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Time for a brownout – courtesy of spies like us

April 8, 2009 Leave a comment

sbwnewsitemWhat could be worse for American than an invasion from China or Russia? Having them shut off the electricity to your TV.

Click Here for an article found on KDKA.  It gets into minor details about Chinese and Russian spies (along with others) being able to hack into and map out our electrical grid, at least partially.  The information comes from former National Security officials.  It is interesting reading, so check it out.


PS – This highlights other security issues on the internet … not just our electrical grid.


Obama supporting clean energy

March 23, 2009 1 comment

sunsetrise028This is getting filed under “cool stuff” mainly for the article from KDKA highlighting The Energy Plan being part of the new budget.  It will include provisions for loans for small alternative/clean-energy companies to help them get into the start-up phase.  It will also help clean energy entrepreneurs and others doing research in those areas.  Contrary to popular belief, the current President does not only support clean coal burning.

The article from KDKA hits mostly on the subject or budgetary interests for clean energy, but there are many good related stories on the article link.


PS – I still say putting hyper dogs in running wheels and feeding them caffeine is the answer … but nobody listens to me.

Pitt Panthers number 1 seed in NCAA Tournament!

March 20, 2009 Leave a comment

cathederaloflearning1Take note y’all that building on the hill is producing some amazing hoops players along with intellectuals. It looks like the Pres was right about Pitt (let’s hope he’s just as right about everything else he is working on). Yes, we’ve made it to the tournament for eight straight years, but never proceeded past the Sweet 16. That just changed.

We did it this year ….. and hopefully we’ll go all the way past East Tennessee State University and on to a win.  Click here for a link to he NCAA March Madness on-demand site.

Here is the update from David Hall on KDKA Online – enjoy the reading and cheer on!


PS – Obama picked TN as the no.1 seed, but I think we can forgive him ….. well maybe, we’ll see …. I have a feeling he lost some kind of bet anyway 😉

Come One, Come All – the AIG three ring circus is on

March 18, 2009 Leave a comment

It must be nice to receive a bonus larger than to total amount I will ever make in my whole lifetime – especially when it’s paid to promote my retention with a company I no longer work for. It seems like that last sentence doesn’t make that much sense – which is why the Feds are going after AIG and Liddy today. This is another company build on the company motto “There’s a sucker born every minute”. Actually I think AIG altered that statement to “There’s countries of suckers born every minute”.

AIG says it was contractually obligated to pay the bonuses, but companies like GM and Chrysler, etc adjusted and renegotiated their contracts with employees to cut down on bonuses. This causes more people to question what AIG is saying and also proving that bonuses were probably paid as favors. Now the Government is going to tax those bonuses 70% to 100%, which means they saw through AIG’s lies too. This is good, considering the government can retroactively tax us, let them do it to $10 million dollar bonus recipients too.

Personally, though – I agree with the one senator that said the execs that brought the company down and actually took bonuses should go the Japanese way: Apologize and resign in shame, or commit professional suicide.

Here is the latest reference article from KDKA.

Update: From BBC News … “AIG CEO Admits Mistakes” … no kidding, really??


PS – hmmm … thinking this could get big … hmmmm.

Rooneys In The White House

March 17, 2009 Leave a comment

swaygrassOn the more positive note, it’s looking more and more like Mr. Rooney (Steelers owner – just in case you are reading this blog from a cave in some far removed mountains and don’t know who Dan Rooney is) will become envoy to Ireland.

Personally I think he deserves it, as he has already worked hard via the American Ireland Fund in a way to promote peace in Ireland.

Click Here for a good reference article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Dan.

*UPDATE* – Confirmation about Dan Rooney’s nomination here in this KDKA article.


PS – Go Dan Go! We can’t even make fun of Mr. Rooney … he’s too good of a guy.