets) I’ve actually noticed an increase in landings.  Seems odd for a time when CEOs are supposedly selling off all of their corporate luxury assets.

Hmmmmm ……. either things aren’t as bad as they seem, or the CEOs aren’t being completely honest with us – but that would never happen, right?

The funny thing is, when you look at the corporate jet, it’s where many people dream to be … a place and position where ethics, morals, and laws are perceived to not apply.  It has actually become part of the American Dream. Now, I don’t know where or when that dream switched from getting married, buying a house, and having children to making your way up the corporate ladder, making over six digits in pay, and having your own corporate jet – but it needs to revert back to the basics.

Now, I’m one all for change, bettering oneself, and getting or doing things different than the previous generation – but doing those things to the point where the only way to accomplish your them is to live in extreme excess, scam people, and commit fraud is just plain wrong no matter where you come from or what religion you base your beliefs on.

America ….. it’s time to reset our values back to what they once were.

Maybe paying for things in cash and living within our mean like our grandparents was not such a bad thing.

Maybe a 50 inch TV is really overkill in a 10×10 room ….. even if your best friend Jack has one.

Maybe we really don’t have to be and look better than the neighbors.

Maybe America just needs to go back to working hard, living well, and being the nation that people dream about living in.