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The Top Pork Man – John Murtha

utternonsenseprodNormally any spending or earmarks by a political representative can go right under “Utter Nonsense and Such” by default.  Especially when it’s a man everyone loves to hate: John Murtha.  Click Here fore the story that was in the online Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sunday March 29th.  It is an interesting article because it shows Murtha supporting and bringing in jobs to an area that was almost destroyed by unemployment due to the steel industry leaving, and by natural disasters (flooding)and such.

This is actually a good example and a good article that makes you think.  Is it right that ther are earmarks for that area ….. especially when some of it inevitably will be used to recover homes and businesses from the next flooding?  Or is it right to leave the area basically turn into a ghost town at some point and leave the work find it’s way into another part of the country that may be seen as more beneficial to our nation?

John Murtha admits to taking advantage of a system that need to be cleaned up – but the question is: should he be looked upon badly if he really is want to help others and does his helping others in one area cause grief for another?

So, it’s “Utter Nonsense and Such” that the only way people in Johnstown PA can be helped is because the system is corrupt, maybe not so much because someone is taking advantage of it in this situation.

Read the article linked above – it’s quite interesting for Sunday morning.


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