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Part 2 Of The Pitt Clone Wars

April 4, 2009 Leave a comment

fyiiconRemember that patent application that was discredited a while back converning Pitt and a South Korean researcher?  Well, it’s being applied for again. Basically all they did was remove the claims that were challenged on the last application. The article is interesting, even if you don’t believe if the morality of cloning .

Click Here for the reference article from the Tribune-Review.


PS – I wonder if this will really lead to Arnold getting one of pets cloned at a real life “RePet”


Pitt Ends March on a Cold, Sad Note ….

March 30, 2009 Leave a comment

face1mondayAlong with my face looking like this for my Monday self-portrait, it also looked the same way (with a little more frown and some tears) when both Pitt men and Women mad the Sweet 16, but got knocked out shortly thereafter.

Even with ESPN, WPXI, The President, People in the NCAA having high hopes for Pitt’s men and women’s team … it didn’t happen. But they did try really, hard, made it a long way, and probably feel really sad right now … so if you see one of the team members around town, show them a little caring by patting them on the back and thanking them for trying for our city.

Click Here for an article by Ron Cook of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the Pitt Men’s Team loss, and Click Here for the article by Paul Zeise from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the Pitt Women’s Team loss.


PS – You can stop singing … the ball has stopped bouncing. {sniff}.

NCAA Stuff – Pitt Makes it and RMU gets dropped

March 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Look on the bright side – Pitt made it past TN going way farther than they have in a while. Robert Morris made it faster than expected too. Personally I wanted to see a Pitt / RMU thing happen. Even President Obama’s first seed pick has now wilted – but at least a Pittsburgh based team hasn’t. Hopefully he’ll do better in his final four picks next year. I had the joy of watching the game in between beer polkas at the HofBrauhaus in SouthSide, and both Pitt and TN were playing competitively – so both team deserve credit for a good game – but I’m biased to Pitt a little more :-).

As always click here for a good update article on the progress, this time from the Tribune-Review by John Grupp. Also, here is the link to for the remaining match-ups.


PS – New everyone, watch the bouncing ball ….

Pitt Panthers number 1 seed in NCAA Tournament!

March 20, 2009 Leave a comment

cathederaloflearning1Take note y’all that building on the hill is producing some amazing hoops players along with intellectuals. It looks like the Pres was right about Pitt (let’s hope he’s just as right about everything else he is working on). Yes, we’ve made it to the tournament for eight straight years, but never proceeded past the Sweet 16. That just changed.

We did it this year ….. and hopefully we’ll go all the way past East Tennessee State University and on to a win.  Click here for a link to he NCAA March Madness on-demand site.

Here is the update from David Hall on KDKA Online – enjoy the reading and cheer on!


PS – Obama picked TN as the no.1 seed, but I think we can forgive him ….. well maybe, we’ll see …. I have a feeling he lost some kind of bet anyway 😉

The President is a hoops fan and picks Pitt

March 18, 2009 1 comment

As always Credit goes where credit is due …. and Obama thinks that Pitt deserves fourth spot on his Final Four NCAA bracket. He even kept his promise to ESPN to reveal his pickings Tuesday.

Personally SWB thinks that Pitts deserves first, but then again, we’re a little biased living close to the team.

Here is one of the articles online from WPXI Channel 11 Pittsburgh