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The Art of Photography While Driving and How it Pertains to Politics

September 17, 2016 Leave a comment

roadway091716A great low-res pic of the roadway in from my car.

As you can see, my fancy new windshield wipers are working flawlessly.

… or maybe you can’t see.  It’s taken with my fancy $10 Vivitar key chain camera bought at Rite Aide 5 years ago. Beats my $2400 Fuji Pro2 any day 🙂

So why post a really bad photo from a camera where it’s in high debate that it actually has a lens in it?

Well, a bit of nostalgia … really capture images like those very crappy film camera you bought in the gum ball machines in the 70s and 80s – a really distorted, although recognizable view of what’s really there.

BTW …. before we go further, a little clarification for the thin-minded: I really didn’t take this while I was driving the car, I was stopped in a legal area to do so with someone behind me for safety. Why do I have to clarify that? … Well, because I’ve been around long enough to know if enough people read this, some of the more dim-witted will buy a few key chain cams and start taking pics around the ‘burgh in their cars while forgetting to actually drive their cars. I would feel bad about any accidents(well, not that bad … they’re the stupid idiots taking pics while driving their cars), considering I’d already have to deal with dumb questions like “how do I get the pics off the cam, it doesn’t have a screen”. I get the same question from people that buy modern day film cameras, failing to realize they bought a film camera (you can’t make that one up).

Ok … now past the incoherent babble, what does this even have to do with modern day politics??

Well, it’s exactly the same thing … a view that looks like what our founding fathers created, blurred a bit so you can’t see the details, but cheap enough you’ll but it anyway (when I did an art project with keychain cams I sold some of the pics at shows for $30 a piece … more than I ever sold with shots taken with my pro camera).

It’s sort of like reality shows (I’m REALLY hoping you don’t think any part of those shows are real), which our elections are starting to get like – well produced marketing with enough blur so you think you are really getting what you ordered until you actually open the box and find a really crappy picture of a road taking with a camera that cost three times less that what you just paid for the picture.

The art of photography and how it pertains to politics … it’s really an unsafe stupid way to get a really crappy blurry image of reality.

Realize what’s around you, look at what’s around you, make informed decisions, don’t let modern day marketing make the decisions for you.

This is our political contribution to the 2016 reality show (ooops … I mean election).



More Blah Blah Blah … but mildly sunny

March 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Did you ever wonder what a politician is … I mean, besides the description we probably can’t print even in our blog. Well, if you click on the word, it’ll give you the wiki definition.

Basically, it’s someone that is influential in the decisions of the public. You can usually spot them by the pockets full of gift cards for bribe making (using money is illegal now, so they’re being creative … most likely you’ll get a Bed Bath and Beyond card if you having a decision that needs influencing).

Now, I’m not sure how people went from being true politicians (people that actually influence public decision making without bribes or bribing), but I assume it’s because of food.


Well, how can you say “no” to someone who sticks a fat juicy steak in front of you with all of the fixings (maybe a Morning Star version for those non-meat eaters)?

I can imaging the conversation:

(before dinner)

“Well, I want to get a ‘yes’ decision on hanging offenders for stealing baked goods.”

Poltician – “We can’t possibly do that, it’s just immoral and unethical, not to mention insane!”

(after dinner – premium steak, fresh baked goods, the best wines)

“Just to make sure, can we possibly get you to reconsider allowing us to hang offenders that steal baked goods?”

Politician – “Sure … but we need make sure they are dropped from high enough that their neck breaks instantly so it’s humane.”

See … that’s where politician’s first dropped from grace and ended up in the bribe infested world they are now in … all because of food.


PS – I guess everyone falls short somewhere.

My Limoncello project, G-20, and the Pittsburgh Pirates

September 24, 2009 1 comment

cloudscene1Well, some good news today:

With a slight bit of issue, my Limoncello project worked out well. Unfortunately I used too much water for the simple syrup, so it freezes … but you learn for the next time.

What does this have to do with the G-20?

Absolutely nothing, except I wanted to see if the combination would get me a few international hits … or maybe a few of the visiting leaders that like Limoncello will find my blog and contract me to make it for them.

Anyway, back to some type of blog posting …

Why the cloud pic?

Two reasons:

  1. If are dumb enough to quickly drink Limoncello, that’s pretty much where your head ends up for a few hours.
  2. If people think the G-20 is going to yield any immediate results, that’s where their heads are too.

Am I against the G-20? No – but I am worried about how our city will be perceived by the important visitors coming to it. Will they see the city as a “war zone” due to all of the barricades, or will they start throwing treats to the residents on the other side of the fence, because the eight foot fencing makes the whole city look like the Pittsburgh Zoo?

My biggest peeve about the G-20?

The protesters, the boarded up buildings, the loss of business to the city during a time of recovery? …. Nope, none of those.

It is … the Pittsburgh Pirates … yup, the Pirates. Why?

Well, when your team basically sucks beyond belief … you don’t take up thousands of desperately needed parking spaces during a major international event for people that REALLY need them. They could have graciously just forfeited the game (because it wouldn’t have hurt their rating anyway – and they have already achieved the embarrassing milestone of the most losing seasons in professional sports history).

This could have easily helped the parking problem, and more importantly freed up necessary space for protesters, maybe easing tensions and avoiding possible issues. Oh, well … as with most decisions concerning the Pittsburgh Pirates – it was a bad one.


PS – I noticed so many useless rants about the G-20 that I felt left out and obligated to make up one of my own. Enjoy.

The stupidity of holding it in …. politics, and health care

September 10, 2009 Leave a comment

swbtherantfilesNow, I’m sure many of us watched all of the action during last night’s Presidential speech. If you are clueless, or if you just happened to miss it Click Here for the Yahoo!/Politico rundown.

