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Historic Tavern in West End may get demolished

fyiiconThis is sort of a FYI and a call out to anyone with connections. See if you can get people interested in pushing this historic status nomination through. The Old Stone Tavern (possibly dating back to the 1750s) could be demolished if John DeSantis doesn’t have any luck getting historic status for the site before the demolition date. The site has been in operation since since the 1750s up to two years ago. A tavern from the 1750s (if it could be preserved and maybe reopened) would be an interesting part of the living history of Pittsburgh. The vote on May 6 is for it’s historic nomination according to the article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Diana Nelson Jones and in this article as seen in The Tribune-Review by Tony LaRussa.

Here is also a West End Neighborhood blog entry on the nomination.


PS – Sometimes saving a little history goes miles for giving people much hope for the future.

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