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Halloween Surprise – Scotch Tape X-Rays

October 23, 2008 1 comment

Just in time for Halloween – wrap one side of your kid with x-ray film and unravel a roll of Scotch tape – walla! Instant healthcare savings. Seems un-true, well the article is at the bottom of the page, but I see many more money saving uses for x-rays from Scotch tape:

1. Glow-in the dark pets ……. unravel a few rolls of tape around Spot and you can see him anywhere in the forest if runs away.

2. Kids switch from Lemonade stands to x-ray stands to raise money and rake in the HMO bucks.

3. Useful as an additional power source for your x-ray glasses, so you can REALLY find out what they neighbors are doing.

Link to article at Yahoo!

P.S. I have no idea why I wrote this.

Review: Squonk Opera – Astro-Rama (*****)

October 17, 2008 1 comment

This will probably be my typical review for Squonk Opera – JUST GO!

1. It’s free Oct 17th (tonight), and Oct 18th at Schenley Plaza

2. It’s Squonk Opera!

If you are not familiar with Squonk – they are basically Pittsburgh’s slightly twisted version of The Trans-Siberian Orchestra without the holiday themes. Ok, so maybe they are more like the TSO on crack (that is a compliment … considering I like Squonk better than TSO – it also means they are creative enough to push the envelope away from what is considered “safe Pittsburgh” ).

This is all happening during the Pittsburgh 250 and Festival Of Lights, so along with Squonk, you are surrounded by much cool stuff.

Check out there website (Squonk Opera), then just go see them live – if you can’t find Schenley Plaza off of Forbes Avenue – just look for the big 40ft wide satellite dish – it’s their stage.

My rating: ***** (a full 5 – no less) – or, since it’s Astro-Rama, should I say a “full 5 texts”. Go see the show – you’ll be enlightened as to what that means. Squonk has gone to and stayed at a Broadway level for years, never going down in the quality of their artistic creations and the quality of the over-all show they provide. This is a treasure for Pittsburgh to have – make sure you support them. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them in the beginning with SMORGASBORDWONDERWERK and I am completely amazed how much the group has grown is capability and creativity. Squonk is one of those things that attracts people to Pittsburgh – so support them (even when it’s not free).

BTW … kid friendly

P.S. …… say ‘HI!’ to P.A.L. for me 🙂

Pittsburgh light rail extension (Pittsburgh T) goes over budget

October 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Go figure …. right?

Typical Pittsburgh … something going over-budget that we didn’t need that was most likely done as a political favor for someone. Now we are going to go back into deep debt for a project for the lazy that basically just eliminates walking across a bridge (which has actually become a tradition to do going to a game, anyway). Nothing like having $550 million dollar (oops, sorry … probably something like $800 million dollar) holes under the river that we really don’t need.

Boy … that $550 million could have gone a long way to support our current transportation system – or better yet, extended it into needed areas …… or even to the airport …… woooohooo ….. well that would make since. Considering there is a law against doing anything that makes sense in Pittsburgh and PA, I guess Rendell is just abiding by the law.

In honor of the Pittsburgh 250 Celebration, I think we should jump this one to the number one position of the Pittsburgh 250 stupidest things done in our city.

… was I being biased and sarcastic? Sorry ….. but I just think this project is stupid …..

related Post-Gazette article


October 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Here is a picture to look at,

I have nothing to write

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Arrrrgggghhhh ….. stupid PennDOT

October 14, 2008 Leave a comment

(not Rt 79 …. but who really cares, it’s a highway)

Now I’m really mad ……

I’ve changed my job a little over a year ago.  I now travel regularly to Rt 79.

You know what the problem is?????

I have a clear shot … no traffic, no lights, no nothing!!!!

…. on top of that NO CONSTRUCTION!!!!

As long as I’ve lived it’s been an unwritten rule that at least every five miles of Rt 79 have construction.  That has never changed – until now.  What gives PennDOT the right to STOP the inconveniences of construction???  Don’t they realize us everyday workers use them as excuses when we get up late (or just don’t want to go in to work on time)???   What the heck???

What gives PennDOT the right to screw up our daily lives WITHOUT construction???

Come on guys … ur out of practice …. get back into the shovel leaning ……

– A P’d off weasel

Octoberfest Season (or as some people say Oktoberfest)

October 13, 2008 1 comment

(Picture of entrance to 2003 Conneaut Lake Pumpkin Festival in 2003)

Even though some people don’t like Fall usually because it’s a sign of the oncoming cold (which Pittsburgh really doesn’t get anymore), they usually like the Fall festivals. One of my favorites is the one in Conneaut Lake, Pa. I’ve been to that festival since it started small in 1990 at the area winery. It’s a wonderful festival because it brings families together, allows people to see an old Victorian style park, and generally gets you some tasty baked goods.

Unfortunately for Conneaut, this was a signature year. This is the year where some idiot, who was too bored to get a life, decided to burn down a 100 year old dance hall (and one of the last in this country). He also burnt down a 100 year old church. It was very sad walking through this year (and it was the first year for me to be able to take my soon to be wife and soon to be step-daughter). The will never get to see how much this place brought and kept families together. It was one of the few places where you could take your family for a week vacation, and not take out a loan.

Fortunately, the park was more crowded then I have ever seen it. This is a sign this style of even need to take place all year long. If the people running the park had half a brain (and they might if you put all of their brains together – although I have never actually seen it), they would drop the restoration of the park and run with what is working now. It’s a niche that very few have and they could capitalize on for the restoration for the restoration of the park in the future.

Will they do that — probably not. There is too much pride in those people to actually put their needs aside and use the park to provide the needs of the community.

Hopefully things will turn better for them.

On the flip side of that — the Pumpkin Festival appeared to be a great success this year, and it you didn’t make it – you need to go next year.

….SWB is slowly coming back in full force (the sarcasm will be back soon)

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Corporate Investigations Inc blog

October 10, 2008 Leave a comment

This is more of an FYI post ….. I’ll blog later (after by brain unfries from work, wedding planning, etc, etc):

Along with writing this blog when I can, I also manage (at at some point will write) another blog for the company I work for – Corporate Investigations Inc. the blog is a public service to both businesses and individuals. Our company does background screening, so you will see many posts on identity theft, what a business should look at when screening, etc. This is not just based on business, so if you are an individual, please check it out too. There are new issues for everyone – FACTA Red Flag Regulations, new Credit Check regulations, info on Terrorist listings, info on Sex Offender listings, etc, etc.

You can find the blog at