Now, health care is a huge issue – especially government getting involved, because we’ve seen it done elsewhere with bad results. The good thing is that we’ve seen all the screw ups and can avoid those, possibly creating something viable and substantial for the American people. The biggest obstacle … idiots.

Now, I don’t 100% agree with Obama’s plan, but you have to start with something and tweak. NOTHING works perfect the first time … ever. Are there issues to overcome with this issue, yes. The biggest one being pride … the second one – fear of venting (of course the Republicans may have taken a first step in overcoming that during Obama’s speech last night).

What needs done … a flat-out b**** session between the Democrats and Republicans. Let everyone have have their say (nice or not, respectful or not), get it off their chests and move on from dealing with issues the way grade school kids do. That way all of the politicians can have their pride flattened at the same time allowing them to actually work on something for the American people and not their egos.

Holding in what you feel just feeds pride, getting it off your chest clears your mind to do better things.

But then again, who am I kidding … right?


… a politician without pride is like non-alcoholic moonshine.

Making the country look unfashionable

July 22, 2009 1 comment

swbtherantfiles… How dare he???

The President, I mean.

Does he realize he is destroying to confidence that other countries have in us be being unfashionable at a baseball game???

We’re hurting enough self esteem wise from the Bushies ….. can’t he just give us a break???

Click Here for the article on our rant about Obama’s mis-fashion from Yahoo! and Mike Krumboltz.

From reading our posts you probably figured out (with a raised eyebrow), we’re being a slight bit sarcastic … even though this issues deserves are greater amount of blunt sarcasm.

For those a little dean in the head – “yo …. people …. his pants don’t matter!”

Are people serious??? … we have an economy going south (maybe coming back slightly north), countries that want to nuke each other, crops being destroyed by fungus, and other slightly more major issues going in on the planet – and the only thing people can notice is that the President is wearing a pair of jeans the HE likes, and he really doesn’t care if anyone else likes them.

Ummmm ….. anyone out there actually want to come back into reality??? (without tuning into a major TV network Tuesday night t 8pm??)


PS – I hope he wears a tutu to the next press conference … just to tick off the fashion police.

Geez … he’s got country to run (and rescue at this point), folks.

How Loaded Guns in National Parks affects your credit

May 20, 2009 Leave a comment

swbtherantfilesSo how does a the right to carry a loaded gun in a National Park affect your credit?  Well, let me tell ya:

That credit card reform bill is slightly endangered by another bill attached do it that has nothing to do with it.  That’s right – you getting relief from the unscrupulous actions of the credit card companies could depend on some idiots right to carry a loaded gun in a National Park and wildlife refuges (which doesn’t event remotely make sense – because, really you are not allowed or supposed to shoot anything in those places anyway.  They are to be protected areas).

As seen near the end of this article from the Washington AP as it appears on, and the possible thanks to gun loving Republics Senator Tom Coburn of Oaklahoma, credit card reform could be in danger because people like Dick Cheney want the ability to shoot more friends inside national parks and wildlife reserves (they attached that bill that allows you to carry loaded guns in those areas to the credit card reform bill so it would also be passed if the credit card reform bill was passed).  The only bright spot is the fact that House Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer wants to vote separately on the two issues.

cluelesstrophyWe didn’t want Senator Tom C to feel bad, so we figured he deserved a Clueless Trophy for being such a dolt to attach a worthless bill to another very valuable bill, proving that good ol’ boy politicians still need to go. I’m sure Sentator Tom Coburn will try a little harder and get a full blown Utter Nonsense award along with his Clueless Trophy to display in his award case at home.

BTW – this type of thing happens all the time in our government, but the schools don’t bother to really teach that anymore in political science … wonder why?


PS – I’m waiting for the article where Tom Coburn shoots himself in the foot in a National Park or wildlife reserve … you know it’s gotta happen at some point. Wouldn’t you also want to not do something that may irk the general population during the time that your party (Republican) declared on the news it was their comeback time so they don’t look stupid also?

Media Mayoral Debates – 2009 Pittsburgh Mayoral Race

May 12, 2009 Leave a comment

050908sewerThe picture in this post is to give you, more or less, a visual of where the Pittsburgh Mayoral Elections are probably headed as the official debates in the media have started (this is a nice way to say “the mud slinging has now commenced”). It never fails. No matter how good the P.R. people, or how qualified the candidate … they all end up covered in excrement and we just vote for who smells the least (or had enough sense to carry a can of Lysol).

Luke, who SWB had higher hopes for in the beginning seems to have a pretty good P.R. firm working for him. It the election was based on decent, cool commercials, I might vote for him.

Carmen, we’re honestly not sure of, because there there just isn’t enough tabloid material on her to make up any pre-conceived notion on what she is about. Voters rely on tabloid material, not real stuff. Maybe that’s why the people seem to like Luke and Patrick more … they do good with that style of media.

Patrick is digging up some dead, but unsettled issues, like the Billboard Debate as seen here in an article by Rich Lord of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (BTW, the look on Dowd’s face is absolutely precious in that article). Although, the way the billboard got there may be wrong …. in most of the polls taken, the people of the city wanted it completed anyway. It really looks stupid now. So, if Patrick is successful in correct the wrongs done in local government on issues of that type, and can get the sign working – he may be the lead.

“Dok” Harris we like simply because he talked to us, and talks to the other small guys also. He may be the only one that may listen to the small, unheard masses in Pittsburgh. The other three didn’t bother to complete the list of questions we send, nor did they care to. Dok took the time immediately to do so.

Click Here to get to our page that includes all of the candidates sites.

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