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Kudos to the Navy Seals

April 14, 2009 1 comment

swbkudosKudos out the The Navy Seals … along with a load of thanks.  these guys go through training rigorous enough that most athletic people would consider pure inhumane torture.  They do this to make sure they have the ability to save people that others find humanly impossible to save. If you have every read about the training they go through, you will find out that sometimes they even put their lives on the line during training. It’s just that tough.  You know your friend that holds up the end of your car with his bare hands while you change your tire? He probably wouldn’t make it through Navy Seal training.

This is a call-out too …. they are looking for about another 1000 to be trained by 2014. Click Here for their website if you are interested.  If you are not familiar with them, these are the guys that saved the Captain of the Maersk Alabama from Somalian Pirates.

If you don’t want to join … and you know a SEAL – thank them profusely, for if you are ever traveling internationally and needs rescued you will surely meet one.  They give up three years or more of their lives for pure basic training to protect you.

Click Here for a reference article from USA Today by Tom Vanden Brook and Oren Dorell on the Navhy Seals sniper training.  This gives you a really good summary on what these guys go through to finally get to the advance sniper training.


PS – I hear these guys make good club bouncers.


Conficker Virus – Gotcha!! – April Fools!!!

March 31, 2009 Leave a comment

fyiiconFor those who haven’t heard, it’s virus time again. The main one you have all heard about is the Conficker Worm. There are of course other minor ones, but this is the “biggie” that’s making all the news. Some security experts are playing it down, and some are playing it up. I guess it depends on who needs more exposure in the media at this point in their life. From SWB’s point of view … the best thing is prevention. Shut off your peer to peer, limit downloading, etc, etc – and the most important … use common sense (if you don’t have any, find some).

Click Here for a current article from USA Today on the worm and Click Here for the security news site. Sans is the best site for information on any IT security threats.

*Update: Here is the WPXI article on the subject


PS – As an IT manger, if your security team tells you to not do things at work over the next few days … listen. If not, you could lose your job over wanting to play the online version of Asteroids because you let in a virus. Stupid, huh?

A New Season Of Storms

March 25, 2009 Leave a comment

sswthuderheads051Thunderheads over SSW in 2005 –

Tis that time of year in Pittsburgh for strong storms to start popping up. We only have a few shingles left on our two car shed, so it would be the right time for them to be *really* strong – as Mother Nature has an abundance of humor.

It looks like this year will be fairly interesting also, according to the current National Forecast from I’m sure that the midwest will get some two and three cow tornados (the cow rating is an official measuring method used by Richard Kane and Pittsburgh area SkyWarn members derived from the movie “Twisters”). In addition to tornados I’m sure rivers will over-flow, gardens will flood, cars will float, and potholes will be filled (temporarily).

Hmmm ….. Pittsburgh hasn’t had a tornado in a while (and I really do miss that last one I saw in the rear view mirror of my car while trying to negotiate going down Sycamore St at a high rate of speed without crashing into anything to get away from it). Ahhh ….. weather experience memories. I’m actually quite happy that none of them for me included things like shovels, sump pumps, and the cleanup of human excrement that was once in my sewer.

Oh well, I guess how strong they will be depends on how successfully we irritate God and Mother Nature.

*Update Click Here for a current (03/25/09) article on the flooding issues with the Missouri River by Andrea Stone from USA Today.


PS – Stay away from the lightning ….. unless you are a golfer – then hold that big metal rod *real* high and help with the slow elimination of a really boring sport.

Smart Car orphanage needed soon

March 24, 2009 2 comments

cluelesstrophy ….. and the Clueless Award goes to – The Smart Car, who is now being orphaned and maybe really not as smart as we thought. Actually is should probably go to the people that thought a $99 refundable order deposit was a good idea.

It looks cute, it’s decent on gas (36mpg), but you can only fit two adults (if they are on Jenny Craig diets) and maybe your pet ferret in the back. It as a great idea for those not doing any hauling or seniors using is for minimal “point a” to “point b” transportation. Unfortunately for a few thousand more you can start getting into comparable fuel economy and near same size that accommodates at least four adults. It was a good idea, but …

Gas prices never stayed at over $4 a gallon, which is really the only reason people freaked out and ordered them instead of ordering something like a Honda Fit or Civic (which I own). so, at this point there are lots of orphans looking for adoptive parents.

Click Here for an article from Chris Woodyard of USA Today on the sad state of abandonment that the Smart Car finds itself in today. Please help {{sob}}, I feel so sorry for orphans {{sniff}} {{honk}} …..


PS – on the bright side, The Smart Car is now the owner of a ” SWB Clueless Trophy”.

Regional population dropping at a slower rate

March 19, 2009 Leave a comment

pghgenbwAccording to this article in the Post-Gazette, the population in The Pittsburgh Metro area is still dropping, but at a slower rate. This may possibly signal a turn around in the yearly mass exodus for our region. Keep in mind this is happening during one of the worst economic downturns in out history – so, maybe people are looking toward Pittsburgh again as their home.

Personally, SWB thinks it’s just because the pierogies have gotten better.

Update: Here is an article from USA Today that details a little about the trends affecting cities like Pittsburgh.


PS – OK, maybe people just miss Parma Sausage too.