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Safety not an issue for House Of Representatives

April 23, 2009 Leave a comment

cluelesstrophyThe cell phone ban has been defeated in the house because they’d rather put an additional $50 fine on a ticket.  Now a whopping $50 is really going to stop people from using cells while driving (especially a rebellious teen with a fake jewel encrusted cutie phone).  The $50 really helps those families of cell phone induced wrecks with the funeral arrangements and family loss after someone talking on a cell driving kills one of their family.  It makes you wonder how much the cell phone industry contributed to the future election funds of House Of Representatives members.

This is just a completely, and totally clueless action by the House Of Representatives that could have easily increases road safety by a decent percentage.  Obama may be a chance, bt obviously the House is not one.  This is a typical instance of our government selling out our safety for another industry.

Click Here for a reference article from Tom Barnes of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Click Here for an older (and slightly more humorous) post about the cell phone ban.

To the 95 members of the House that voted “Nay!” … you all get a clueless award.


PS – To those idiots with the phones stuck to the sides of their heads driving …. that {{thump}} wasn’t a speed bump.


PNC deal set for National City branches

April 7, 2009 Leave a comment

sbwfyiseriousIf you are a National City customer at some of the smaller branches, you might want to read this one.  According to this article by Patricia Sabatini of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette a deal had been reached for the required sale of 61 National City branches. If you are wondering what branches those are, there is an article published by on December 8th, 2008 that has links to the listing of branches to be sold and details about the other 11 branches listed for future sale.

FYI – you can only find out what branch your account sits at if you call National City Bank to find out from customer service or ask at an actual branch.


Historic Tavern in West End may get demolished

April 2, 2009 Leave a comment

fyiiconThis is sort of a FYI and a call out to anyone with connections. See if you can get people interested in pushing this historic status nomination through. The Old Stone Tavern (possibly dating back to the 1750s) could be demolished if John DeSantis doesn’t have any luck getting historic status for the site before the demolition date. The site has been in operation since since the 1750s up to two years ago. A tavern from the 1750s (if it could be preserved and maybe reopened) would be an interesting part of the living history of Pittsburgh. The vote on May 6 is for it’s historic nomination according to the article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Diana Nelson Jones and in this article as seen in The Tribune-Review by Tony LaRussa.

Here is also a West End Neighborhood blog entry on the nomination.


PS – Sometimes saving a little history goes miles for giving people much hope for the future.

Drunken Woodland Hills Rat Pack

April 1, 2009 Leave a comment

cluelessandconfused1Just our luck – we were scanning the news sites for someone or something to give a “Clueless Award” to and we found five youngsters that worked so very hard to gain our attention.

The five youngsters that are all aged 13 made the grade. The brought alcohol to school, and one went as far as to get so drunk he had to be taken to the hospital. Now, kids in my day did those things around 15 or 16 … and had enough sense to avoid cameras, and not fall over drunk (it kind of gives your condition away). Don’t get any idea that SWB condones this … but that we are just pointing out that if they are starting this young, the are striving hard for get a Darwin Award each.


The “Clueless Award” goes to the teen five-some and their parents, because I’m sorry – because there is some responsibility to teach your kids a slight bit o’ common sense.

Click Here for the incident as logged by The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


PS – “Look Tommy”, the student said to another while pointing at a security camera with a bottle of booze, “I think that might be a security camera.” Looking at the camera, Tommy replied, “I think so …. oops …. Johny just passed out drunk. Do you think we’ll get in trouble?”

FYI – I see future “Yinzers” in the making.

Kids – a personal message from SWB: “You didn’t look cool, you just looked stupid – and that will stick with you for a long, long time.”

Pitt Ends March on a Cold, Sad Note ….

March 30, 2009 Leave a comment

face1mondayAlong with my face looking like this for my Monday self-portrait, it also looked the same way (with a little more frown and some tears) when both Pitt men and Women mad the Sweet 16, but got knocked out shortly thereafter.

Even with ESPN, WPXI, The President, People in the NCAA having high hopes for Pitt’s men and women’s team … it didn’t happen. But they did try really, hard, made it a long way, and probably feel really sad right now … so if you see one of the team members around town, show them a little caring by patting them on the back and thanking them for trying for our city.

Click Here for an article by Ron Cook of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the Pitt Men’s Team loss, and Click Here for the article by Paul Zeise from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the Pitt Women’s Team loss.


PS – You can stop singing … the ball has stopped bouncing. {sniff}.

The Top Pork Man – John Murtha

March 29, 2009 Leave a comment

utternonsenseprodNormally any spending or earmarks by a political representative can go right under “Utter Nonsense and Such” by default.  Especially when it’s a man everyone loves to hate: John Murtha.  Click Here fore the story that was in the online Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sunday March 29th.  It is an interesting article because it shows Murtha supporting and bringing in jobs to an area that was almost destroyed by unemployment due to the steel industry leaving, and by natural disasters (flooding)and such.

This is actually a good example and a good article that makes you think.  Is it right that ther are earmarks for that area ….. especially when some of it inevitably will be used to recover homes and businesses from the next flooding?  Or is it right to leave the area basically turn into a ghost town at some point and leave the work find it’s way into another part of the country that may be seen as more beneficial to our nation?

John Murtha admits to taking advantage of a system that need to be cleaned up – but the question is: should he be looked upon badly if he really is want to help others and does his helping others in one area cause grief for another?

So, it’s “Utter Nonsense and Such” that the only way people in Johnstown PA can be helped is because the system is corrupt, maybe not so much because someone is taking advantage of it in this situation.

Read the article linked above – it’s quite interesting for Sunday morning.


Cell phone ban in cars for PA drivers

March 26, 2009 1 comment

carsonst20041Voters in PA are going to support banning the use of cell phones. Click Here for the reference article from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

SWB sees some major problems coming with this. I don’t think the people of PA really thought this out before supporting it. Here are the reasons why:

  • What excuse are you going to have when you hit that little old lady crossing the street with your car?
  • How bad are you going to feel when you realize your driving REALLY is bad enough that you hit parked cars while paying attention to the road?
  • Keeping up with tweets on twitter is going to be a major problem.
  • How are you going to keep up with your friends on Gossip Girl before work?
  • Do you realize how much it costs to “detox” from cell phone use and texting?
  • What are you going to do with all of the hats you had custom made to hide the tumor that formed on the side of your head you use the cell phone on when it goes away from lack of cell radiation?
  • What excuse are you going to have when you really don’t see that cop in your rear view mirror when you were going 90 mph on I79?


PS – People of PA, please think this out before you actually do it …… geez

BTW ….. what SWB really wants to say is “It took PA this long to ban cell phone use in cars?? Even the cell users are amazed.”